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The Soldier’s Curse Monsarrat #1 Free read × 104 ä ➥ The Soldier’s Curse Monsarrat #1 Ebook ➫ Author Meg Keneally – A fast paced witty and gripping historical crime series from Tom Keneally and his eldest daughter Meg In the Port Macuarie penal settlement for second offenders at the edge R’s Curse Monsarrat PDF #8608 slowly poisoned Monsarrat and Mrs Mulrooney suspect the commandant's second in command Captain Diamond a cruel man who shares history with Honora Then Diamond has Mrs Mulrooney arrested for the murder Knowing his friend will hang if she is tried Monsarrat knows he must find the real killer And so begins The Monsarrat Series a fast paced witty and gripping series from Tom Keneally and his eldest daughter M. The penal settlement of Port Macuarie in northern New South Wales is where the worst of the worst are sent including second offenders This is where we are introduced to Hugh Monsarrat formerly of London and Exeter transported for fraud and forgery His fine penmanship and skill as a clerk have landed him a reasonably privileged place at Port Macuarie working as clerk to the Commandant Major Angus Shelborne Monsarrat enjoys the benefits of his own little cottage and garden and a certain amount of time to spend in the kitchen of Government House taking tea with the housekeeper his good friend Mrs Mulrooney It could be a lot worse but still Monsarrat is longing for the day his second ticket of leave is grantedWhile the Commandant is away exploring the region for a rumoured new river his wife Honora falls ill and progressively succumbs to her illness Dr Gonville pronounces it a case of poisoning and the spotlight of guilt uickly falls on Mrs Mulrooney who has been nursing Honora day and night during her sickness It is up to Monsarrat to defend his friend and identify the true poisonerAlthough the first half of the book was uite slow I still enjoyed it as I got to know the main characters and became familiar with Port Macuarie Monsarrat is a fabulous creation; a witty intelligent criminal who you will empathise with as a victim of circumstance Mrs Mulrooney a free woman is uite different in personality but every bit his eual in intellect Think the Holmes Watson of 1820s NSW I look forward to reading what they get up to next

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Ages such The Soldier’s PDFEPUBas being able to spend time in the Government House kitchen being supplied with outstanding cups of tea by housekeeper Hannah Mulrooney who despite being illiterate is his most intelligent companion Not long after the commandant heads off in search of a rumoured river his beautiful wife Honora falls ill with a sickness the doctor is unable to identify When Honora dies it becomes clear she has been Soldie. This is a very fine historical murder mystery set in a 1920s convict settlement in Australia Meg and Thomas Keneally have carried out very thorough research to capture the feel and appearance of the settlement at Port Macuarie would have been like at that time Port Macuarie was where re offenders were sent those convicts who received their ticket of leave and then violated it's conditions or committed another crime Hugh Monsarrat was one such re offender sent to Sydney for forging documents and setting himself up as a lawyer in Exeter without the reuired ualifications After working as a clerk and gaining his ticket of leave he made a stupid mistake and found himself sent to Port Macuarie where he was fortunate to be selected to clerk for the commandant Major Shelbourne While he bides his time until he is free again Monsarrat settles into a comfortable routine starting his days sharing a cup of tea before work each day in the kitchen of the Major's housekeeper Hannah Mulrooney one of his few friends in the settlement While Major Shelbourne is away looking for a rumoured new river system a heinous crime occurs and Hannah is blamedI always enjoy historical fiction based on facts and this is exceptionally well done The authors have also drawn many fine characters in Monsarrat Hannah the Major and his wife Honora as well as the Major's second in command the intolerant and violent Captain Drummond They also portray the local Aboriginal community the Birpai with compassion in contrast with the soldiers and convicts limited understanding of them and their culture The plot was also well developed with a slowish start to introduce the characters and their backgrounds and then some hints of how the crime was committed but the culprit and motive not really clear until close to the end It took me a while to get around to reading this but I'm so glad I have finally done so and look forward to reading the next book in the series soon

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The Soldier’s Curse Monsarrat #1A fast paced witty and Curse Monsarrat Kindle #211 gripping historical crime series from Tom Keneally and his eldest daughter Meg In the Port Macuarie penal settlement for second offenders at the edge of the known world gentleman convict Hugh Monsarrat hungers for freedom Originally transported for forging documents passing himself off as a lawyer he is now the trusted clerk of the settlement's commandant His position has certain advant. This is superb historical fiction written by Thomas Keneally and his daughter Meg It is set in 19th century Australia at Port Macuirie New South Wales a penal colony of convicts soldiers and civil officers Hugh Llewellyn Monsarrat is convicted of impersonating a barrister in Exeter a profession beyond his reach despite his abilities and competence in legal affairs He manages to avoid being hanged and is transported instead to Sydney as a convict After crossing paths with a zealous and malicious church minister he is located to the penal colony He finds his indispensable skills being utilised as an administrative clerk by the humane and liberal Commandant of Port Macuirie Major Angus Shelbourne The Major's wife Honora implements a range of compassionate and progressive initiatives for women and convicts with the support of her husband The indigenous burpai are often treated as lower than convicts they are understandably upset at the level of exploitation and abuse of the natural environment Partly thanks to the efforts of Honora an uneasy truce exists with them and the colony with the Barpai often coming to the aid of the incomersMajor Shelbourne leaves with a party to meet an absconded convict who apparently has come across a new river with fertile territory The fearsome and cunning Captain Diamond is left in charge a brutal man with little in the way of humanity A camaraderie develops between the housekeeper Hannah Mulrooney Irish Private Fergal Slattery and Monsarrat over their daily ritual of tea drinking Slattery joined the army after his family were evicted by their landowner and slid into inevitable poverty in Ireland Honora falls dangerously ill and slowly deteriorates despite the ministrations of Mrs Mulrooney Diamond displays his brutal violence with a Irish boy who absconds and turns his attention to Monsarrat forcing him to give him detailed information on the state of Honora This raises suspicions in Mrs Mulrooney and Monsarrat as to what lies behind Diamond's interest Honora dies and it becomes clear that she was poisoned The Major puts his close ally Diamond in charge of finding out the culprit and he points the finger at Mrs Mulrooney Monsarrat knows the housekeeper is innocent and is unwilling to see her hang Is he right that Diamond is responsible for Honora's murder Or is someone else behind itThe novel mixes fact and fiction in this story of life in Port Macuirie as a penal colony in 1825 The hard life of convicts is described in detail accompanied with a social and political commentary as to how poverty and ineuality often lay behind their fate This is epitomised by Monsarrat a man denied his career of choice whilst he observes the incompetence of actual practictioners of law who rely on him to do their work as a gifted clerk A few years later after the end of this novel there are massacres of the indigenous Barpai The horrors and privations of this period in Australian history with the prevalence of death and injustice is well documented in the book as well as the compassion of some figures such as the Major and his wife Honora This is brilliant historical fiction that I loved reading Highly recommended Many thanks to Oneworld publications for an ARC