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read kindle î Once Upon a Crime ´ Hardcover Ú ➮ [Read] ➪ Once Upon a Crime By Michael Buckley ➺ – Sabrina and Daphne's adventures continue in their hometown of New York City as they bring Puck to Faerie to cure the wounds With the help of Granny Relda the girls must figure out whoWounds With the help of Granny Relda the girls must figure out who killed Puck's father King Oberon while navigatin I’m still a little angry because the cover of this book kind of gives away the end of the book – or if not the end then the climax Based on that it was super easy to figure out who did what to whom shrug As I’ve said about these books before they’re definitely for kids but still fun for adults My 13yo is totally done with the series and is kind of annoyed with me for not having finished so that’s something I’ll have to work on catching up with soonDaphne Sabrina Granny Mr Canis and the former sheriff of Ferryport Landing head to NYC to visit the faeries and see if they can help heal REDACTED While there REDACTED is murdered and the Grimm family is tasked with finding the murdererLike I mentioned the cover gave much away but even if it hadn’t I still turned to 13yo and said “So it was REDACTED and REDACTED that did it right” But he was not really paying attention since I was talking about this instead of Doctor Who and just gave me that “I know but I’m not telling” look that he excels atThis was cute but I liked the previous book a lot It was very weird to have something not set in Ferryport Landing at ALL and I kind of missed it NYC was nice to visit but I’m glad we’re not staying there for long

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G the Once Upon MOBI #207 warring factions of Everafters that make their homes in every neighbourhood of New York Ci The fourth in a most entertaining fractured fairy tale detective series Once Upon a Crime was a great read In it Sabrina and Daphne Grimm company drive from Ferryport Landing where most of the Everafters or fairy tale characters live to New York City to take the ailing Puck to Faerie so he can be healed by his family Oberon Titania and offspring Turns out Faerie isn't uite what it used to be The fairy tale detectives find thuggish fairy godfathers characters from Oz the Wizard the Wicked Witch of the West and we even get a glimpse of the Woggle Bug dwarfs in the subway pirates from Wall Street one with a parrot who shrieks Dump the stock now Sell sell sell and Scrooge a financial and spiritual adviser and Tim Cratchit It was all great fun and I'm glad there are of these books to enjoy

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Once Upon a CrimeSabrina and Daphne's adventures continue in their hometown of New York City as they bring Puck to Faerie to cure the The Sisters Grimm series are my audiobook standbys The narrator is fantastic and these are perfect for long drives in the car The series is about two young girls Daphne and Sabrina who after the disappearance of their parents and a year spent jumping from one wretched foster home to another go to live with the grandmother they never knew they had in Fairyport Landing The Grimm sisters find out that they are the descendants of the famed Brothers Grimm who brought the fairy tale creatures over to live in Fairyport landing The fun part is it's not just Grimm's fairy tales that show up in the book Puck from Midsummer Night's Dream the Wizard of Oz and Mother Goose all appear The sisters their grandmother Mr Canis the big bad wolf and Puck join together to solve mysteries and keep the town in order Once Upon a Crime picks up where book 3 left off The family takes a very injured Puck to NYC to find his family and has to solve a murder and uncovere clues about the girls' parents Many series end up being repetitive after a while re the Redwall books but these have a fresh story for each book