SUMMARY ¹ Dearest Enemy

SUMMARY Dearest Enemy

SUMMARY ¹ Dearest Enemy Ó [PDF / Epub] ☃ Dearest Enemy Author Nan Ryan – Stati Uniti Europa 1859 1870L'esercito dell'Unione ha privato Suzanna LaGrande del fidanzato del fratello della madre e della magnifica villa di famiglia sulle rive del fiume Potomac Per uanto irrepar Stati Uniti Europa L'esercito dell'Unione ha privatoNti sudisti L'incontro con l'Ammiraglio Mitchell B Longley cambia però le cose Tra le sue braccia Suzanna dimentica per una notte che lui è il nemico e gli concede il proprio corpo e il proprio a Ma al suo risveglio dovrà scegliere se tradire il suo cuore o i suoi idea. Susanna lives during the Civil War in the confederate south although many of her neighbors have gone to the union side She loses everything of importance to her her beloved fiancé brother and her family home She vows vengeance on the enemy and becomes a spy for the confederacy She targets Admiral Longley but somewhere along the way falls in love


Ta decide di diventare una spia al servizio dei Confederati Introdotta nell'alta società di Washington la giovane aristocratica usa dunue la propria bellezza per affascinare gli ufficiali nordisti nella speranza di carpire loro informazioni preziose da passare ai comanda. The one reason I didn't enjoy reading this book was because it was mostly about the heroine's life before during and after the Civil War and not too much on the romance I thought this was one of those books that should have ended tragically for our protagonistheroine Brief summary view spoilerThe prologue begins with her and the hero in his bedchamber some time during the Civil War Then it flashbacks to before the war when she's young and being courted by her brother's friend how they end up engaged how her betrothed and brother leave home to fight in the war The prologue felt out of place The book should have just started with Ch1 She kind of has a sixth sense gets terrible headaches if I recall correctly of when terrible things are going to occur The war took everything from her the lives of her family and her home Thus she becomes a spy for the south She lives in Virginia where everyone appears to be in favor of the north except for a select few She's assigned to seduce and steal important papers from the hero After time passes and the Hh get to know each other and sleep together than once we're back at the first scene from the prologue She's arrested for being a spy and was about to be hanged until an old auaintance of her father's saves her and marries her leaving her everything when he passes away Time jumps as she travels around Europe and returns to America then finally moves to an island where she is reunited with the hero The hero hasn't forgiven her for spying for the south but he still desires her so she pretty much becomes his mistress not sure if they used that word exactly She almost dies from yellow fever or some other disease recovers and marries the hero I would have preferred a tragic ending for her Not because I don't like her but I just feel it would have made the book all the better to end it with a sad ending than with a happy one hide spoiler

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Dearest EnemyStati Uniti EuropaL'esercito dell'Unione ha privato Suzanna LaGrande del fidanzato del fratello della madre e della magnifica villa di famiglia sulle rive del fiume Potomac Per uanto irreparabile sia la perdita Suzanna non si lascia abbattere e dopo una vita sicura e agia. It took me a while to really engage in this story but I was glad I stuck it out It's an epic story that spans about a decade not your typical romance that only spans a few weeks or months I read this book many weeks ago and I tell you the story really has stuck with me Dearest Enemy a passionate love story with both heartache and triumph Suzanna and Mitch are from opposite sides of the war but as a spy Suzanne makes Mitch believe they are on the same side A deeply passionate romance evolves between them which leaves Suzanna with some very tough choices They both make mistakes out of misplaced loyalties and beliefs I can't say this is the best book I've ever read but it was a very enjoyable read