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And becoming a decorated Green Beret Ten years later one bad jump propelled me straight from Special Forces True Gold PDFEPUB or back home guiding rich idiots into the wilderness where I struggle to keep them from getting themselves killed It’s not the life I planned but at least I’m not behind a desk somewhere Then one night my cell rings shattering my peaceful existence“Connor” I. I can’t lie I’m a fan of Michelle Pace’s Always have been always will be This book is a bit different from her norm but not in a bad way There’s suspense mystery romance and of course lots of sarcastic wit Connor and Lie hold a special place in my heart for many reasons This fast paced action filled “I don’t wanna” romance will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting I promise

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True Gold True Alaskans #1’d recognize her voice anywhere and it’s like I’m sixteen again crazy in love and cocky as hell after finding all those gold bars everyone's been searching for since before we were even bornI want to tell her to go to hell and throw my phone Gold True Alaskans PDF #199 in the river but it seems Delilah’s visceral grip on me is permanent“It’s mom She’s missing I need your help. Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review Childhood sweethearts both determined and headstrong and with a past love story full of hurt Connor and Lilah reunite in True Gold by Michelle Pace a romantic suspense story set in the beautiful landscape of True AlaskaConnor is a strong grumpy alpha his grumpiness all due to the heroine Despite the double first person POV Connor’s voice is masculine; but his virility or alphaness coexist with an uncontrollable desire for the heroine and the wild unexpected sometimes embarrassing manifestations of said lust are fun to readConnor is a former Green Beret a wounded hero with a bum knee not that wounded also afflicted by PTSD and nightmares I liked the male character until he acted like a jerk and became violent because of the PTSDI liked the heroine too not the usual weak femaleI found Boone with his selective mutism and massive shoulders a rather intriguing and fascinating character I hope he gets his own story soon

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True Gold True Alaskans #1 review Æ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ê [PDF / Epub] ☆ True Gold True Alaskans #1 Author Michelle Pace – Growing up in True Alaska the only truth I knew was that Delilah Campbell was an arrogant pain in my ass She was also my everything and still haunts my every waking momentGrowing up in True Alaska the only truth True Alaskans Epub #225 I knew was that Delilah Campbell was an arrogant pain in my ass She was also my everything and still haunts my every waking moment I don’t have a single memory that doesn’t include Lie and I can still taste her even though Alaska’s no longer big enough for the both of us After our savage breakup I fled chasing my dream. The first book in a new second chance romantic suspense True Alaskan series from a new to me author and one that promises adventures soon now available for one clickingI’m not going to tell you what happened In my opinion spoilers reduce the enjoyment the suspense and overall ruin reading experiences for others in my opinion So no spoilers ahead Neither am I a storyteller – and I have no desire to retell someone else’s story I just want to share my feelings and emotions that as a reader I felt and experienced It’s my desire to include some of my favorite things about this book and the author’s writing its characters and plotThe author has given us two strong and determined lead characters along with a well developed and fairly large cast of the good bad and ugly Delilah is an audacious and spirited heroine Connor a former Green Beret has all the traits of an alpha male Both were born and raised on the rugged Kenai peninsula of Alaska south of Anchorage And once upon a time they were high school sweethearts planning a future together and then well you’ll need to read the book to find out what happened back then and why they now find themselves both back on home turf after a decade apart locking horns at every turn Together they make a fiery and irresistible combinationThe element of suspense an unsolved case of stolen gold makes for an intriguing plotline and a strong draw along with the Alaskan setting After being drawn to several books set in Alaska this year and completely fascinated and entertained so far I couldn’t resist giving this new series a try as well And I’m not regretting my decision for one second there's lots of gold to be found in the Alaskan wilderness and the action never stops One minor blip an ending that came too soon left me a bit disappointed even with a happy for now ending I have high hopes and there seems to be hints that we’ll pick up a little from this couple in Midnight Son the second book in this series featuring Andie who is Lilah’s sister and Boone both of whom you'll meet in this first installmentGo in blind and I hope you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a “goodreads”