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Zombie Fallout Download ↠ 9 º [Ebook] ➢ Zombie Fallout By Mark Tufo – Helpyouantib.co.uk Late Fall 2010 Reuters Estimates say that nearly three thousand people nationwide and fifteen thousand people worldwide have died of the H1N1 virus or Swine flu and nearly eighty thousand cases have b Late Fall Reuters Estimates say that nearly threLe worldwide have died of the HN virus or Swine flu and nearly eighty thousand cases have been confirm. DNF 25%I gave Zombie Fallout a chance purely because it was free and it was highly rated on GR but now I realise it's a 'love it or hate it' type of book and I didn't like it I found it boring at time it made me feel ueasy the attempt at humour grated on my nerves and the whole thing left me feeling puzzled and asking 'why is this book so highly rated and praised'I had to admit defeat after reading the latest vomit inducing descriptions about worms and maggots inside grotesuely shaped Daisy Duke wearing fat zombie girls outside Walmart It was just too muchThere was a lot of cringe worthy juvenile humour and many of them were cheap shots at the usual suspects the over weight there were lots of fat jokes gender sex etc'I would have to lug Henry because he couldn't walk than two hundred yards before he would begin panting like a sex offender at a cheerleader convention'But I admit to laughing at one of Michael's lines at the start because it was unexpected given the situation “I see a tongue Some asshole is licking my peephole”Zombie Fallout is told from Michael Talbot POV and it's about how he ensures his family's survival after the H1N1 virus epidemic leads to the zombie apocalypse But Michael is prepared for the apocalypse; his ammunitiongun stockpile rivals that of the local gun shop or police station It's like he knows Man Rolls eyes Michael's wife comes across as incompetent shrewish at times cruel and a raging bitcheg When he tried to take his 15 year old son as backup to rescue their other son who was stuck on the roof of a building surrounded by zombies You can't she yelledTravis rushed to my defence Mum Dad needs my helpHe can do it on his own she retortedYou're my babyHon I startedYou shut up she spat fiercely Travis is my baby he's my flesh and bloodAnd what am I I yelled backYou're just some guy I met she retorted' He's forced to tell her what to do pull her out of the horror induced mental paralysis he likes to call 'Traceyville' aka 'blond moment' 'We sometimes joked when my wife had a blond moment or just lapsed out of our reality into her own made up one Life came back into her eyes and just like that she was back' Michael has to reason with and also explain the obvious to Tracy Forget the damn puke she yelledShouldn't we try to helpNo I mumbleWhat Speak up I can't hear your altruism she retorted acerbically'Listen if we stop we become vulnerable and we don't know if the person we would be helping is infected We can't take the chance we have to look out for us I arguedSo far I haven't seen a strong woman just an emotionally immature woman but she seems to be a perfect match for Michael because he's no prize either Michael is a former Marine and an average Joe in character but in the blink of an eye he becomes the man the one most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse He's a uick thinker faster and braver than his 15 year old son who is a mini Hercules in size and strength but somehow Michael is the one with all the good ideas Michael is cleverer than everyone too he is the first one to act he is the only one who has a plan and everyone's survival depends on him Yep we have a Mary Sue hero aka Gary StuI read few pages to see if anything changes but nothing did There was nothing to like about any of the characters they were all flat and uninteresting and I found it difficult to connect with any of them The narrative writing style humour characters especially the main characternon of it worked for me This book had one thing going for itthe zombies were different here they seemed to have emotions and some sort of thinking or group mind set that I found interesting but it wasn't intriguing enough to keep me reading Still I'm glad I gave Zombie Fallout a try and now I can move on

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Late Fall Reuters Estimates say that nearly three thousand people nationwide and fifteen thousand peop. This was a reread for my Horror Group Challenge I haven’t read these in years I owned the first 7 books in paperback I loved the old school covers Unfortunately they switched them all to the uglier covers in my opinion I broke down and decided to unhaul these anyway as I have most on kindle now Sigh it does make me feel sad because of my nostalgic feelings again Anyhoo I still enjoyed this book Not 5 stars any but I still love it Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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Zombie FalloutEd in hospitals and clinics across the United States and the world the World Heath Organization report. Resources for Adults Horror SelectionI saw this book on a list of Best Science Fiction of the 21st Century I've never thought of zombie novels as science fiction but there are several on the sci fi lists so maybe I'm the anomaly In any case Zombie Fallout had great ratings on goodreads and the audio book was available for download from my local library so I thought I'd give it a tryAfter listening to it I'd say it's a better fit for horror than sci fi Even if it is sci fi it doesn't belong on the best of list It has since been bumped which makes me wonder if it was spam voted to the list in the first place More on that later Zombie Fallout begins with a swine flu epidemic circa 2009 In desperation the CDC releases an untested flu vaccine that cures the flu but surprise also turns recipients into zombies The plague spreads uickly and before long human survivors are outnumbered Our protagonist Mike is an ex marine survivalist who has been stockpiling weapons and MREs for years just in case of apocalypse zombie or otherwise The townhome complex where he lives with his family becomes a makeshift safe haven for human refugees with Mike as one of the skilled and outspoken leaders Most of the book is setup excursions outside the compound to rescue survivors and gather supplies hint that these zombies are not the mindless zombies of horror flicks Although the undead are slow moving their attacks seem coordinated Predictably a zombie horde descends on the compound and eventually breaches the defenses; they're not as dumb as they look those zombies Still I hope I'm not giving too much away in saying that Mike and his family escape Hint there are six seuels so farThe story itself is interesting enough but the storytelling is distractingly bad It's told in first person from Mike's point of view His narrative style is amusing he's manly and self deprecating and full of corny jokes Initially I wanted to give the author Mark Tufo the benefit of the doubt and assume that any narrative awkwardness was intentional just part of Mike's casual everyman style Eventually though the painful phrasing from which he came from and syntaxgrammar errors penultimate to mean ultimate were than I could overlook Even the sections that were told in another voice were painful Mike's wife narrates briefly and there is inexplicably a section in the middle that is told from a third person omniscient point of view This book needs an editor BadlyStill it was an amusing diversion during a long car ride I just don't care enough about Mike to keep readingI can see this book appealing to fans of zombie fiction who want a series they can stick with for a while It's got humor gore action and a protagonist with wit and charm But unfortunately it's so poorly constructed I can't see myself recommending it very enthusiastically