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Paranormal investigator and erotic novelist Emma Black is at a masuerade Inevitable PARA Epubball and looking for a coveted lust potion Unexpectedly she bumps int. True love gets undermined by betrayals false accusations and hurt feelings but eventually triumphs with the help of an accidental dose of a lust potion and a romance book This is a really cute story and fun too Sure there’s a serious side to it but the author balanced the conflict well with a good portion of optimism and sultry shenanigans The conflict is basically about trust – how to gain it back once it was lost and what made it get lost in the first place Emma has deep feelings for Ryan the hero but her emotions are in the middle of one giant taffy pull She used to trust him until she saw something with her own two eyes that made her doubt everything she thought she knew about him So what if her heart is trying to tell her something different she has a brain and is determined to use it I adored her sassiness and her writing talent I think that was the most fun thing about her character – she channeled her fantasies into one hot page turner The next most fun element is who her biggest fan ends up being Those scenes held some entertaining dialogue that’s for sure Ryan just can’t understand why his world blew up in his face Finally things were going well for him and then one day he was fired for something he didn’t do That was a terrific hook for me Also add in the fact that he’s a man determined to prove himself and that he never spiraled down into self destructive behavior or bitterness made him a character I could respect He makes plans that follow the old adage ‘when one door closes another opens’ and Ryan certainly has it all planned out One thing he never anticipated was a close encounter with a little benign looking antiue bottle The secondary characters include the villains and the old lecherous rich guy for whom the bottle’s magic refused to work After learning about him I can certainly see why it didn’t and I’m glad of it Ick The villains were truly bad not because of anything violent or disgusting but what they represented and their justification for doing what they did I could almost pity them because they just didn’t understand what was truly important in life Oh did I forget to mention the ghosts One thing leads to another in that scene and I think it was pivotal to Ryan and Emma’s relationship I had a great time watching Emma delude herself into believing that the potion was longer lasting than she expected I think readers are going to see the progression and understand what is really going on and it’s really very sweet while at the same time scorching I mean some of the things Ryan and Emma do and most importantly where they do it were uite daring and bold and downright scandalous Of course I wrote that last line with a grin on my face Inevitable is a fun romance spiced with a paranormal influence that entertained me from the first chapter until the very happily ever after Emma the writer may not have had her first book end with an HEA but I suspect that she’ll be writing another filled with what she now knows and happiness will certainly color its pages I can certainly say that I was feeling pretty happy while reading this book I think the characters of Ryan and Emma were great together and Ms Rowen did a wonderful job of bringing them to vivid life Originally posted at

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Inevitable PARA Investigations #3O her former partner the ridiculously sexy oh so sexy Ryan Shephard And for added bonus temptation points the rare lust potion is splashed on both of them with in. Good uick read Have to say I'm a fan of the author which is the entire reason I read it I'm glad I did though Some steamy scenes and a pretty great plot made for an enjoyable afternoon I consider this type of book to generally be snack food for my dietary needs but seriously I liked the tension between the characters as they tried to work out the whodunnit that was going on Great job

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SUMMARY È Inevitable PARA Investigations #3 Ú ❰Reading❯ ➻ Inevitable PARA Investigations #3 Author Michelle Rowen – Paranormal investigator and erotic novelist Emma Black is at a masuerade ball and looking for a coveted lust potion Unexpectedly she bumps into her former partner the ridiculousStantaneously hot resultsBut is the incredible mind blowing sex between them only the result of the potion Or are Emma and Ryan simply giving in to the inevitable. very cute good plot some steamy sex I had a fun time listening to it