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read kindle · Never Mind the Genetics Double Helix #1 Ö Kindle Edition ✓ mel thorn ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Never Mind the Genetics Double Helix #1 Author Mel Thorn – Since breaking up with his high school girlfriend seventeen years ago Hat Mind the Genetics Double Helix ePUB #10003 he gets instead is a warm welcome Kevin’s gentle demeanor and sweet words are all it takes for Andrew to understand the true meaning of what it is to be loved but something else– something bright and unexpected– blossoms from their growing friendship a very different kind of love Never Mind the Genetics is the first book in the series Double Hel First let me say that I loved this story and thought the slower pace was perfect I've been reading edgier stuff for a while and did not think I could still be surprised I was wrong Andrew and his father meet for the firs time when Andrew's mother unceremoniously drops him off at Kevin's house after tolerating her son's presence for 17 years I should note that the age 17 left me waiting and expecting a birthday thatahemnever seemed to happen Draw your own conclusions thereI should also add that I plan to download this file again and save it on my hard drive rather than just keep it on board my Kindle because I have no doubt it will eventually meet the ban hammer and I don't trust the company to not reach into my past purchases and yank it Although the blurb makes it clear what the nature of this book is going to be I was still surprised that at much of what happened and the suspense of people finding out left me damn near sick In that same thought my only objection to the story would be the lack of seriousness Andrew and Kevin seemed to give to the taboo nature of their relationship including their casual stance of showing affection in public The story seems to treat this taboo as one would being gay in a small town or something I'm afraid that is far too light This is the LAST taboo this is the taboo that results in prison sentences foster homes and cars being torched in your drive way In that sense the atmosphere surrounding it didn't feel as realistic as it should have Still I can understand why the author didn't want to write a dark novel and treating this subject with real world vision would have necessitated DARK As for style I will note just one thing that the reader may find troubling This story is written in the omniscient third person perspective but the author doesn't not separate POVs by chapter or seen Meaning you will be dealing with constant head hopping I mean you will get POV and inner dialogue from multiple characters in almost every seen It can get very confusing almost to the point where you're not sure who is thinking what Still I say power through it Finally to the author Please PLEASE continue this series Even if you do get the ban hammer from I will buy the rest of this series no matter where you sell it

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Since breaking up the Genetics ePUB #8608 with his high school girlfriend seventeen years ago Never Mind EpubKevin had no idea that he had left something precious behind with Mind the Genetics Epub #218 her Now at age thirty five his success has brought him everything Mind the Genetics Double Helix ePUB #10003 in life that he might need– all except companionship Since his birth seventeen years a The taboo subject of incest isn't for everyone but I really enjoyed this book the plot was well thought out and handled in a very delicate way It's a sweet but sometimes heartbreaking story about Andrew an introvert boy who age 17 is thrown out of the house by his uncaring mom and handed over to his father Kevin who he has never met As much as they both try to hide from it there is an almost instant attraction between the two of them and they become inseparable

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Never Mind the Genetics Double Helix #1Go Andrew and his mother haven’t had a very peaceful relationship Born into a family that couldn’t afford him and haunted him with threats of violence he hoped and wished for a better life– a life with the father he had never met After years of bickering and bitterness Andrew’s mother takes him not only to meet but live with his long lost parent What Andrew expects is a cold shoulder but w Successful author Kevin 35 has just had a surprise handed to him A son Andrew 17 yr old high school kid The hateful mother is finally letting Andrew see his father for good She doesn't want him any Kevin steps up to be the dad Andrew never had They get him in school have long talks bond playing games and watching movies and settle in Andrew begins to feel things for his dad he shouldn't We are thinking Kevin's friend Kyle is going to be trouble As things slowly progress Andrew is happy he's with someone who cares for him He has freedom choices and a home for the first time At school he meets some shitty kids like any other school He tries to have friends but they judge both his goth style etc Further along we have Kevin and Andrew's growing emotions and romantic feelings They each know it's forbidden There is NON explicit sex This is well written and interesting It's strange to imagine their behavior because it's taboo to most people You have to decide if you can understand or not This is extremely different It's eye opening and though filled We get a HFN ending