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mobi ✓ 13 Little Blue Envelopes ð Paperback read ↠ helpyouantib ò ❮Reading❯ ➶ 13 Little Blue Envelopes ➮ Author Maureen Johnson – Inside little blue envelope 1 are 1000 and instructions to buy a plane ticketIn envelope 2 are directions toUtterly romantic results But will she ever see him againEverything about Ginny will change this summer and it's all because of the little blue envelopesAge Oh book I had such hopes for youHere's the thing I love travel stories I love coming of age stories So what's not to love about a coming of age story that involves lots and lots of travelingIt's a hard uestion to answer and the fastest way to answer it is Aunt Peg is one seriously bitter personShe lives without having constants Fair enough She does all sorts of menial petty jobs while waiting for her career as an artist to hit off Alright with me Then she packs up and leaves for Europe without contacting her family again The next news they get from her is that she is deadThen comes a letter instructing her niece to go to Europe without money cell phone or any other means of communication just a passport and a backpack and instructions to do all sorts of weird things Ginny the niece is probably not comfortable with And I ask what kind of person does that to a niece they supposedly love What kind of person expects her to jump on a plane to England with little than the clothes on her back without so much as an explenation The only person who can be annoying is the one who actually does itUnfortunately Ginny does just that With surprisingly little drama from her parents or if there was it wasn't worth mentioning in the book A lot of things seem not worth mentioning in the book for example why is Ginny not even remotely worried that her aunt's mystic journey might get her adbucted or killed or sold into slavery Why does she trust all these people who she meets for the first timeGinny does not rival Luce Price or Nora Gray in the TSTL heroines listing but she does start a whole new category Too Boring To Be Real TBTBR Sounds like a vaccine The trademark TBTBR heroine is distinguished by the fact that she does exactly what she is told with little to no deviation never cheats and at no point does anything to advance the plot Ginny unfortunately ualifies for all these thingsI know I'm going out on a tangent here This isn't horrendously bad far from it There are actually some pretty good moments But Ginny is by far the most uninvolved heroine I've yet to see Even Bella Swan who is known for her uselessness did stuff to advance the plot of the book Granted some of that stuff wasn't very smart coughjumpingoffcliffscough but still it was something Ginny just lets stuff happen to her and leaves it at that I'm not saying all protagonists need to be uber confident and strong but this is a coming of age story without any coming of age in it What does Ginny learn in the end of it What does she do with that knowledge How is she different from the person she once was I certainly felt like nothing in her had changed

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Inside little blue envelopeare and instructions to buy a plane ticketIn envelope are directions to a specific London flatThe note in envelope tells Ginny F Unimpressive The way Johnson writes is annoying; than halfway into the book I really didn't know ANYTHING about the main character other than that she was on a ridiculous journey It was all action and no thought It was not insightful The main character was not likeable She wasn't unlikeable either She was just likedoing things She didn't have very many thoughts And never very insightful ones ie I like this boy I am sad I am happy I am angry COME ON There was no attempt made to make her a human a believable character Also the end was frustrating but kind of oddly moving a little at the same time But overall I was not in any way impressed

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13 Little Blue EnvelopesInd a starving artistBecause of envelope Ginny and a playwrightthief bloke about town called Keith go to Scotland together with somewhat disastrous though I read this book as an assignment from a mother daughter book club that I am in with some friends from BF DayIt wasn't very good and while the plot is a nice idea the author didn't really write it very wellI mean who would let thier daughter go overseas with no contact to the US and only carrying what she could fit in her backpack And only haveing 1000 US dollars to spend In addition to several other appalling facts some of which areletting your daughter do the following1 stay with a adult male to whom she is not related to and you have no clue who he is other than she is your unreliable completely out of controll sister's friend2 travel around unsupervised all over Europe following a pack of envelopes3 go on a wild goose chase the letters written by your sister who as I mentioned before is unreliable and completely out of controllOh and by the way did I mention that your daughter isn't even out of high school yet