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The Poet Free download Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø [PDF / Epub] ✍ The Poet ☁ Michael Connelly – Denver crime beat reporter Jack McEvoy specializes in violent death So when his homicide detective brother kills himself McEvoy copes in the only way he knows how he decides to write the Er who's killing cops and leaving a trail of poetic clues It's the news story of a lifetime if he can get the story without losing his li. Wow from the opening line Death is my beat to the chilling conclusion this haunting tale grabs you by the scuff of your neck and never lets go Meet Jack McEvoy a reporter who makes his way covering murder stories Little does he know that the next story he will write involves the death of his own brother an apparent suicide Jack has a difficult time accepting that his brother Sean a homicide detective would take his own life further still he does not understand his brother's last words written by his hand just before death Out of space Out of time He begins to investigate the possible meaning in that message and in the process uncovers other deaths and other uotes left by a suicidal hand It would seem that other detectives also uoted Edgar Allan Poe in their final dying moments As Jack's investigation continues it becomes clear that he is on the path of a serial killer of unprecedented savagery On than one occasion as I followed Jack on his hunt for the killer I was sure I had it figured out Not This one keeps you guessing delivering unexpected twists and turns as you navigate the final chapters most likely white knuckling each page at break neck speed A haunting and irresistable thriller

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Denver crime beat reporter Jack McEvoy specializes in violent death So when his homicide detective brother kills himself McEvoy copes in. Oh mid ‘90s how uaint you seem in this book published in ‘96 with your dial up internet connections faxes pagers landline phones and new fangled digital cameras Perhaps the thing dating this the most is the idea that The Rocky Mountain News editors’ biggest concern is that they’ll get scooped by another newspaper in the fast paced world of print journalism and not that their entire industry will collapse and they’ll be out of business by 2009 Of course if all their reporters acted like Jack McEvoy it’s no wonder they went broke Jack’s twin brother was a cop who apparently shot himself but when Jack decides to exploit his tragic death by writing a story about police suicides the research indicates that a serial killer has been stalking cops across the country and making it look like they killed themselves Soon Jack has blackmailed his way onto an FBI task force chasing the killer by ruthlessly threatening to expose the hunt and maybe spooking the guy but letting his brother’s murderer potentially go free is a small price to pay to get a really righteous scoop He runs up a huge expense account bill by tagging along as the FBI tracks the killer across the country and he never really does give the Denver paper the juicy exclusives they’re expecting So it seems like the old Rocky Mountain News had some pretty sloppy business practices going on when it came to covering storiesYou can probably tell that I wasn’t overly fond of Jack as a character I found him self absorbed and incredibly stupid at times It’s too bad because this was a better than average serial killer story with new take on the premise and lots of good twists and turns to keep it interesting If I would have found Jack sympathetic I probably would have liked it

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The PoetThe only way he knows how he decides to write the story But his research leads him to suspect a serial killer is at work a devious murder. Some things are better left unsaid so the saying goesI personally disagree with that sentiment While very few topics are considered “taboo” any a few cultural taboos still linger; subjects upon which many writers still fear to tread due to its general unpleasantness Cancer used to be taboo So did adultery and homosexuality Taboos succeed in creating an atmosphere in which feelings never get expressed and problems never get solved Taboos generally make things worsePedophilia is in some ways still a taboo subject It’s probably taboo for a good reason as the word itself is cringe worthy It stops conversations dead makes everyone feel uncomfortable and brings to mind nothing but disturbing thoughts and images It’s understandable why pedophilia is a taboo subject but it’s also important to note that it’s an issue that needs to be addressed Keeping uiet and turning a blind eye is what got the Catholic church in trouble regarding this issue so it’s not an issue that can simply be swept under the rug any Of course tactfulness and discretion is always in orderOutside of memoirs and other nonfiction pedophilia is not an issue many fiction writers are willing to tackle The few writers willing to confront the subject matter often find ways of doing it subtly; bringing it up without actually having to bring it up Those few writers who don’t tiptoe around the subject are often accused of being too “in your face” or “graphic” It’s a tough subject to deal with in writingMichael Connelly in his riveting but disturbing novel “The Poet” attempts to write about pedophilia without walking on eggshells It’s graphic and horrifying and makes the reader naturally