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Ami Ami Kittens Read & download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Ami Ami Kittens Author Mitsuki Hoshi – The third colorful and imaginative installment in the illustrated amigurumi series following Ami Ami Dogs and Ami Ami Dogs 2AmiguMing them into key chains finger puppets and magnetsAmi Ami Kittens covers a wide range of techniues from basic crochet skills perfect for beginners to challenging patterns for experts and offers spiral methods to ensure that the stuffing stays inside the finished piece Filled with pretty fun and irresistibly adorable young cats Ami Ami Kittens provides hours of fun for every knitter and cat lovers t. I love cats and I love to crochet so this is the perfect combination I was lucky to receive a free copy in exchange for a fair review on my blog 15andmeowing I enjoyed it so much that I decided to review it here too I will admit it was difficult for me to make a mini cat because I have big hands and I used cotton yarnwhich was a little too thick It also took me a few minutes to figure out the patterns I am used to reading them as row 1 what to crochet and total count These are written as a chart and start at the end so you need yo read it starting at the bottom There are several adorable photos of the finished product as well If you like cats and crochet you can't go wrong buying this book

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I Ami PDFEPUBirresistible yarn kittens Detailed easy to follow instructions illustrations and enchanting color photographs teach them how to create these super adorable felines of various breeds and types including Tabby Pointed BlackWhite Solid Black and White Calico Scottish Fold Siamese Russian Blue Munchkin Maine Coon British Shorthair and American Shorthair Here too are instructions for transfor. This was very good purchase The patterns are simple and easy to make

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Ami Ami KittensThe third colorful and imaginative installment in the illustrated amigurumi series following Ami Ami Dogs and Ami Ami Dogs Amigurumi which translates to knitted stuffed toy in Japanese is the art of crocheting cute stuffed animals with large heads and small bodies Ami Ami Kittens is packed with projects for all crochet lovers offering them directions and inspiration for creating a range of fun and Am. Süper şirin kedicikler orası kesinKitap klasik amigurumi kitaplarından farklı olarak Mitsuki Hoshi'nin formatında görsel olarak tarif verilerek yazılmış Aslında bütün kediler için tek bir kalıp var istediğiniz vücut ve oturma şekline göre iki vücut şekli mevcut ayakları dikiyorsunuz yapmak istediğiniz kediye uygun renklerle formata göre örüyorsunuz Yine normal kedicik parmak kuklası anahtarlıkçanta süsü magnet olarak tamamlama modelleri verilmiş Kitapları biraz daha elimde tutup bir iki örneği yapmaya çalışacağım