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Ake Jr“The Last Master of Aeronautical Winters” copyright © by Larry D Sweazy“Lowstone” copyright © by Anton Strout“The Flower of Arizona” copyright © by Seanan McGuire“The Ghost in the Doctor” copyright © by Brenda Cooper“Surveyor of Mars” copyright © by Christopher McKitterick“Coyote Spider Bat” copyright © b Review only for the InCryptid story includedRating 345 stars This is the story in which Jonathan Healy meets his future bride Frances Brown Since I'm familiar with both the uotes from the novels and some of the short stories featuring her I knew she was a delightfully violent woman but I didn't expect that level of violence from the start There were moments when I wondered if she isn't some long lost member of the family because damn she makes the rest of them seem like pacifists So many knives She was custom made for joining the family I wanted to know about the uesting Beast and specifically why is it named that way but I never got the answers I wished for Also it seems Jonathan and I share an opinion about the heat We both hate it Note to self Do not visit Arizona

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Westward WeirdY Steven Saus“Maybe Another Time” copyright © by Dean Wesley Smith“Renn and the Little Men” copyright © by Kristine Kathryn Rusch“Showdown at High Moon” copyright © by Jennifer BrozekThe Clockwork Cowboy” copyright © by J Steven York“Black Train” copyright © by Jeff Mariotte“Lone Wolf” copyright © by Jody Lynn Ny And now I proudly present coughWestward Weird or How I Tricked Myself To Read Something I Had No Intention of Reading aka Forgive Me It's 38°C OutsideNot necessarily a reviewSo sometimes I pick a book based on a cover at times I'm shallowHere's an example I see this coverI immediately think of the movie Westworld then obviously followed by and inescapablyThen I start to hum and than sing Shall we dance On a bright cloud of music shall we fly Shall we dance Shall we then say Goodnight and mean Goodbye then I loose it the neighbors may complain but who cares Or perchance When the last little star has left the sky Shall we still be together With are arms around each other And shall you be my new romance On the clear understanding That this kind of thing can happen Shall we dance Shall we dance Shall we Dance coughSee now I have to read it resistance is futileSo I read the book I had to because Yul Brynner Oh sue me I watched King and I 15 timesWas it good Well as usually happens with anthologies a mixed bag A few not so bad ones a few meh a few made sleepy I found one that I liked above the bunch “The Flower of Arizona” by Seanan McGuire As it seems it is the first story of the InCryptid series Review of that story soonWell it wasn't that bad Rating 35 overallUrgh I still need to watch some Yul Magnificent Seven here I come

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doc å Westward Weird ✓ Paperback Ç helpyouantib ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Westward Weird By Martin H. Greenberg – From a Western circus where monsters and heroes collide to a Civil War robot that clanks into battle to a mining family that encounters parallel universes Westward Weird feFrom a Western circus where monsters and heroes collide to a Civil War robot that clanks into battle to a mining family that encounters parallel universes Westward Weird features original stories that open the Old West to new frontiers of science fiction and fantasy “The Temptation of Eustace Prudence McAllen” copyright © by Joseph E L I started reading this without any expectations and ended up loving it There are thirteen stories in this collection and while you might consider some stories better than others as a whole this anthology has a great selection There is not one universal theme unless you count the feeling of old West with a dash of supernatural as one And that's just what it is a feeling because not all of these stories are set in the past nor are all in the wild wild west view spoilerThis is just a reminder for me but without real spoilers“The Temptation of Eustace Prudence McAllen” by Jay Lake tells a story about a man accused of setting fires He sets out to find the real cause“The Last Master of Aeronautical Winters” by Larry D SweazyAn illegitimate son of a king and his bodyguard enter New Ithaca created by Buffalo Bill to check the rumours of its inhabitants The city is floating and they have to use an old elevator to board it“Lowstone” by Anton StroutA woman gunslinger comes into a mining town and warns people to run Following her arrival comes an inexplicable evil and she chooses to make her stand there“The Flower of Arizona” by Seanan McGuire This is a part of InCryptid series If the series is half as entertaining as this story I plan to read it This story is great fast paced and funny How can I not love talking mice who say stuff like'“Hail Priestess of Unexpected Violence”' “Pursue” shouted the mouse right into Jonathan’s ear He jumped “I told you to stay in my pocket” “You must pursue The Priestess is running into danger” The mouse gave his earlobe a sharp tug to illustrate the point“The Ghost in the Doctor” by Brenda Cooper is best described as be careful what you wish for The story is about the doctor whose almost dead patients get better while the not so serious ones die “Surveyor of Mars” by Christopher McKitterick                              A story of Mars rebellion One of my least favourite stories The setting is great western frontier like Mars with the Company taking land and whatever they can from the settlers I loved the setting but not the let's all get along main character“Coyote Spider Bat” by Steven SausCoyote and Spider face a new threat that got chased away from Europe A bitter sweet story of revenge“Maybe Another Time” by Dean Wesley SmithA couple finds out that crystals in а cave on their land can be used for a lot than linear time travel in the past“Renn and the Little Men” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch While I am not exactly a fan of teenage protagonists sometimes you run into one that you like Renn is one of those characters The story is in the first person and Renn tells us how she met the fae“Showdown at High Moon” by Jennifer Brozek A couple of Star crossed Bandits gets a chance to earn gold by fighting a shapeshifter Only they haven't got a clue who the shapeshifter is“The Clockwork Cowboy” by J Steven York or No good deed goes unpunished'They call me Liberty Brass because brass is what my head is made out of and there’s a crack along the right side of my face where a cannonball grazed me in the War Liberty Brass takes a stand against a rich man who wants to limit his town's access to water It Calliope Springs is the only place automatons can live freely it is not surprising that there are a lot of freed automatons there One of the saddest stories in this anthology “Black Train” by Jeff MariotteThis story would have been perfect if there had been a romantic connection between Evan and Charlie Even without that it is original way of depicting a zombie like infestation I hated that unnecessary love triangle inserted into the story but you can't have everything Loved the ending“Lone Wolf” by Jody Lynn NyeIf you've read any werewolf story you would know what is going on from the start Especially when one of the characters spells it out right in the beginning A girl has been taken away in the night and has been missing for a month Now her brother and a wannabe beau are hunting for a wolf that might have killed her hide spoiler