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Body Fuel Epub ↠ 272 pages µ ❰EPUB❯ ✹ Body Fuel Author Mark Lauren – Fitness phenomenon Mark Lauren has shown thousands of people around the world how to get in shape FAST through his bestselling book You Are Your Own GymNow for the first time Lauren reveals his uniue Fitness phenomenon Mark Lauren has shFitness phenomenon Mark Lauren has shown thousands of people around the world how to get in shape FAST through his bestselling book You Are Your Own GymNow for the first time Lauren reveals his uniue eating plan to supercharge your metabolism build and preserve muscle burn fat and boost energy The Body Fuel diet is made up of three easy t Mark Lauren served as a special forces trainer and has held championship titles in Muay Thai Boxing The diet he explains finds basis in a paleo diet eating only what our cave ancestors ate getting the processed stuff out “Calorie cycling” breaks through plateaus we reach in losing weight It prevents the body from adapting and breaks the stability responsible for a lull in weight loss When a person reaches an ideal weight they should find that steady place and tweak the diet as necessaryThe author also gives a body weight workout for muscle development ten minutes a day three days a week to beginThe diet includes protein with every meal at five meals a dayThree blocksBlock three three weeksBlock two two weeksBlock one one weekBlock three Breakfast Protein one serving fast fuel carbLunch and Dinner Protein one fast fuel carb liberal slow fuel carbsSnacks mid morning and afternoon nuts seeds slow fuel vegetablesBlock twoBreakfast Protein one fast fuel carbLunch Protein one fast fuel carb one slow fuel carbDinner Protein slow fuel carbsSnacks Protein nuts seeds no starch vegetablesBlock oneBreakfast Protein one fast fuel carb or one slow fuel carbLunch Protein slow fuel vegetablesDinner Protein slow fuel non starch vegetablesSeven categories Meats fish eggs vegetables fruits grain nutsProtein fuel Meat fish eggsCarb fuelSlow fuel vegetables Offers a list broccoli green beans tomatoesFast fuel vegetables Offers list black beans carrots cornFast fuel fruits All fruits are fast fuelFast fuel grains All grains are fast fuel oatmeal riceFat fuels Lauren argues that carbs make a person fat not fat Offers a list nuts seedsHe also gives recipes to fit these options

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O follow blocks You'll learn how to cycle calories plus how and when to eat slow fuel carbs fast fuel carbs proteins and fats to get the most from your workouts and steadily lose weight Designed to trick the metabolism keeping the body in fat burning mode the programme won't let you fall into common diet ruts that stop you getting the bes Great plan and an easy way to adjust your life to stay fit indefinitely

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Body FuelT from your bodyThe perfect companion to You Are Your Own Gym Body Fuel includes menus for each of the three eating blocks deliciously easy recipes advice on supplements a meal planner and the advice you need to customise the plan for your own needs With Body Fuel you'll keep your tastebuds happy and your body lean for the rest of your li I've been doing Mark Lauren's workouts for years from his YAYOG app to now the ondemand subscription I like that he focuses on mobility and staying healthy into age and doesn't get preachy about food in his programs Personal trainers sometimes don't stay in their lanes and pretend to be nutritionists So I interpreted Lauren's lack of talk about food as humility and thought I'd skim his book It seems reasonable and has all the usuals don't drink your calories drink water eat unlimited leafy veggies etc There are 3 steps in the cycle and since carbs are important for building strength even the most restrictive cycle includes carbs and is immediately followed by weeks of the least restrictive so it seems easy to follow so that's a plus You want something you can maintain in the long runI am not normally a dieter though so I rarely read these kinds of books I guess the real test would be to do the diet