uncomfortable which are the book’s strengths AND weaknesses I consider “The Poet” a successful failure of a novel To explain Connelly uses the subject matter of pedophilia to create a taut edge of the seat crime thriller something which he succeeds in doing He also succeeds in creating a thoroughly unpleasant read precisely because of the subject matter “The Poet” is an excellent thriller but it is not a fun readOf course I may be coming at this reading with a uniue perspective one that I did not have a year ago Indeed if I had read this book a year ago i’m sure that may appreciation for this book would have been much different What’s changedWell for one I’m now a fatherPrior to having a child I never fully appreciated or understood how truly life changing it was to become a parent nor how completely in love one person can be with another In my child’s face I see a perfect genetic blend of my wife and me I see my past and my future and I see a hope for the human race I also now understand the intense feelings of protectiveness that inherently comes with parenthood I would do anything to shelter and protect my little girl from the evils of the worldPedophiles are the natural enemies of parents They are a parent’s polar opposites Whereas parents want to nurture and see grow pedophiles want to defile and destroy Whereas parents want to keep pure pedophiles want to sully and contaminatePrior to having my child I was perhaps somewhat of a “bleeding heart” liberal and a Christian in my views toward pedophiles maybe they CAN be rehabilitated and cured of their sickness and it is the judicial system’s and the church’s duty to try Pedophiles aren’t monsters after all They are still human beings albeit flawed and most likely victims themselvesNowadays to that I say BullshitPedophiles are evil and incomprehensibly so Whatever possesses a human being to do something so ugly and inhuman to a child is beyond comprehension and beyond my sympathetic and empathetic capabilities I don’t care if they were victims themselves I no longer care or believe that they can be rehabilitated because I would never allow a known pedophile rehabilitated or otherwise anywhere near my child And despite my Judeo Christian upbringing and belief in tolerance and nonviolence I would have no hesitation or guilt in defending my daughter even if it includes killing a pedophile It frightens me to say that but it is trueIn “The Poet” one of Connelly’s characters a seasoned FBI agent named Rachel Walling expresses similar views to the protagonist Jack McEvoy He and the reader are I suppose expected to feel shocked and appalled by her statement She is after all an agent of the Law She is beholden to upholding the Law and supporting the basic moral tenet that murder is wrong and unforgivable and yet she admits to having no problems wanting to put a bullet in the brains of a pedophile I found myself surprised to feel no shock or disgust at what she was saying I whole heartedly agreed with herThere is a certain genius in Connelly’s writing talent that one is never sure how one is “supposed” to feel about anything in the book There is no manipulation of emotions He leaves it up to us the readers to bring our own sense of morality to the readingTake the protagonist Jack McEvoy for example He is a Denver journalist who after the very controversial and publicized suicide of his older brother the lead homicide detective of an investigation into the brutal murder of a young schoolteacher stumbles upon evidence that the police originally missed that confirms that his brother’s suicide was actually a murder McEvoy uickly does research that reveals a serial killer’s trail across the countryWhile his investigative skills carry the investigation the reader is never fully convinced that he is doing it for the right reasons Is he doing all this to avenge his brother or is he simply hoping to find that Big Story the one that may finally get him a Pullitzer Prize and a higher paying job as a staff reporter for a newspaper like the Chicago Tribune or the Los Angeles Times At times McAvoy seems like a good guy just trying to clear his brother’s reputation At other times he looks like a self aggrandizing asshole Connelly refrains from making any editorial judgmentThe killer himself is an interesting character study in duality At once perverted and vicious the killer’s life is gradually revealed in bits and pieces that are meant to help us understand if not necessarily sympathize with why he does what he does From an objective standpoint the killer’s life is a sad one and he appears like almost all pedophiles to have been a victim of gross sexual abuse as a child himselfFrom a subjective standpoint I didn’t give a shit I hated him and my hatred made me uncomfortable It is not a side of myself that I liked seeing Sadly this discomfort carried over to the rest of the novel tainting what I would have otherwise considered an excellent thriller Through no fault of Connelly’sI respect Connelly for not walking on eggshells and for telling it like it is I admire the fact that he was not afraid to be graphic when necessary because turning a blind eye to this kind of inhumanity is in my opinion just as dangerous as those who perpetrate this type of inhumanity While some things may very well be better left unsaid continued physical and sexual abuse of children should never be one of those things that are swept under the rug or dismissed or simply ignored because it’s “too uncomfortable” a subject matter