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An whose capacity for love and sacrifice made all other human emotions seem pale and Norma Shearer who succeeded in taking Complicated Women ePUB #10003 the ingenue to a place she'd never been the bedroom In their wake came a deluge of other complicated women Marlene Dietrich Jean Harlow and Mae West to name a few Then in July the draconian Production Code became the law in Hollywood and these modern women of the sc. Mick LaSalle's central thesis is the pre Code offered the most complex portrayals of women in the classic studio era that this was the best time for actresses so than the 1940s because women were allowed to be real people and to have real fun on screen Although this argument might be persuasive and even true most of this book is actually about how much LaSalle really really likes Norma ShearerThe book is organized around in depth sections on Shearer and Greta Garbo As a result LaSalle gives short shrift to other major actresses of the pre Code era For example there's very little on Barbara Stanwyck despite her work in essential pre Code films such as Baby Face and Night Nurses At times he does offer some great critical insight such as his deconstruction of Marlene Dietrich's persona which he sees rightly I think as basically ironic Ultimately though LaSalle seems to present a very selective analysishistory of the pre Code eraThe book is also frustrating because many of the films mentioned aren't readily available Fortunately I live in city that has great video stores While reading this book I rented from Vulcan Video Born to Be Bad with Loretta Young and Cary Grant; Midnight Mary also with Loretta Young; Safe in Hell with the neglected Dorothy Mackaill; and the musical Wonder Bar Only one of these can be rented through Netflix I believe Even though I'm lucky to have access to resources than the average reader the book kept taunting me with movies I'd never be able to see Damn you LaSalle So I guess this book also functions as a highly frustrating list of movie recommendations

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Complicated Women Sex and Power in Pre Code HollywoodReen were banished not to be seen again until the code was repealed three decades laterA thorough survey and a Women Sex and Power in MOBI #207 tribute to these films Complicated Women reveals how this was the true Golden Age of women's filmsAUTHORBIO Mick LaSalle is the film critic for the Women Sex and PDFEPUB #230 San Francisco Chronicle and teaches a class at University of California at Berkeley on pre Code film. Fascinating subject and wonderfully written book These actresses deserve so much recognition that what they get Wow

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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Complicated Women Sex and Power in Pre Code Hollywood ´ ❰Ebook❯ ➥ Complicated Women Sex and Power in Pre Code Hollywood Author Mick LaSalle – In the pre Code Hollywood era between 1929 and 1934 women in American cinema took lovers had babies outIn the pre Code Sex and PDFEPUB #227 Hollywood era between and women in American cinema took lovers had babies out of wedlock got rid of cheating husbands enjoyed their sexuality led unapologetic careers and in general acted the way many think women only acted after Before then women on screen had come in two varieties sweet ingenue or vamp Then two stars came along Greta Garbo who turned the femme fatale into a wom. I've watched pre code movies since I read LaSalle His writing was so convincing and his cut to Breen's jugular so adept I was carried along and convinced although I'm not usually so convincable Perhaps it was because he made Breen the Censor who ruled over Hollywoodland from 1934 on so loathesome Also like most Americans who consider themselves intellectual whether that's justified or not I am predisposed to find inanity in rigid controls and government interference in artistic portrayal Breen wasn't government but he might as well have beenI'm not arguing here for censorship however but having seen of the movies he extols I find that LaSalle has misrepresented what pre code films espoused First he claims that they decried the double standard Second he said that they showed that women could be as independent as men Bosh Take The Divorcee with Norma Shearer It is true that when her husband cheats on her she retaliates by having a one night stand and telling him about it She justifies this because when she rebukes her husband for cheating he answers It was nothing When she repeats these words to him he gets angrier with her and refuses to pardon her What is sauce for the gander is not sauce for the goose He even alludes to his shock at her being a loose woman Her response is to plead with him to forgive her When he won't she says From now on my door will be open to any man except you Then she embarks on a career of doing what the worse of men do In short she becomes a slut It is clear that soon she is weary of bed hoping and worse she is consumed with guilt and shame She is no longer worthy of any decent man Fast forward to a man who does want to marry her Unfortunately he is already married to a woman whom he disfigured while drunk driving When that woman comes to our heroine's house to plead her not to take away her husband her plea is as old as sexism even if he doesn't love me even if he supports me financially without a husband my life is nothing Needless to say our heroine agrees This movie and several others I bought the pre code DVD sets all uphold the double standard view women only in sexual terms and reinforce a woman's dependence on a man at all costs It is worth noting that the divorcee does have a lucrative career and is financially independent but that isn't enough She has to take her husband's cheating or she is nothing Censorship was absurd Breen was a hateful man The studios were stupid for letting him police them and they did let him do it However once censorship was imposed women were no longer viewed as sex obects Censorship ushered in the age of the strong independent woman The Thin Man series Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy with their reversal of roles in Adam's Rib Rosalind Russell in The Front Page and a slew of other movies with strong independent women My good friend Fr Ken Gumbert believes that having to butt against the code increased ingenuity in portraying women and most important it took women from the realm of sex objects to characters in their own right not as mere appendages to menEven if you're not a movie buff and even if you hate old movies this book is of than casual interest If you start around Chapter 11 and read about Breen and censorship and his deleterious effect on American movies for decades which eventually affected how Americans viewed women and other deviates you'd still gain insights into American culture up to today For those of you who do know the delights of the Studio Era the chapters on pre code movies and actresses are a revelation These movies weren't just about depicting sex on screen In fact they didn't do that They only depicted the prelude like a man putting his hand on Barbara Stanwyck's thigh in Baby Face or the after lude like a satiated couple in bed together Yes there is a lot of sex and it is clear in that movie that she seduces her way up the social ladder However precode movies are a lot than that They clearly violate the double standard and give the message that women should have the same freedom to play that men do If a man strays from his wife she doesn't just take it in bravely She throws him out and goes out and has fun herself Then came 1934 and Joseph Breen a Catholic who referred to the Jews who paid him as lice Yes the Holywood moguls let themselves in for this nonsense because the Catholic Church had frightened them with their League of Decency The moguls being insecure Jews who had lived through Pogroms were petrified not realizing that every time the Legion of Decency banned a movie people attended than ever Movies are extremely influential because their larger than life imagery and closeups of faces stimulate people's emotions and feelings of bonding with the characters The messages they send out teach people how to act and what to think This is an important book and a good read BTW you can see many of these pre code films on DVD Many had not been available for 70 years until the electronic revolution made it profitable to put them on tape and disk