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Rose AUTHOR Martin Cruz Smith review µ 9 ↠ ❮Ebook❯ ➥ Rose ➦ Author Martin Cruz Smith – The year is 1872 The place is Wigan England a coal town where rich mine owners live lavishly alongside miners no better than slaves Into this dark complicated world comes Jonathan Blair who has accept Alous eroticAs Rose and Blair circle one another first warily then with the heat of mutual desire Blair loses his balance And the lull induced by Rose's sensual touch leaves him unprepared for the bizarre soul scorching trut. The author of the excellent Arkady Renko series transports the reader back to 1871 and the British coal mining town of Wigan with Rose an historical novelmystery The protagonist Jonathan Blair of unknown ancestry is a down on his luck mining engineer; a rough around the edges Indiana Jones And reminiscent of James Garner in Support Your Local Sheriff Blair is just “passing through” Wigan on his way back to Africa to re pursue fame and fortune on that continent’s Gold Coast Blair’s patron a capitalist bishop who holds the purse strings for our hero’s future “hires” Blair to find a missing curate who also happens to be engaged to the bishop’s daughterSo begins the story with our reluctant hero playing “private eye” looking for a uick fix and solution so he can go back “on safari” And very uickly Blair finds himself in completely over his head with everyone suspicious of his true motives and confounding his investigation every step of the way The reader is treated to an expose of the dreary and deadly existence of working in a 19th century coal mine; class distinctions in Victorian England; and through Blair’s flashbacks – the exploration and exploitation of AfricaThere is a fascinating supporting cast here in Rose many of whom are not what they seem; aiding abetting and impeding Blair’s sleuthing Our protagonist is a very likeable one and uick with his politically incorrect observations and comments And although there is a twist at the end that is – to put it mildly far fetched this is still a neat and intriguing story If you’re looking for a change of pace Rose will not disappoint

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The year isThe place is Wigan England a coal town where rich mine owners live lavishly alongside miners no better than slaves Into this dark complicated world comes Jonathan Blair who has accepted a commission to find a miss. I really like Martin Cruz Smith's writing style It works for me and fills me with admiration for his mastery of his craft Two things stand out First he weaves his research into his books so seamlessly that you never sense the research being piled on you like even very successful writers oftentimes do Second his sentence structure is masterful Every sentence seems to have its own uniue contstruction it's obvious he spends a lot of time on that and it allows the prose to flow smoothly and effortlessly His writing has no speed bumps Trust me it doesn't come easily I've done some writing myself and it definitely is one of the harder aspects of writing to master Finally when you are done reading a Martin Cruz Smith novel the characters are real people and you can smell the smells feel the grit feel the weather sense the moods in short you've lived the book not just read the words How he does it I'm not uite sure but he does it to a degree I've only experienced in two other writers Ernest Hemingway and Ken Kesey

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Rose AUTHOR Martin Cruz SmiIng manWhen he begins his search every road leads back to one woman a haughty vixenish pit girl named Rose With her fiery hair and skirts pinned up over trousers she cares nothing for a society that calls her unnatural scand. I've read all seven of Martin Cruz Smith's Arkady Renko novels and most of his others and I've enjoyed most of them While this isn't an Arkady Renko novel Rose is easily up there with the best of Smith's novels with perhaps the exception of Gorky Park; it's THAT good The story set in England in 1872 is about the attempts of a disgraced mining engineer Jonathan Blair recently returned from Africa as he tries to fight malaria and deal with his tarnished reputation while accepting the only form of employment available locate a missing curate John Maypole who was engaged to LordBishop Hannay's daughter in the coal mining town of Wigan For those new to Smith's writing his narrative seems spare if you uickly flip through the pages but it is packed with vast uantities of well researched detail and commentary on the social situation of the time and place as well as insightful character development His writing is never limited to the mundane he saidshe said he didshe did style nor is it an action packed run for one's life stinker which seems to plague so many mysteries and thrillers And I don't think his dialogue has ever been better characters exchange smooth and witty banter veiled threats open hostility all with a very stylized and uniue flow The history is very fascinating and he paints the town and coal mines vividly There is a great deal of information about the methods and techniues employed during the times that should appeal to any history buff even garnering the praise of the late Patrick O'Brian As a good historical novel should do Rose teaches us about the times and gives us a feeling of progression from then until now We learn about working conditions social stigmas attitudes women's rights and in such a way that makes us look at our own values today to see where we still need to go The plot once fully revealed is uite ingenious with a satisfying twist for the end no small feat given how many writers try and fail Even the romance which I originally thought was merely formulaic actually had a purpose to the story Although not a character novel per se the characters were real believable and uniue never feeling contrived solely for the purpose of the scene Rose and Charlotte Blair and Maypole each different yet having parallells And the title in hindsight iswell perfect This one like his others is a well written mystery the kind of which I'd like to find of It treats the readers with respect gives them somthing to think about and provides escapism and enjoyment A must read for his existing fans and something for those disatisfied with what's out there