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Beautiful Dreamer Download È 7 ´ ❮Reading❯ ➽ Beautiful Dreamer Author Melissa Brayden – Who says you can’t go home again Philadelphia real estate broker Devyn Winters is at the peak of her career closing multimillion dollar deals and relishing it She’s pretty much blocked out her for Who says you canF On the Spot an odd jobs company She remembers Devyn Winters as shallow in high school but now everything about Devyn makes her lose focus Though her brain knows Devyn is only home temporarily her heart didn’t seem to get the memoCover Artist Jeanine HenningGenres Contemporary Romance Tags Homecoming Small Town RomancesWords. Born raised and living in the suburbs the rural areas always fascinates me and one of our favorite places to spend the holidays The last time we did that was at my mother in law's hometown everyone was excited as the king of all fruits was in season the kids enjoyed running around the fenceless land with the chickens pity the hens taking on the extra kidsEven though I don't eat the fruit the excitement of others roped me in as I helped to pick the fruits off the ground worrying about my safety as they will just drop when they're ripe the trees are pretty tall and I had Final Destinations playing in my head imagining the heavyspikey fruit falling onto my defenseless headnot a pretty picture The fruit is also a favorite among the animals so looking out for tigerswild boars was kind of adventurous too Beautiful Dreamer failed to recruit me as a Brayden fan there were plenty of things that I liked but there were some major red flags that made me want to strap Brayden to a chair and feed her all the fried food from the fair for taking such approach Yea call me whatever names you can think of anti romance anti love Hitler shorty but I am sticking to my opinions1 Devyn made the story great for me2 What her so called blood did was one of the worst things EVER and she got away with it WTELF3 Devyn was never unhappy in the first place I watched too many Hallmark's telemovies featuring such plot and those leads were usually miserable and heartless too but Devyn never fit such profileRead this if you want to experience the unselfishness of Devyn and the datesoutings that the leads went to complemented with the gorgeous small town background Too bad they would have rocked Philadelphia or anywhere else but never given the chanceThank you PL for the book To those who are curious WTELF What The Ever Loving Fcuk

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Who says you can’t go home again Philadelphia real estate broker Devyn Winters is at the peak of her career closing multimillion dollar deals and relishing it She’s pretty much blocked out her formative years in Dreamer’s Bay where the most exciting thing to happen was the twice a year bake sale Unfortunately a distress c. 'ARC provided by both NetGalley and The Publisher in exchange for a honest review''The principle of true storytelling is not to portray but to evokeI have found that a really good story leaves a deeper impression when it is impossible to tell which side the writer is on''BEAUTIFUL DREAMER' is a romantic love story with the dynamics of family friendship and a neighborhood offering both a penetrating and exuisite portrayal of authentic intimacyphysical emotional longingsangstheartache and the solvable or unresolvable issues surrounding a relationship that might end up being a threat to destroy or saving itReaders will come to discover on these pages that true Love is found in an unexpected place between a number of unmindful individuals They will also encounter a slowly developing romance that might persevere through distance status patience and family trauma etc For the two leading characters carrying us the overzealous readers on their roller coaster beginning from being standoffish excited engaging and then that anticipation of courtship to that deep connection of genuine commitment This storyline also did reveal the fractious and remarkable journey that their relationship took even with an enrichment of chemistry and that drive of soul searching on what or who was the most important to either With all that other reviewers have said and will say I will add that Melissa Brayden has written a long list of exceptional books so for all interested readers 'BEAUTIFUL DREAMER' is just another one of her masterpiece

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Beautiful DreamerAll hauls her back home and away from the life she’s constructed Now the uestion is just how long until she can leave again And when did boring Elizabeth Draper get so beautiful Elizabeth Draper loves people free time and a good cup of coffee in the warm sunlight In the uaint town of Dreamer’s Bay she’s the only employee o. Hey Melissa What is up with you NAILING almost every single book you put out there Woman do you ever disappoint Now my review ok so this one was UNBELIEVABLY good What a BRILLIANT WONDERFUL ROMANTIC book The 2 MCs were so adorable together Elizabeth is a ray of sunshine while Devyn is so badass this combination worked for me and I fell in love with their chemistry and how their relationship developed throughout the story This book I think is one of the longest I’ve read by this author and the most interesting part is that I didn’t even want it to end There’s actually not a single thing that I disliked about this book It’s full of love and just the right amount of angst Even that town where the MCs lived I want to visit it one day and attend their festivals and eat the fried Twinkie’s Melissa Brayden has a talent she makes you connect so much with the characters and the setting that you actually end up even having a connection with Scout the dog This is a very solid 5 for me and I highly recommend it Thank you miss Brayden for putting a smile on my face “I received an ARC for an honest review”