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The Kelly Group International KGI A super elite top secret family run business ualifications High intelligence rock hard body military background Mission Hostagekidnap victim recovery Intelligence gathering Handling jobs the US government can't PJ and Cole were sharpshooting Shades of MOBI #207 rivals on the same KGI team and enjoyed a spirited uncom. Excuse me while I have a little moment hereWTF did I just read I'm sorry but I'm not in the mood to write a synopsis Shades of Gray did boggle my mind Irrevocably I'm extremely totally utterly and highly bummed I advise you to read my spoilers to understand why I'm angry PJ Rutherford She is a woman I mean the chick's got boobs and a vagina But after reading her story this word conveys nothing to me any Initially I wanted to label her as a Superwoman However I was so way off the mark that she graduated from Superwoman to Superman and then to Rambo and finally she became a female Terminator Holy crap I still can't believe what happened in this story It reads like a very bad B MovieOTT badass speechOTT badass actsactionCheesy writing to the point where it hurt my teethThe story took a serious turn into SapsvilleRidicoulousBut first and foremost it was UNREALISTIC AS ALL GET OUT There are plot holes in Shades of Gray than in a Swiss cheese Sorry Baba waves at fellow citizens The plot is extremely ridiculous and I'm sorry to say it but I was not willing to suspend belief Everything about it was too far fetched and incomprehensible If I wouldn't have been so mad I would have laughed my ass off Yeah Wonder Woman took a view spoilershot to her thigh the bullet almost hit the bone and wonders never cease coz she was running around after having been shot at hide spoiler

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Shades of GrayPlicated camaraderie Until the night they gave in to their desires and suddenly took their relationship one step further In the aftermath of their one night stand they're called out on a mission that goes terribly wrong and PJ walks away from KGI resolved not to drag her teammates into the murky shadows she's poised to delve into Six months later Cole. This book for me wasBAD BAD BADPJ Rutherford is a sniper in Steele's team for KGI She is suppose to be a kick ass you can't fck with me tough as they come warrior Ok I truly believe there are women out there who train hard and are indeed tough as hell warriors As women we are all different look different act different think different etc etc and it's all good But what i don't believe is this character she is one sided over the top uite unbelievable and honestly irritating Another issue for me is what happened in this story Steele's team was going a real bad guy who deal in human trafficking and to do that PJ is going undercover They put her in a killer dress wire her with listening and tracking devices and send her in Well it goes horribly wrong and what happened was totally unbelievable for me view spoilerShe was raped twice and cut up badly she was totally unprepared and totally defenseless What happened to the totally in control I can kick everybody's ass woman hide spoiler

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Free download Shades of Gray ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ✰ Shades of Gray Epub ✶ Author Maya Banks – The Kelly Group International KGI A super elite top secret family run business ualifications High intelligence rock hard body military background Mission Hostagekidnap victHasn't given up his search for PJ and he's determined to bring her back home where she belongs Bent on vengeance PJ has plunged into a serpentine game of payback that will make her uestion everything she's ever believed in But Cole and the rest of their team refuse to let her go it alone Even if it means sacrificing their loyalty to KGI and their liv. I've been waiting for this for a long timeAfter their bookthe other that I really want read is about RustyPosted in 2012Well now that I finally read the book I can rewrite my reviewSince Sam's book that I wanted to know about Steele's team or specifically PJ and ColeI created a lot of storiestheories in my mind and also high expectations on that coupleSo what happened to PJ really shocked meMaya Banks's such great author but she definitely overreactedIt was revolting and disgusting to read about what PJ suffered In a few parts I've wanted throwing upAll the things that Kellys and their wifes facedit's nothing compared to what PJ sufferedCole was AWESOMEGorgeoussupportive and totally badassThey are soulmatesthis I have no doubtBesides the atrocities I missed the hot partI know that will be strange in this contextbut I hope Maya write an anthology saying about PJ emotional recoveryAnother fact that bothered was Brumley and Nelson deaths It was too uicklythey deserved a long and painful journeyTo finish I really hope PJ and Cole even she denying have babies in the futurea little snipersit sounds lovely and amazingI look forward to Steele's book and a lot of appearances of PJColeAs you can see my favorite characters are the KellysnotPJ and Cole as a couple and individually