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summary Ashes of Angels ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ ✯ Ashes of Angels Books ✴ Author Michele Hauf – Cassandra knows her dark destiny She is a muse who will one day be sought by a Fallen angel to be the mother of his nephilim child a fate that will destroy her Samandiriel walks alone amoT to keep her alive and to prevent the Fallen from achieving their sinister goals Cassandra trusts Sam but he can't trust his own compulsion to mate with her Can they stop the apocalypse before Sam's desire overtakes hi. I must say even though i like the book it had me confused the ending i thought happened to uickly and could of been added to make the ending explosive Angels are not my thing but i decided to read this as i have seen them mentioned in other books so wanted to know before i make judgement on the whole Angel series i think i will read them all first I do love how the Angels are described and the feathers with the ash they leave behind is slightly enchanting as i love the fact that if you see a feather a loved one is watching over you

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Cassandra knows her dark destiny She is a muse who will one day be sought by a Fallen angel to be the mother of his nephilim child a fate that will destroy her Samandiriel walks alone amongst his Fallen brethren He refu. In this book the reader gets 2 stories The Ninja Vampire's Girl about Coco and Zane and Ashes of Angels Sam and Cassandra's story The Ninja Vampire's Girl was cute and funny I liked both characters and wished this had been the main focus Coco was on a mission for her sister Cassandra who just happens to be an unfortunate muse Coco is on a halo hunt and just as she is about to lay her hands on the halo she is interrupted by Zane a vampire who is after the same halo At first she is put off by the scarred visage of Zane but as she learns about him she becomes wildly attracted Coco who swears her middle name is danger insists on teaming up with Zane in killing the summoned Fallen Fun and lust ensues Cassandra and Sam's story was not as palatable to me Sam while not bad sometimes came off a little beta to me Cassandra hmmm well while her heart was in the right place her head definitely was not Maybe it was because she was an artist I don't know but I was almost to the point of Oh well thinning of the herd It was a decent story but not one I think will be reread

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Ashes of AngelsSes to use mortal Ashes of MOBI #207 females as vessels for his evil offspring He's determined to protect them But now he's been summoned to capture a muse Cassandra against his will Together Sam and Cassandra must figh. You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading Romance This is my first time reading a book by Michele Hauf but it will not be the last I just finished Ashes of Angels the third book in her Of Angels and Demons series and it was an engaging paranormal romance with hot vampires and sexy Fallen Angels The book is being released tomorrow July 19 and includes the novella that takes place between the second and third books The Ninja Vampire’s Girl In a letter from the author Ms Hauf states that the events in the novella take place about 5 months before those in the novel and suggests that you read the novella first if you want to keep events in order but that’s not necessary as both novella and novel can be read as stand alone works In fact I did read the novella first and now I wish I’d read it last because the novella was not nearly as good as the novel and I almost didn’t go on to read the novel That would have been a shame because the novel is tightly written with appealing characters and I definitely recommend it Artist Cassandra Caz Stevens is celebrating finishing a statue of an angel when she meets a stunning looking man in a club All too uickly she realizes that she’s in terrible danger because he’s a Fallen Angel and the glowing mark on her wrist indicates that she’s his muse Fallen Angels who are summoned to Earth seek out mortal women their muses and sexually assault them impregnating them with Nephilim monstrous killers Caz’s grandmother warned her and her sister Coco years ago that they needed to prepare to fight off the Fallen but Samandiriel Sam is different from the others He regrets the Fallen Angels’ decision to leave Heaven and wants to protect Caz from the others who will seek her out It seems that a group of Vampires in Germany is summoning the Fallen Angels to Earth hoping to lead them to their muses and perform tests on the resulting Nephilim The vampires’ leader believes that the Nephilim blood will allow the vampires to walk in the sun but the Fallen Angels he summons the danger Caz and her fellow muses are in Sam offers to help Caz in her fight against the vampires and the other Fallen and the two agree to work together fighting an overwhelming attraction that if acted upon could result in Caz’s death The world building in this novel is complex but clearly explained and easy to pick up even though I jumped into the series at book three I appreciated how seamlessly the world was introduced to a new reader The mix of Angels demons and vampires was fascinating and Ms Hauf integrated religious elements into her novel while still leaving a lot open to speculation The background of the Fallen and the demons is explained clearly but I’m still uncertain about the origins of the vampires in this world Given the focus on the muse heroine and angel hero however the origins of the vampires were not necessary to the story and didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the novelSam and Caz were likeable characters and since Sam had only recently returned to Earth after the vampires summoned him he’s an interesting mix of innocence and experience that Caz finds irresistible I like that Ms Hauf turned the tables on the trope of the “virgin” heroine learning about her sexuality with this one since Caz has to teach Sam how to kiss The sexual tension between the two was sizzling and dangerous since there's the possibility that Sam will assault Caz if he reverts to his stronger angel form Caz is a sensual creative woman and it’s easy to see that Sam’s attraction to her soon becomes than just the link between a muse and a Fallen AngelWhile most of the novel was action packed with Caz and Sam fighting demons Fallen Angels and vampires there were also some really funny lines I laughed out loud several times especially at the scene where Sam gets a little tipsy and is informed that the feelings he’s describing for Caz are definitely love When he and Caz first meet he teases her by calling her hilarious nicknames just to annoy her Sam may be an Angel but he’s got a wicked sense of humor When Caz calls him on the endearments he asks if she would “prefer sweetie Perhaps mein little cupcake” And later he tells her that he’d kill any Fallen who tried to attack her claiming that he prefers the word “smite over murder” Who wouldn’t I only have two criticisms about the novel The first is that the epilogue wraps everything up in a neat package but I’m not sure it’s absolutely necessary The book ends with a dramatic fight that packs a strong punch and the epilogue seems a bit uick to resolve everything I suspect the novel could have ended either without the epilogue or with another chapter and the ending wouldn’t have felt so rushed The second complaint is not really related to the novel at all but rather the novella The Ninja Vampire’s Girl was previously published in an anthology and feels really short possibly less than 20000 words although that could merely be my perception Because the novel is so well written with such engaging characters and dialogue the much shorter novella suffers by comparison It details how Caz’s sister Coco met her vampire boyfriend Zane while searching for a Fallen Angel’s halo The story is cute but it’s written in 2 separate first person points of view with a lot of jumping from one POV to the next In the advanced reader copy there was no separation to indicate the jump from one POV to the other which was a bit confusing but I’m sure in the published version that is not the case Ms Hauf wrote the third person POV so well in the novel that the first person POVs of Coco and Zane in the novella come across as underdeveloped Despite the novella’s shortcomings I really enjoyed Ashes of Angels and as soon as I finished it I went online to check out Ms Hauf’s webpage to look up the other books and novellas in the series The summaries of the first and second books make it clear that they take place in the same world and focus on different types of heroes and heroines which further impresses me with Ms Hauf’s creativity I’ll definitely be catching up on the rest of the series and look forward to future installments of the seriesI received a copy of this book for review from the Publisher through NetGalley