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DOWNLOAD ↠ Second Nature A Gardener's Education ´ [Read] ➻ Second Nature A Gardener's Education ➸ Michael Pollan – In his articles and in best selling books such as The Botany of Desire Michael Pollan has established himself as one of our most important and beloved writers on modern man’s plIn his articles A Gardener's PDF #10003 and in best selling books such as The Botany of Desire Michael Pollan has established himself as one of our most important and beloved writers on modern man’s place in the natural world A new literary classic Second Nature has become a manifesto not just f. It may be in the margins of our gardens that we can discover fresh ways to bring our aesthetics and our ethics about the land into some meaningful alignment Michael Pollan Second Nature I'm pretty sure I'm now a Michael Pollan completist This was Pollan's first and as I typically read the first last my usual brush with Pollan completism for now This book sent me back to days working in my grandmother's garden my mother's garden my wife and my first garden on our apartment balcony It reminded me of wandering through Jefferson's garden at Monticello Versailles and the lilac gardens of Maui Pollan was definitly influenced in his writing by Thoreau and Wendell Berry but Pollan's philosophy in this book seems driven by the pragmatism of William James His basic premise is that the garden is the better metaphor for dealing with the current environmental issues confronting us; and the zero sum game debates surrounding development vs wilderness I generally agree with a lot of what he says about gardens trees wilderness and our need to find new metaphors for our relationship with nature that weaves together nature and man and man's culture together He does tend to wax poetic Pollan is basically a long form magazine writter who like John McPhee and others figured out that narrative nonfiction can work in chapters made from magazine articles and confederate them together into a book Not the best Pollan but for Pollan fans nature lovers or gardeners there is definitely enough grown in this book to feed all types

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Or gardeners but for environmentalists everywhere “As delicious a meditation on one man’s relationships with the Earth as any you are likely to come upon” Second Nature PDFEPUB or The New York Times Book Review Second Nature captures the rhythms of our everyday engagement with the outdoors i. Gardening gives most of us our most direct and intimate experience of nature of its satisfaction fragility and power One of Pollan's earlier works and it shows While there is a larger theme of gardening there is also a lot of navel gazing I liked the narrative historical sections on different concepts of wilderness and nature actually preferring those to Pollan's check in on how his zinnias are blooming The strongest section of the book was Planting Trees discussing the history of trees and forestry I found his story on the local land and conservation efforts to re establish Cathedral Grove a historic white pine stand in his small New York town after it sustained damage in a hurricane to be the most compelling of the book He touches on larger uestions in this chapter whereas many of the other sections felt superficial and ridiculous The groundhog story was particularly maddening and it lowered my respect for Pollan I couldn't believe some of the stuff he actually admitted to doing to rid his yard of this rodent It was shameful and this coming from a gardener who has been frustrated by groundhogs for yearsSo some sections were great 45 star territory and others were awful So a 3 seems fair right down the middle


Second Nature A Gardener's EducationN all its glory and exasperation With chapters ranging from a reconsideration of the Great American Lawn a dispatch from one man’s war with a woodchuck to an essay about the sexual politics of roses Pollan has created a passionate and elouent argument for reconceiving our relationship with natur. A fascinating and informative read that goes way beyond gardening Drawing from history ecology religion literature and philosophy Pollan discusses how gardening addresses our relationship with natureExcellent writing style For example he entertainingly describes the loathsome slugs naked bullets of flesh evicted snails that hide from the light of day emerging at sunset to cruise the garden along their own avenues of slimeIn addition to the lowly slug Pollan addresses big topics here including land use genetic engineering and other environmental issues He proposes a new ethic for environmental stewardship that views man's relationship to nature as that of gardener who is interconnected with the land rather than the prevailing wilderness ethic He posits that the absolutist viewpoints from which most view the land with either a market aesthetic or a wilderness aesthetic are not helpful to either cause A must read for environmentalists gardeners and anyone who contemplates the American landscape