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Summary × Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues Mystic Bayou #25 ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF æ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues Mystic Bayou #25 Author Molly Harper – Listening Length 3 hours and 3 minutesA hilarious new standalone He League’s data science department and so good looking it just isn’t fairIf there’s one thing Ingrid doesn’t need it’s someone poking around in her business But the she gets to know the hunky mathematician the she finds herself letting her guard down Can she trust him with her secrets or will her past destroy everything. 25 starsThe background uirky magical town in the Bayou area of Lousiana and the set of secondary characters were totally nice but the female MC was just MEH and the supposed chemistry between her and her love interest was non existent The poor guy really deserved a break or prrferably someone else As a tree nymph MC Ingrid just gives new dimemsions to the term wooden And with wooden I really mean stiff and unnatural; without spirit The touch me notwoe is me and the total lack of any sense of humour or sense did not help much either She's supposed to be endearingly dumb but it's just plain painful Thankfully this was a free audible production short and I'm still interested to check out some other books in the series so this was not wasted time altogether

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And dragons live alongside humansIngrid Tree Nymphs Get eBook #9734 doesn’t ask for much Tree Nymphs Get the Blues MOBI #207 The solitary tree nymph just wants to live a uiet life running her ice cream shop in peace Unfortunately she can’t Tree Nymphs Get the Blues MOBI #207 seem to shake her new neighbor Rob Aspern head of t. This was my first time trying Audible's Originals and while it was a pleasant story there was much to be desired when it comes to character and plot development Though it's probably due to length constrains everything felt rushed and the characters were rather one dimensional

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Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues Mystic Bayou #25Nymphs Get eBook #8608 Listening Length hours and minutesA hilarious new standalone novella brimming with otherworldly charm from the reigning ueen of paranormal romantic comedy Molly Even Tree ePUB #10003 HarperIngrid Asher is the newest resident of Mystic Bayou a tiny town hidden in the swamp where shapeshifters vampires witches. I rate this 45 stars It was a great shorter story about a tree nymph and a scientist falling for each other After some misunderstandings As with the other books so far the gang was in this book also I enjoy that the original characters are in each book and in each book one or two characters are added It’s nice having those characters that I came to love and understand keeping each book consistent