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Congo AUTHOR Michael Crichton Free download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Congo Author Michael Crichton – Deep in the African rain forest near the legendary ruins of the Lost City of Zinj an expedition of eight American geologists is mysteriously and brutally killed inY her behavior has been erratic and her drawings match with stunning accuracy the brittle pages of a Portuguese print dating back to a drawing of an ancient lost city A new expedition along with Amy is sent into the Congo where they enter a secret world and the only way out may be through a horrifying death michaelcrichtoncom. Michael Crichton's work should be considered the epitome of geek literature AKA science fiction genre fiction or speculative fiction but was somehow embraced by the mainstream so much so that even if the academic crowd doesn't take him very seriously Crichton still addressed Congress Genre fiction is such a dismissive term so Crichton was given his own genre it's not geek; it's a techno thriller Congo published in 1980 has all of Crichton's geekiest motifs including a heroine whose tragic flaw is revealed on get this a computer printout It's a pretty obvious way of characterizing one's hero but it works And give him credit unlike in The Andromeda Strain Crichton actually has characters with personalities and internal conflicts in Congo Clearly this is an author on the rise Congo works in the same way that Sphere 1987 and Jurassic Park 1990 my favorite Crichton titles work A team of scientists is sent on a dangerous mission that will reuire technical expertise ingenuity and a conflict between ambition and responsibility I love that Crichton takes the ideal neutrality and benefits of science and juxtaposes them with the realities of funding application and career ambition These three works also serve to map out what I believe is Crichton approaching and reaching the peak of his writing My only wish is that I would have read Congo first rather than third Congo was not only published first in this thematic and structural trilogy but it is clear that Crichton was consciously improving his writing in each of these novels In Congo he establishes the pattern by opening with a cool setting and a cool premise jungle ruins and highly trained attack gorillas Not badBut he can do better Sphere features the ocean floor and an alien technology that tests humanity's character The characters are also complex and engaging in Sphere and I especially enjoyed Crichton's decision to make psychologist Norman Johnson the hero Sphere is great so everyone must have uite naturally expected that Crichton would begin the 1990s with his authorial declineBut thenIn Jurassic Park dinosaurs are brought back to life through cloning technology on a privately owned tropical island Unbelievable And let's not forget about Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm arguably Crichton's most memorable academics battling dinosaurs don't gorillas just seem so small potatoes in comparison with nothing but their witsSo for me Congo is a very good work but not a great one However perhaps this is only if we measure Crichton against himselfAnd it does not change the fact that Congo Sphere and Jurassic Park should be considered a reuired trilogy for all geeks sorry I meant reuired reading for all 'techno thriller enthusiasts'

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Deep in the African rain forest near the legendary ruins of the Lost City of Zinj an expedition of eight American geologists is mysteriously and brutally killed in a matter of minutesTen thousand miles away Karen Ross the Congo Project Supervisor watches a gruesome video transmission of the aftermath a camp destroyed tents crushe. First off I've always gone bananas over books and movies that have giant apes big gorillas in them going way back to when I was a kid particularly with movie classics like King Kong and Mighty Joe Young that were a blast for me and my brother to watch togetherReading books and watching movies about big apes helps me reconnect with those experiences I will always hold dear to meI've been going ape over everything anything simian fiction related ever since When I first saw the preview for the movie Congo it was a no brainer that I would be seeing it as soon as it came out Anyone who may have seen the original advertisements for the movie may remember that the 1st preview centered on character Charles Travis played by fan favorite actor Bruce Campbell Ever since I first saw Evil Dead starring Bruce Campbell as Ash I followed every single film he did But if you saw Congo then you'll know that he was only in the film for about 5 minutes or less I rushed out to see the 1st showing on the 1st day of the film release with my best friend Doug at the time Before I read the book I knew it was gonna have a Jurassic Park sorta cheeziness to it but I was looking forward to that and otherwise not really knowing what else to expect The acting was a mixed bag of fine performances like Laura Linney and Dylan Walsh along with some of the worst acting since the very dawn of time Tim Curry an actor I've loved since watching his iconic legendary performance as Dr Frank N Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show many many times was just God awful As Herkermer Homolka his Russian accent defies logic as to why they would even keep the cameras rolling after his first line Which to me sounded like he got his tongue stuck in his throat Though by this point I wouldn't trade him in for the world though his is the worst accent I've ever heard Now that I think about it the way over the top French accent by Julia Ormond in Mad Men is definitely up there for debate I'm guessing that the Mad Men producers must've got confused thinking she was French actress Juliette Binoche when they brought her on since they look dead on identical to Congo As my buddy Doug and I watched the film we kept sinking lower and lower and lower into our seats until we were seriously nearly sitting on the floor Throughout all the impossibilities that could only happen in an 80's movie we burst out laughing in places where we weren't supposed to dozens of times much to the hatred of the rest of the audience I'm sure By the end of the movie as we were walking out I said in my best Amy voice the pet gorilla who had the female euivalent of a Stephen Hawking like computer voicebox Bad movie Amy Bad movie Yeahwe were little shi†s then just like most guys that age I guessJust so you know I've watched the film a few times since and it gets better every time It's a real hoot and now I think I love itBut back to the book In case it surprises anybody I don't think Michael Crichton wrote this one just so it would turn out to be a mega million buck movie And though it's a tech thriller it's also a throwback to the pulp adventure style books going on for over a century now Most notably King Solomon's Mines The difference It's been updated everything moves faster there's better euipment and everybody's sarcastic and cynical than ever before No duh ReallyI enjoyed this novel I'm pretty sure everybody has an idea what it's about so why go into it It was a good book HoweverSince most of the covers including the movie poster and dvd have a GORILLA on it you would expect there to be some damn gorillas IN IT I kept asking a common uestion I ask whenever I expect to see of something or when there's an element sorely missing throughout what I'm readingHere's one where you would want Michael Crichton to use his time machine from Timeline so he could fast forward to the future and take notes of the formula that worked so well in books he wrote later and were successful Jurassic Park had a great abundance of dinosaurs in it Too bad he couldn't have used that same formula hereIt is a well written nicely plotted book with good characters a great premise action packed and mostly a lot of fun It was just missing one thing for me MORE FREAKING GORILLAS This is one of those rare books that has many great artwork covered editions I hope you pick a good one Buying the bland books allows the publisher to think it's ok to skip the art department leaving us with a world of mediocre book covers to choose from So you know many of the cheapest editions have some very nice covers

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Congo AUTHOR Michael CrichtD and torn euipment scattered in the mud alongside dead bodies all motionless except for one moving image a grainy dark man shaped blurIn San Francisco primatologist Peter Elliot works with Amy a gorilla with an extraordinary vocabulary of “signs” the most ever learned by a primate and she likes to fingerpaint But recentl. Michael Crichton called this book a continuation of the tradition of HRider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines The book didn't impress me all that muchA field expedition dies mysteriously in minutesin the darkest region of CongoIn San Franciscoan extraordinary gorillanamed Amywith a 620 sign vocabularymay hold the secret to that carnageThankfullyhoweverthe gorilla does not speak EnglishAnother expeditionis sent to investigateAfter that comes the lost city of Zinjfights with gorillas and an exploding volcanoThese are the type of ingredients loved by HollywoodThe book was yet another commercial success for Crichtonand also became a major motion pictureI haven't seen itnor do I intend toStill remember how bored I was watching Jurassic Parkanother film of a Crichton bookYet another one of his bookswhich I struggled to finishand which at times literally put me to sleep15 starsrounded up