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SUMMARY ✓ Heart of the Matter Ñ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Heart of the Matter Author Marta Perry – Amanda Bodine's boss is sobossyThe hard nosed newspaperman will only assign reporter Amanda Bodine fluff pieces about dog shows She longs to prove herself with a serious front page story But then her Amanda Bodine's boss is sobosAmanda Bodine's boss is sobossyThe hard nosed newspaperman will only assign reporter Amanda Bodine fluff pieces about dog shows She longs to prove herself with a serious f. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book for a light summer read Twice in a Lifetime in The Bodine Family series so I thought I would try this seuelBut this seuel had less summer sunshine less beach less Miz Callie and her compassion less Lindsay and her charmNot very often but occasionally I run across a Love Inspired book that makes me think the male romantic interest is suitable for a villain character than a romance The last such one I read was Lee McClain's Small Town Nanny Yes Heart of the Matter did have a couple different characters as the villainsIn Heart of the Matter Ross showed himself to be primarily cranky but also rude domineering enjoying intimidating others manipulative and cold hearted in not caring about the people C J and her grandma that he would hurt with his news story Not marriage material or even dating material for that matterAfter his cranky rude tirade he touched Amanda innocently on the arm I know I like my personal space than most people do but that just felt wrong to me intimidating repugnant He had not been invited into her personal space and had not earned the trust to be that close One does not earn such trust with shouted put downs and ultimatums I would not have reacted as nicely as Amanda did Probably would've just shrugged off his hand with the best look of disgust I could muster never mind that he was the boss But if he had persisted there are a few good self defense moves Not fallen for him He had jerk written all over him If he had been able to work through the issues to come to real resolution and reconciliation then possibly but for most of the book he just kept getting worse and worseA teen's negative attitude can't realistically be turned around so uickly in just one conversation It takes work on both sides of the issues and is bound to be much complicated than thatLikewise the lack of repercussions with CJ's landlord didn't seem very realistic to meMiz Callie gave out some very good and some very bad advice in this bookFirst the good You know perfectly well Manda that you rush right into doing things because they're good and that's a beautiful uality But maybe you need to take time to find out if they're the good things God has in mind for youThen the bad Amanda had said I love himMiz Callie's response Then you'll want him to have his heart's desire child That's what loving is even when it hurts Now admittedly Amanda took that advice into a different context but it wasn't a good one not when Ross's heart's desire was to get a news story that unnecessarily hurt other people CJ and her grandma I would say that it depends on what one's heart's desire IS If it is hurting themselves or others it's not good for them to persist in that and it's not good for others to enable that Enabling someone in a destructive path is not loving them It is not good not best not nourishing for someone's own soul to behave destructivelyIt would've been a interesting story if the ending about Amanda's dad had been different but probably the number of pages were too limited to discuss such a themeOne of the characters in this book came to sudden belief in God while listening to another person pray That stood out to me because I've had a friend tell me that she became a Christian because she listened to someone pray She'd tried to hold onto her beliefs amid doubts in her early adult years because of the verse But as for you continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of because you know those from whom you learned it 2 Timothy 314 She recognized the genuine faith of those from whom she'd learned the tenets of Christianity but as for herself believing she didn't truly believe until she heard a friend praying aloud for her She didn't believe but then suddenly hearing that prayer she did A beautiful thing and a beautiful storyIn Heart of the Matter though the character who came to faith overhearing a prayer seemed tenuous to me It seemed like this character now recognized there was a God becoming a deist but not that Jesus the Son of God died for our sinsAnd even if this character had become a Christian that does not mean that all the issues would suddenly resolve pleasantly They would take time to work through and there is the danger that the character would place faith in others his love interest or family rather than truly in God

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Part of the Heart of PDF or family Until she realizes he's after information that will tarnish the Bodine name Time to teach the boss about the real heart of the matter lov. The 2nd book in the Bodine series still haven't found out what happened to Ned She's a great author I really like her style

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Heart of the MatterRont page story But then her own family becomes newsworthy Suddenly Ross Lockhart is sitting beside her at Sunday dinner interviewing her relatives And he almost seemslike. Enjoyed the mystery behind the scenes of the characters Amanda and Ross both employees of a newspaper in the Coast Guard town of Charleston Tough hearted Ross has to prove he's worthy of a metropolitan paper while he's editing for a smaller one Amanda Bodine of the plentiful Bodines has her own points to prove as she tries to get reporter experience than barbeues and farmer's market news When Ross hears of rumors that the Bodines may be involved in a military scandal he uses Amanda to get near her family