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characters The Problem of Democracy 107 Ò ❴Download❵ ➺ The Problem of Democracy Author Nancy Isenberg – How the father and son presidents foresaw the rise of the cult of personality and fought those who sought to abuse the weaknesses inherent in our democracy from the New York Times bestselling author o HoHow the father and son presidents foresaw the rise of the cult of personality and fought those who sought to abuse the weaknesses inherent in our democracy from the New York Times bestselling author of White TrashJohn and John uincy Adams rogue intellectuals unsparing truth tellers too uncensored for their own political good They held that political participation demanded moral courage They did not seek popularity it showed They lamented the fact that hero worship in America substituted idolatry for results and they made it clear that they were talking about The Problem MOBI #207 Be. The first father and son pairing to win election to the Presidency of the United States John and John uincy Adams is the subject of this book Both served single terms losing to men who successfully captured the public imagination than either of them were able to do Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson respectively On one level the book can be seen and read as a dual biography; the authors' purpose however is to point to the parallels and contrasts between the Adamses' world view and respective political philosophies It is not dry reading In their excellent opening Exordium the authors suggest that the Adamses were onto something when they decried democracy in the 18thearly 19th century meaning of the term something that is perhaps relevant to our contemporary society than any of the accomplishments of the flashier Jefferson and Jackson I enjoyed the deep insights provided into each man and appreciated the deep bond that existed between them a bond tried but ultimately perhaps strengthened by their freuent separations in their work for their country I found the authors' to my mind gratuitous slam of David McCullough buried in the footnotes somewhat distasteful I could not decide if it was an attack out of personal vanity that McCullough's books sell better than theirs or out of professional piue that McCullough's undergraduate degree was in English rather than history Either way it was an unnecessary blot on what was otherwise a very good book

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Nd forecast what future generations would have to contend with citizens wanting heroes to worship and covetous elites than willing to mislead Rejection at the polls each after one term does not prove that the presidents Adams had erroneous ideas Intellectually they were what we today call independents reluctant to commit blindly to an organized political party No historian has attempted to dissect their intertwined lives as Nancy Isenberg and Andrew Burstein do in these pages and there is no better time than the present to learn from the American nation's most insightful malcontents. 35 Stars This work is an interesting take on the first fatherson duo to be president While there a plethora of bios about both men this work is interesting in that it focuses on the writing a correspondence of the men It analyzes what the men read and how that reading and their writing factored into their public and political lives The title is a little misleading in that the theme of problems with the American democracy and the discussions about the personalities that threatened it Jefferson and Jackson don’t really come into play until the conclusion The biographic analysis goes into detail about how the elder and younger Adams dealt with Jefferson and how uincy Adams viewed Jackson but the title of the book and its role in the work just doesn’t really appear until the conclusion Perhaps the theme of their views on Democracy in America could have been better interspersed in the bookA good read and did learn some about the men and their reading and writing Not the sole source for the biography of both men but a good reference if you want insight into two men who probably don’t get their due in history

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The Problem of DemocracyNjamin Franklin George Washington Thomas Jefferson and Andrew JacksonWhen John Adams succeeded George Washington as President his son had already followed him into public service and was stationed in Europe as a diplomat Though they spent many years apart and as their careers spanned Europe Washington DC and their family home south of Boston they maintained a close bond through extensive letter writing debating history political philosophy and partisan maneuveringThe problem of democracy is an urgent problem the father and son presidents grasped the perilous psychology of politics a. Intellectual biography of the presidents Adams with important if unpopular lessons for today's politics Take for instance their skepticism of popular democracy and the need for judicious institutional restraints on popular sentiment More apropos they opposed partisan party politics They observed that such partisanship cultivated political cults of personality and often had the effect of citizens surrendering their critical thinking skills to party orthodoxy Anyone familiar with the evaporation of the anti war movement after Obama's election or the sudden Republican disavowal of free trade and free markets under Trump will understand the concern They also hated partisan media so they would have really hated cable news Fox News in particular We need Adams