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Red Birds Read & download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ✸ [BOOKS] ✬ Red Birds By Mohammed Hanif ❂ – An American pilot crash lands in the desert and finds himself on the outskirts of the very camp he was supposed to bomb After days spent wandering and hallucinating from dehydration To help find him But as the truth of Ali's whereabouts begin to unfold the effects of American aid on this war torn country are revealed to be increasingly pernicious Written with his trademark wit and keen eye for absurdity and revealing critical truths about the state of the world today Red Birds shows master storyteller Mohammed Hanif at the height of his powers. Not my cup of tea

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Ft for his first day of work at an American base and never returned his parents are at each other's throats his dog Mutt is having a very bad day and an earthy crunchy aid worker has shown up wanting to research him for her book on the Teenage Muslim Mind Amidst the madness Momo sets out to search for his brother Ali hoping his new Western acuaintances might be able. When a US pilot Ellie crash lands near the refugee camp he was sent to bomb he is stranded in the hot desert starving and thirsty He finds a wounded dog Mutt who is a key character in the book and eventually the dog and Ellie are 'rescued' by the teenage Momo Written in alternating POVs between these 3 main characters the chapters tell a mix of the past and present the agony and despair of what is left behind when war stops and people are trying to regroup and move on with the weight of grief and a sense of hopelessness when the aide food has stopped falling from the sky months agoI loved the way this book started we got a sense of each character and how they were rooted in their own belief of what was happening who was to blame the infidels the stubborn Americans even the Frenchbut I didn't like the way it ended at all I was ok with the talking orphaned mutt in the middle east even if he seemed very wise educated and with a great grasp of the English language Butview spoilerThose ghosts They never work for me hide spoiler

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Red BirdsAn American pilot crash lands in the desert and finds himself on the outskirts of the very camp he was supposed to bomb After days spent wandering and hallucinating from dehydration Major Ellie is rescued by one of the camp's residents a teenager named Momo whose entrepreneurial money making schemes are failing as his family is falling apart His older brother Ali le. Wow this novel is greater than the sum of all of its collective parts even when those components are spectacular in their own right Firstly I wish to address the many reviewers who have labelled this as weird and just like those kids who were labelled as such throughout my school years all it really means is different If different uniue and inspired aren't words that piue your interest and feed your fascination for reading this book then I can't think what would Sumptuous and beautifully poetic Hanif's prose simply sings from the pages and truly denotes a master at work a wordsmith if you will What makes this particularly refreshing is that the author tells the story through various unusual devices including Mutt the talking dog who narrates Some people found it difficult to take this part of the plot seriously but I feel it was an ingenious move which tells the powerful tale through a different medium Despite the story being one of darkness poverty and war it encompasses so much than that with a smattering of humour interspersed throughout creating a balance and contrast between the light and dark The final denouement was also a fitting way to concludeI am a strong believer that some of the best things in life are weird and this certainly applies in the case of Red Birds I'll be going back to read Hanif's previous novels and look forward to reading of his work in the future A fully deserved five stars I'd give it if I couldMany thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing for an ARC I was not reuired to post a review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own