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Black Leopard Red WolfAred three years earlier Tracker breaks his own rule of always working alone when he finds himself part of a group that comes together to search for the boy The band is a hodgepodge full of unusual characters with secrets of their own including a shape shifting man animal known as LeopardDrawing from African history It seems rather simplistic to say the book isn’t enjoyable especially since I doubt that’s what the author was aiming for in the first place but it’s certainly no easy fare either way While it’s sold as a fantasy novel it’s styled in the vein of the classical poetic tradition an inventive and challenging blend of imagination myth and history Of course the African foundation brings with it different types of stories and forms than those which underly the GreekRoman mythic tradition but the same fundamental uestioning is at its heart Like Ovid’s Metamorphoses it’s an interconnected compilation of stories featuring representations of violence and transformation throughout Here the overarching narrative is the tracking of a lost child but this is a book of movement and journey change and discovery There’s so much to it than this one tale instead it’s a meandering exploration of an unknowable world And yet it's precisely this which is its downfall The pacing is uneven and the whole experience one of crazy disorganisation It reads like a dreamscape full of portent and stark brutality The writing is often staccato list like with small well crafted sentences that are a perfect foil for Marlon James’ ability showcasing his striking imagery and unusual connections Yes it’s beautiful at times but for me at least emotionless There’s so much power in the description so much said with so little ‘my father was looking to win not to play’ How much history and painful knowledge is in those few words How much does it say about the relationship between father and son And yet because the structure reads like this happened and this happened and this happened I could see these moments and what they’re supposed to mean but I couldn’t feel them Interactions are like theatrical exchanges statements than conversation everything performative and apparently profound Characters have limited realism some act as symbols some merely a means of upping the violence levels still further When read all at once it’s an endless and eventually numbing litany of misery and horror that loses any meaningWhat’s even distancing is the sordid humanity The myth I read and I mean real myth not the sanitised Disney versions the it feels like an endlessly repetitive orgy of rape and violence both human and divine And this is no exception The misogynistic narrator is obsessively sexual and the book is filled with references to and descriptions of abuse rape gang rape borderline bestiality and other sexual weirdness that seems to have no real relevance Right in the opening pages Tracker taunts his jailor for wanting to have sex with a child I don’t usually do trigger warnings but this book should have big flashing neon signs Actually I don’t really know how much of this stuff was in the book as a whole was but it felt like too much Altogether tiresome and unnecessary It takes a lot to make me flinch but the amount of times I wondered why the hell I was continuing to read this book was way freuent than I’d usually put up with And why Because it’s Marlon James Because he’s this cool as shit writer and I’m the one missing something Maybe I am but I can’t bring myself to care that muchWould I recommend it No Not as a novel to sit down and lose yourself in As an exploration of folklore and myth sure As an example of a particular style of writing definitely All I’d say is before you pick up this book know what you’re getting into ARC via publisher

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Download Black Leopard Red Wolf eBook ´ 620 pages Î Marlon James ó [PDF / Epub] ✅ Black Leopard Red Wolf By Marlon James – In the first novel in Marlon James's Dark Star trilogy myth fantasy and history come together to explore what happens when a mercenary is hired to find And mythology and his own rich imagination Marlon James has written an adventure that's also an ambitious involving read Defying categorization and full of unforgettable characters Black Leopard Red Wolf explores the fundamentals of truths the limits of power the excesses of ambition and our need to understand them a In the middle of the book I wanted to close it forever and HIT THE ROAD WITH MY JACK I meant Jack Daniels bottle DON’T WANT TO READ THIS NO MORE NO MORE NO MOREOr they tried to make me go rehab or read this book And I said no no no for both of themSo I left my two stars take my cannoli and take the longest swag from my Chardonnay to recoverI’m not sure I’m reading the same book with the lovers and fans Maybe after writing so much teasing reviews the publishers start to pull pranks on me and I always read the worst versions of the novels But this is not an ARC COPY So my conspiracy theory about being the publishers’ not so favorite reader fails at this time The author might be too efficient to play with the words to create a rhythmical symphony but instead of reading proper concrete and simple dialogues I got lost in riddles and riddles like somebody wants to tease with his obnoxious words and show off manners I’m fine to read GOT’s bloodier and twisty edgy African version with mythological folkloric and lyrical elements I’m also fine with the riddles if they are not used in every freaking dialogues Like “my father is not my father but he is my father” SO THIS PERSON IS SUFFERING FROM IDENTITY CRISIS OR HIS MOTHER KEPT LYING HIM IN HIS ALL LIFE SHAME Okay I got it the author is brilliant and smart so I wasn’t imagine enough to decipher his words But in my opinion those riddles were the way of his secret communication with the aliens in the space to come back with their space ship to take him back I think everything makes sense right nowSo what we have in our terrifyingly stomach lurching menuA pinch of homophobia two pinches incest pedophilia teleiophillia too many cups of cannibalism rape orgies body mutilation and too much disgusting description of sex parts of the bodiesI love gory dark bloody twisty readings but there must be a thin line between creating something artsy stunning capturing and creating something nauseous trashy disturbingSo writing and structure TOO EXHAUSTING COMPLEX for me I had an urge to take an I test to check my availability to read this book Maybe the author was TOOOO SMART so I couldn’t connect with his way of telling the story Or he was so show off pretentious which pissed me off and made me throw the book against the wall several times till I cooled downI am a simple reader who expected to read a good heart wrenching emotional sensational story about a missing boy with its mash up of African mythology’ s mystical rich original folkloric and cultural elements But instead of I got something gory graphic pure violent vulgar so called fantasy book which is announced as one of the most anticipated fantasy books of the year Sorry but this is not the fantasy I expect this is my nightmare I have to wake up from urgentlyFeel free to curse me or judge me as an oxymoron but this book failed me and I didn’t like the way it made me feel I DON’T LIKE IT PERIOD

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In the first novel in Marlon James's Dark Star trilogy myth fantasy Black Leopard PDF and history come together to explore what happens when a mercenary is hired to find a missing child Tracker is known far and wide for his skills as a hunter He has a nose people say Engaged to track down a mysterious boy who disappe This book is a lot a labyrinth within a maze an enigma within a conundrum Beautifully intense prose that doesn't allow for lazy reading Immense physicality a very embodied narrative The length is a lot I don't mind a long book but if you're expecting this to be a traditional fantasy novel you're going to get smacked in the face The plot is meandering and elusive There are a hundred characters and settings Epic is truly the word for this book in terms of scope narrative ambition execution Also it is nothing like Game of Thrones They should stop saying that shit immediately