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Count Brass Chronicles of Castle Brass #1 Free read ☆ 106 Ç [EPUB] ✺ Count Brass Chronicles of Castle Brass #1 By Michael Moorcock – The 14th and final volume in the classic epic fantasy seuence The Eternal Champion Michael Moorcock's epic novels of the fantastic are classics of the genre tThe th and final Chronicles of MOBI #243 volume in the classic epic fantasy seuence The Eternal Champion Michael Moorcock's epic novels of the fantastic are classics of the genre that appeal to all ages and walk. I've read uite a few books in the Michael Moorcock Eternal Champion series This one is definitely middle of the road The first book Count Brass was not good The ending saved it The second story Champion of Garathorm was better than the first and probably average for a Moorcock story at the time it was written I liked seeing a female version of the Eternal Champion for once The third story uest for Tanelorn was on the complete opposite end of the Moorcock spectrum than the first Sailor on the Sea of Fate from Hawkmoon's point of view Great stuff and the aftermatch provided an ending to the Eternal Champion cycle

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S of life From the earliest pulp novels of the 's to the award winning MOTHER LONDON he has earned wide critical acclaim COUNT BRASS the concluding volume of the tale of Count Brass PDFEPUB or the eternal champi. I'm disappointedFor a single word review it would be 'dull'It's a really short book but even so a fair chunk of it is recap of the previous series with the same characters Which is great because now I know not to bother reading those eitherThe writing is fine the descriptions are good But I found the characters kinda stiff and uninteresting The whole 'other worlds' gig that the storyline revolves around and the other books judging by the recap left me cold I didn't really believe in it and I didn't really care about itI read an Elric book a few years back at my brother's house and didn't much like that either I don't think this is a particularly bad book Michael Moorcock just isn't for me I guess

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Count Brass Chronicles of Castle Brass #1On makes the fearsome journey to Tanelorn in search of resolution The avatar of the champion Elric Corum Hawkmoon and Erekose must pool their talents in order to bring about the conjunction of the million sphere. I find the Castle Brass books fascinating but hard to review without a skeleton summary of the plot So if that scares you the summary not the skeleton then don’t read further The first book of the trilogy of Count Brass and here we are introduced to “Dorian Hawkmoon the Duke of Koln and his bride Yisselda Countess of Brass old dead Count Brass's daughter the only two who remained of that group of heroes who had served the Runestaff against the Dark Empire and finally defeated Granbretan in the great Battle of Londra putting ueen Flana sad ueen Flana upon the throne so that she might guide her cruel and decadent nation towards humanity and vitality”And here our story starts Hawkmoon is enjoying his life his wife and his children Reminiscing about the Great Battle we learn of heroes and villains heroics and treachery what is and what could have been He regales his children with tales of adventures mythical beasts and great warriors A peaceful life calm after the storm of war But this serenity is shattered by accusations of murder most foul by Hawkmoon of all men seemingly from the mouth of the ghost of Count Brass himself How can this be if he and what is really going on And what of the jewel To the Marshes where Hawkmoon is confronted by none other than a youthful Count Brass with a strange tale of an oracle Dorian fears the Dark Empire and their scientists have worked some gruesome evil But to what end Soon news from ueen Flana warns of a revival of the Dark Empire masks the Beast Orders revenge on the victors of old battles and Hawkmoon is forced to again confront the ghost in the marsh Ghosts as in than one eventually arrive Count Brass Huilliam D’Averc Oladahn and Bowgentle Dead friends of the Battle of Londra How is this After much discussion the five men discern all is not right in their conflicting realities so it is time for a uest Thus ending part of the firstAs we reconvene Hawkmoon is leaving Castle Brass behind to join his dead somewhere friends who all believe it is a different year but agree as comrades in battle that their common enemy the Dark Empire is behind their shared plight As it turns out the Oracle is none other than Kalan of Vitall scientist and not dead at all merely somewherewhen else yet here too But he soon retreats into the Multiverse and Hawkmoon and the Four Dead must travel to Soryandum for assistance from the Wraith Folk Continued visits by Kalan and the Pyramid will slowly dwindle the group’s numbers as each man is drawn back to another his own time Meantimes Dorian Count Brass and Bowgentle reach Soryandum and Rinal a being known to Dorian somehow where they learn of the intricacies of the Multiverse Bowgentle is soon lost so Hawkmoon and Count Brass continue traveling inside a sphere and out looking for Count Kalan Repeated meetings of people they know realities of the Multiverse again unsettle the duo they they know enough now to soldier on But soon they meet Taragorm of the Palace of Time another evil one who survived the Battle of Londra a theme here and learn of Kalan’s desperate and chaotic plans Seems there is as much safety as danger traveling the Multiverse as beings can only be killed in their own “timeplace stream” Oddness upon weirdness The rest has to be read in its totality to be savored Much happens unhappens and rehappens just another series of enigmas in the Multiverse It pulls you in and lets you wander around creating your own reality until it pushes you back out into the real reality Hah Stupendous fun Did someone say madnessThe alternate history of Europe idea was pretty cool Moorcock has a way of renaming things that works without being too simple or too overdoneA bit heavy on dialogue for my taste but only in certain sectionsThe pacing was glacial for the first half Sure some of it was backgrounding the tale but not all Then the whirlwind YowzaAn interesting mix of medieval and modern knights horses sailing ships and machines Surely Moorcock had some enormous tesseract type object to keep track of the Multiverse