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Boom author Michael Shnayerson doc ✓ ebook read ✓ helpyouantib ✓ [Reading] ➼ Boom Author Michael Shnayerson – A behind the scenes look at the egomaniacs geniuses and canny promoters who shaped the world of modern art and created the largest unregulated financial marJor modern art dealer It was 1947 and the art world would never be the sameFrom the early days on 57th Street to the rise of SoHo in the 60s to the emergence of Chelsea as the hotbed of art galleries we see the meteoric rise and the devastating falls of the most renowned dealers Larry Gagosian David Zwirner Arne Glimcher and Iwan Wirth With unparalleled access the lon This is an illustrious book pun intended highlighting all of the major players of the contemporary art world If you have an interest in the art world but are a beginner this could be an overwhelming but at the same time provides all of the history for you to get up to speed Schnayerson shares the most exciting stories and lives of the most influential dealers critics and collectors This is not to forget the artists who were the subject of this art period such as de Kooning Rauschenberg Pollock Johns Lichtenstein and Warhol If you want to learn how the art market moves and who is responsible for the movement this is the book for you

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Gtime Vanity Fair reporter tells us the story of contemporary art through the people who coddled supported and funded the likes of Jeff Koons and Cy TwomblyIt's a story of backstabbing betrayals fruitful partnerships genius and ever larger sums of money The world of contemporary art is inextricable from the wild wealth and naked financial opportunism that surrounds it Chronology of art dealings in New York from the 1970s to the present focusing on the rise of the four current mega dealers As others have mentioned the account is exhaustive to a fault with only passing reference to the art movements and artworks and virtually no comment or evaluation on the author's part so this reads like the society pages than art history Not for anyone unfamiliar with contemporary art unless you don't mind constantly looking up particular artists or art pieces as they are name dropped in the text

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Boom author Michael ShnayersA behind the scenes look at the egomaniacs geniuses and canny promoters who shaped the world of modern art and created the largest unregulated financial market in the world Before Damien Hirst stuffed a shark before Basuiat picked up a spray can before Andy Warhol started The Factory a pile of unwanted Jackson Pollocks changed everything From them emerged the first ma A much compelling read than I had expected If you ever cracked open an art book featuring a painter from the 1950s and up – Rothko Basuiat Doig Murakami anyone whose work ever transited by New York really – or a movement to which they are associated chances are an art dealer was mentioned at some point Perhaps Leo Castelli for one but also a slew of others if only in passing Larry Gagosian for sure if the art you read about was recent or Gavin Brown maybeIn Boom Mad Money Mega Dealers and the Rise of Contemporary Art the tables are turned Artists are still very present in the narrative but the evolution of a focus from a somewhat romanticized art world to today’s global art market makes for a fantastic story A lot has happened within the last few decades and numerous ground rules have changed for galleries museums and auction houses alike Between dealers of all leanings and power and wave after wave of up and coming household names there must have been hundreds of people referenced in this book Yet you never lose track nor do you struggle to keep up a few clever words pop up when needed to bring back to mind with perfect clarity a name that hasn’t been mentioned in a few chapters already Fascinating interactions are rendered with just the right amount of detail moving along swiftly A couple years of research went into this A lot of talent too Despite being tempted to pick this up on the one hand I was a little wary on the other that the topic might make for a dry read before finally jumping in I needn’t have worried Michael Shnayerson kept everything enjoyable and very much alive from beginning to end This is uite the coup Bravo