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Finding His Way Home review í 105 ↠ ❴EPUB❵ ✼ Finding His Way Home Author Mia Ross – INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCEBook 3 Barrett's Mill In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains a family legacy leads to loveProdigal son Scott Barrett is back home in Barrett's Mill with plans to atone for his p INSPIRATIONAL RODing His PDF the uiet Virginia village feels like a different place since his return The old cottage and chapel are crying out for repair much like Scott himself Luckily sensitive artist Jenna Reed offers to help Jenna sees Scott without judg. Mia Ross is my go to for sweet romances with some amazing characters and lots of emotion She wraps up her Barrett's Mill series with a wonderful pair that you just fall in love with I'd liked Jenna from the moment I met her in a previous book She is the epitome of the wandering artist without a care in the world Her carefree spirit was contagious but she was still grounded enough to appreciate the community around herScott has a record in his past uite literally He's on parole and being stuck in his small home town where everyone knows everything is very difficult He finds there are two groups of people those that want to give him a chance to prove himself and those that judge him and want nothing to do with him As he isolates himself at his grandfather's homestead using his time to fix the place up Jenna was exactly what he needed in his lifeWatching the two of them bring out parts in each other that no one realizes were even there was so much fun While there is a hint at religion here and there do not let that scare you away from this series or from Mia Ross There's no hitting you over the head with a bible in this one just a sweet romance in a small town

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Ment though she reveals little about her own troubled past As they work together to renovate the chapel Scott begins to earn her trust and soon he's envisioning life with the beautiful Jenna Can the love of a good woman finally make him whole. A charming story of two people who are both searching for home this book was really enjoyable Scott has made some mistakes in the past ending up in prison Now that he's out he returns to his old hometown where he meets Jenna a wandering artist who's about ready to leave town Abandoned by her mother as a teenager Jenna has working through some issues in her own past When they meet Jenna's outgoing personality draws the reclusive Scott back out into the worldSetting The story takes place in the small town of Barrett's Mill which is full of charm and endearing characters I really enjoy the uirkiness of small towns and the everybody knows everybody feel Scott can't hide from his past because everybody knows about itCharacters The main characters Scott and Jenna are both wounded and easily relatable You feel the pain of what they've been through and want better for them The extended Barrett family plays a large role and some new characters are introduced hopefully setting up stories for this seriesPlot The story moved along at a good pace and was very believable I liked that the characters made mistakes and weren't perfect yet they were trying to change and do better The restoration of the chapel and cottage that Scott inherited and Jenna's help with the stained glass window repair gave them a reason to spend time togetherI really enjoyed my time spent with Scott and Jenna and would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys light clean romanceI received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads

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Finding His Way HomeINSPIRATIONAL ROMANCEBook Barrett's Mill In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains a family legacy leads to loveProdigal son Scott Barrett is back home in Barrett's Mill with plans to atone for his past mistakes and restore his future But Fin. True confession I read this book in one sitting even though I couldn't afford to lose the sleep Sigh I just couldn't bring myself to put it aside and start counting sheep I love the Barrett family love this wonderful community Ross has created Lots of southern charm and brotherly shenanigans But there's sorrow too and anguish over pasts that can't be undone Ross weaves a bright thread of hope through that darkness and brings resolution in the form of redemption and forgiveness That's what made this an unforgettable read for me I really loved Jenna Thinking she's right up there on my favourite heroines list Direct and upbeat and just a little bit fragile the residual fallout from a rough past She was full of surprises I couldn't believe some of the things she said the courageous ways she faced off with Scott Sometimes I held my breath to see how he would take it and then let it out in a whoosh of relief when he reluctantly admire her straightforwardness The give and take between these two was a delight to read Ross delivers an amazing love story liberally laced with realism Awesome read