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EBOOK ´ EPUB Man Of Power ä 9780373023882 FREE Ë [Read] ➳ Man Of Power By Mary Wibberley – Helpyouantib.co.uk Sara took her role seriouslyAlthough Sara had already planned her escape from the subservient position in which her father's death had placed her Morgan Haldane's timely appearance had definitely made An Haldane's timely appearance had definitely made it easierAll Morgan had asked in return was that she pose as his fiancee He'd confessed to needing I'm doing a re read of Mary Wibberley books available at openlibrary trying to remember why she was one of my favorites back in the day when she doesn't seem to get much love and oh yeah Man Of Power was the reason It includes many common Wibberley touches strong heroines French setting lots of coffee drinking lots of laughing at and with each other and volatile MCs where the h is given to lashing out and hitting the H who is also freuently angry but coldly so And yes Man of Power does have a lot of the typical Wibberley and HP gender essentialism at play While her heroines have hot tempers and are therefore treated as unreasonable her men are as easily incensed but stonily so which they amusingly think is the same as being unemotional and not so amusingly think also gives them authority to reprimand via spanking and punishing kisses And my inner teen is still infuriated at the unfairness And all this lead in to say that after 40 years Man of Power is still pretty amazingSara who's 19 going on 20 is a parentless penniless never been kissed small town girl currently being given the Cinderella treatment by her horrible relatives And absolutely none of that matters because Sara is also a badass who crucially affects her own escape before the H gets to show up to rescue herShe agrees to his fake fiancee scheme and they're off to France she uestions and challenges him at every turn Doesn't he think he's too old for her? Isn't he tough enough to dissuade importuning OW without the fake fiancee gambit? calling him out when he tries to peremptorily end conversations Even when she weeps or hurls food at the H she uickly snaps back to cool For instance after waking up with a hangover from champagne and kissing post nightclub adventure all right she told herself as she looked in the mirror and cleaned her teeth vigorously snap out of it Sara What are you a woman or a mouse? The H Morgan is great too He starts out as a sardonically distant type who begins to lose his sangfroid and finds himself disco dancing making pate and tomato sandwiches forgetting how to math and popping in and out of the h's bedroom via the window as though he's in the middle of a French farce because he just can't stand being out of Sara's company for longIt's part of the Harleuin Romance line rather than an HP but it's uite sexy considering there is kissing but no sex They do spend the night together and it may be the best sleeping together with or without sex scene I've ever read in terms of how effectively it conveys the important aspects of their relationship; the humor vulnerability and caring that make Sara and Morgan such a brilliantly matched couple As StMargarets said in her review associating the H's Cherokee heritage with a warrior demeanor may be chalked up to when it was written but it feels decidedly yuck nowAnd the ending which comes after a brief and illogical mini misunderstanding is sadly rushed but it's a minor flaw after so much win

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Sara took her role seriouslyAlthough Sara had already planned her escape from the subservient position in which her father's death had placed her Morg A better title for Mary Wibberley's Man of Power would have been Sara and Morgan and Moniue and Jack and Louise andThere were so many people involved it was like condensing two decades of prime daytime soap opera wtf ery into a 1 hour TV special It's a fake engagement to ward off a business partner's wife No it's a fake engagement to rescue some orphans No it's a fake engagement to cover for an illegitimate son No it's a fake engagement to ward off the spoiled mother and daughter duo down the road who wouldn't mind double teaming the hero No it's a fake engagement toblahblahblahblahblahblahShe loves him She hates him She loves him and she hates him She likes him She slaps him She kicks him He spanks her He kisses her She kisses him He gropes her She pushes him He pushes her She licks him Etc etc etc etc etcOh and there is also a sex scene interrupted by a potential OW crashing her car into a tree right outside their house Talk about coitus interruptus LOLPlus at the eleventh hour yet another vampy female shows up and disappears behind a bedroom door with the hero Bedsprings creak and seductive laughter burn through the heroine's poor besotted ears But not to worry It was only a portrait artist who was getting help from the hero to move the furniture around during a birthday party to set up her studio to do a painting of the heroine as her birthday present Cheaters of the world I present to you your New King Bow down and take some copious notes from this veritable treasure trove of perfectly rational excuses for wildly inappropriate and suspicious behavior I realize this review can be as much as an endorsement as it is a warning Whatever you decide I wish you happy reading

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Man Of PowerProtection from his partner's wife Louise and that part of Sara's job proved easyBut unfortunately for Sara's heart Morgan hadn't told her about Moniu One of my all time favorite Harleuin romance novels I read this over twenty years ago found it at a flea market for 10 cents and it was the first HN romance I'd read where the heroine was spunky and had goals I loved the snappy dialogue the hunky hero and the fun travels and makeovers This book isn't perfect but it's perfect for me