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The Depths of Space The Story of the Pioneer Planetary Probes summary ¾ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF µ ❮Ebook❯ ➮ The Depths of Space The Story of the Pioneer Planetary Probes ➯ Author Mark Wolverton – The first spacecraft to explore thThe first spacecraft to explore of Space PDFEPUB #182 the secrets of the Sun Jupiter Saturn and the void beyond Pluto The Depths eBook #180 the Pioneer space probes have been the trailblazers of the space age truly going where no man has Depths of Space PDFEPUB #234 gone before Emblazoned with the nude figures of a man and a woman etched representations of our human Depths of Space The Story ePUB #10003 form the Pioneer generation of probes were aptly named Launched into the inky depths of space they were than mere machines they were humanity's first emissaries into deep space And the pictorial inscriptions that adorned the crafts embodied the hopes and d. I'm a sucker for any books about space especially non fiction and especially ones like this that detail the nitty gritty of the whole shebang Yes yes Pioneer got to Jupiter and Saturn first and thus earned its name but what about the dedicated and ballsy folks that got this shindig off the ground That's prologue to all the awesome space stuff and this book has a lot of that Political shenanigans the story of the Ames center in California and all the superlative engineers and managers and scientists that got this off the ground that's half the story right there Plus budget battles and waning interest in unmanned flight because its not as sexy and marketableThe other half is just as awesome The Pioneers encountering the asteroid belt Jupiter and Saturn for the first time the gentle competition between Ames and JPL and the Voyager program it's just exhilarating to read about Wolverton ends nicely with the 21st century re finds of the Pioneers' signal still going strong as they pass onto their unending journey into interstellar spaceYay

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Reams of everyone involved in the Pioneer program They were our humble attempt to communicate with the extraterrestrial intelligent life we imagined the probes might encounter they were our message in a bottlePerhaps the most efficient reliable and cost effective program to come out of NASA the Pioneer missions are a shining example of how a small and talented group of people can against all odds pull something off that has never been done before Indeed than thirty years after its launch in Pioneer is still Depths of Space The Story ePUB #10003 cruising into interstellar space sending back data as it courses through the galaxy while Pioneer in solar orbit. The Depths Of Space is a story of two little spacecraft and a NASA research center that could This book is not a dryly written documentary but an engaging tale that encourages the reader to keep turning pages to find out what will happen next Like the story of Apollo 13 we all know the outcome But it's the journey to get there that matters and Mark Wolverton deliversIn the early days of space exploration all the NASA centers were focused on the do or die space race Except the Ames Research Center Ask anyone at the time and they would say that Ames might come up with an interesting idea in material shape vehicle design or even a heat shield but nothing exciting than that Ames was uite happy not to be in the limelight as it was not given to flights of fancy involving outlandish ideas such as space flight To Ames space flight was viewed as a fad of the day with no long term future There would always be a need for better airplanes which was the focus of AmesThen Ames found itself reorganized with a new branch called the Vehicle Environment Division VED dedicated to support NASA's space flight goals Albert Eggers an idea man was put in charge and put forth a challenge to his engineers at the VED to design build and launch a series of solar probes Eggers' deputy assistant and a very capable engineer in his own right Charles Frederick Charlie Hall was given the task to oversee this projectMeanwhile the Army and Air Force were attempting to get probes to the Moon before the Soviets succeeded Their project was called Pioneer and they were instrumental in launching Pioneers 0 through 5 The first five of these six spacecraft went out in a blaze of failed glory but each one getting further than its predecessor Pioneer 0's Thor rocket booster blew up 77 seconds after launch Pioneer 1 launched two weeks later edging itself out of Earth's atmosphere to touch the inner Van Allen radiation belt then burned up on re entry two days later Pioneer 2 made it up a thousand miles before it met with an untimely death the victim of pre mature burnout of one stage of its launch rocket and the failure of the booster rocket to even fire Pioneer 3 made it 63000 miles above Earth's surface discovering the second Van Allen belt before falling back and burning up Pioneer 4 made it the closest to its goal escaping Earth's gravity and passing within 37000 miles of the Moon before it was lost in space After this the Russians landed spacecraft on the Moon Pioneer 5's mandate was to be the first spacecraft to be intentionally launched into solar orbit which it succeeded at 3 months later it would pass too far from Earth for any of its signals to be picked up againAfter this the Pioneer project was handed over to Charlie Hall and Ames From the ground up they designed built launched and operated the Pioneer 6 through 9 spacecraft all solar probe explorers designed solely to measure the Sun's activity Thus began Ames' move from being a purely research oriented institute to a contender in space explorationWolverton follows this substory with the main focus of the book the design construction launch and operations of the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft These were to be the first manmade probes to explore the reaches of space beyond the orbit of Mars Having been involved in missions such as Hubble FUSE and MESSENGER I can say from experience that Wolverton captured the atmosphere of what went on behind the closed doors of the Pioneer project which really hasn't changed all that much 30 40 years later with contemporary missions From the scientists proposing experiments both in working with engineers and management to the interplays in dealing with each other to the work of the design and development teams to mission operations and the realities imposed on operating spacecraft you are put in the very rooms with these people as they argue cajole and support one another in order to make these spacecraft a successAgain as with the Apollo 13 story Wolverton captures the tension in the air as the science and operations teams watch with trepidation as their little spacecraft penetrate the asteroid belt skirt the radiation fields of Jupiter and in the case of Pioneer 11 dance outside of Saturn's rings in prep for the two follow on JPL missions called VoyagerWhile no longer operating Pioneer 11's signal was lost in 1995 Pioneer 10 was last heard from in 2003 these two little emissaries of our world continue to this day heading out deeper into space on course to transition from the outer boundaries of our solar system into interstellar space Each probe carries with it a 6x9 gold anodized aluminum plaue with etchings of our solar system and two generic naked people should on some off chance the probes be discovered by an extraterrestrial intelligence However remotely unlikely that is to occur Space you see is really REALLY big and the probes in it are infinitesimally small a mere few tens of feet long Traveling at 26 astronomical units AU per year where 1 AU is the mean Earth Sun distance it will be over 26000 years before Pioneer 10 passes within 6 light years of Proxima Centauri and over another 6000 years before it passes within 4 light years of the star Ross 248Mark Wolverton pulls together all the above and into an excellent non technical historical story that should be a must read for every space exploration aficionado All it really needs now is a soundtrack

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The Depths of Space The Story of the Pioneer Planetary ProbesIs than years old and humankind's oldest functioning spacecraft But despite their enduring contributions the Pioneer project remains a footnote in space history little than a humble prologue to its inheritors The Depths of Space recounts the long overdue history of Pioneer both as a scientific and technological achievement and as the story of the exceptional people who made the program possible This tight narrative captures the black coffee buzz of full throttle deadline driven production the sharp intense thrill of discovery the pang of anxiety that accompanies looming danger and ultimate loss and the satisfaction and pride of creating an enduring legac. Good description of the pioneer project I would have liked about the Venus mission The excitement of the missions and their place in the history of space exploration was excellent I also wish there had been details about what the instruments were and how they worked Recommended if you like engineering histories