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read & download Ô E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ù Meg Benjamin If any man wants than a dance with her they’ll have to get past him Konigsburg Texas Book Brand New eBook #234 Deirdre Brandenburg has an MBA and a dream to become the coffee supplier for Konigsburg’s growing restaurant industry What she doesn’t have is money courtesy of her billionaire father’s scheme to make her come home All she needs is three months until her trust fund kicks in Until then she needs a jobHiring the new gi. A LASR 'BEST BOOK'Welcome back to Konigsburg Texas Won't you stay awhile Catch up with familiar faces and meet some new ones Deidre Brandenburg has taken up residence in this little town hoping to start a new life for herself instead of being under her father's fairly controlling days In her mid twenties it's about time Deidre follows her own heart and dreams even at the cost of Big John's angriness Thank goodness Tom Ames owns the empty building that Deidre wants to use to run her coffee business Problem is she's got no access to major funds Working for Tom seems to be the logical thing to do though she knows nothing about waitressing Things are really going to get interesting around this town that's for sure Deidre strives for independence The stubborn woman doesn't want anyone taking pity on her nor does she want help She needs to do this on her own to be on her own After years of being under Big John's thumb and living ever so cautiously it's time for things to change Oh they change all right She meets her match in Tom he is as stubborn as she and doesn't accept help easily either Their growing attraction to one another gets mighty intense Both want to help the other out and have to learn to allow it or their building relationship won't work Enter an ex boyfriend sent by Deidre's father and here comes trouble Craig is up to no good and has an ulterior motive of his own I spent the rest of this book wondering whether he was going to come between Deidre and Tom Brand New Me is an engaging contemporary read full of emotions and wonderful characters that you can't help but love I applaud Deidre for her uest to finally branch out and make a life of her own and she stuck with it well considering the financial strain and the lack of support from her father In Konigsburg she found new friends that welcomed her She transformed from a stuffy woman in a suit to a woman who is able to let loose and open her heart to new possibilities She and Tom are a perfect match Ms Benjamin really knows how to create memorable characters and put them through plenty of drama If you enjoy a fiercely independent heroine who finally chooses her own destiny a hero who would do anything for her a small town full of unforgettable people then plan your visit to Konigsburg When you leave you'll be smiling Originally posted at

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Brand New Me review ✓ 9 É ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Brand New Me By Meg Benjamin ❤ – If any man wants than a dance with her they’ll have to get past him Konigsburg Texas Book 5Deirdre Brandenburg has an MBA and a dream to become the coffee supplier for Konigsburg’s growing restaur If any man wants than a dance wit Rl next door is a no brainer for ex gambler Tom Ames He’s already succeeded in making his bar The Faro a growing tourist draw Deirdre’s beauty will pull in the locals particularly every red blooded male in the Hill Country As he watches her transform from tentative business wonk to confident sassy barmaid he realizes he wants first crack at her heartWhen Big John Brandenburg sends Deirdre’s ex boyfriend to drag her home the pla. I loved this story Sadly again I’m coming in late to the game so this is the first in the Konigsburg series I've read even though it’s the 5th in the series I am motivated enough to try and find the other stories I want to see how everyone had their HEA I really liked Deirdre She spent so much of her life being the good girl and doing what she was told that when she finally broke out to do what she wanted with her life she did it with a vengeance I really enjoyed the relationship build up between Tom and Deirdre When it did come down to their smexy times I wasn’t that impressed the writing wasn’t just uite there for me but it didn't affect my overall enjoyment of their love story I loved almost everything else about the story I would have loved to jump in to the SylviaChico dynamic to see how their relationship built Maybe there will be from them in the next story Great read from a new to me author and I’m excited to see what else there is to enjoy from her

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Brand New MeN backfires leaving Tom’s bar in shambles and Deirdre kidnapped by a band of loony Texas secessionistsThings are looking pretty bleak except the good people of Konigsburg have no intention of giving Deirdre up either Even if it takes every Faro employee every last Toleffson and one cranky iguana to give the honky tonk lovebirds a chance at foreverWarning Contains dirty dancing hot summer sex a honky tonk makeover and one nippy igua. 35 starsAnother happy addition to the Konigsburg series These books make me smile and reread OftenAlso Yay a non Toleffson hero None of that brotherly family angst