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Beauty of Kindle #208 Two young men meet for one of them this is love at first sight for the other only lust and guilt In Paul Harris returns to England from self imposed exile All the PDF or in Tangiers for an exhibition of his paintings He leaves behind Patrick the man he ha. I think this is my favourite of the trilogy Paul aka artist Francis Law brings his past to his present in an acute examination of gay life post WW1 Fabulous read

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All the Beauty of the SunS loved since they met in the trenches in needing to discover if he has the strength the Beauty of eBook #9734 to live without him and wanting to explore the kind of life he might have lived had it not been for the war In Bohemian Soho Paul meets Edmund whose passionate love c. This new title in the series is set in plottime between Husband's novels The Boy I Love and Paper Moon 1925 – the period between the great wars – Lawrence Hawker a successful gallery owner stages the first exhibition of works by a painter highly recommended by a mutual friend The paintings depict wartime portraits of soldiers in the trenches in painful yet tender posesscenario – some with controversial homo erotic overtones Thus sets the stage for the return of Paul Harris who leaves behind lover and protector Patrick as he’s lured back to his homeland from his North African exile by potential fame and fortune but has to face old ghosts and past misdeedsHusband re introduces characters from The Boy I Love Paul’s father his son his ex in laws war buddies but also introduces an exciting cast of new characters associated with the art world – Ann ingénue model Edmund very young aimless wannabe artist Joseph up and coming painter who’s fighting Edmund for Ann’s attentions With sinister like behind the scenes machinations is Matthew ex priest ex soldier ruined mind whose connection to several of these afore mentioned characters go far deeper and darker than can be imagined Despite his resolve Paul falls into a heady affair with the much younger Edmund who’s exploring his sexuality and seeking new direction for his life George Harris acts against better judgement when he reunites Paul with Bobby his own ‘son’ left behind when he escaped overseas from homosexual persecution – will this act lead to further heartache and disaster New choices face Paul when torn between having or losing his son all over again and to what extent does his recent infatuation with Edmund impact on his long time relationship with Patrick And what will the faithful loyal Patrick do when he also returns to London to retrieve Paul from the dilemmas and disasters of his own makingMarion Husband writes complicated conflicted characters brilliantly – they straddle the very fine line between maudlin and overly tortured She brings to life the indecision flawed desires and wanton passion good intentions and broken resolutions of all her gay straight male female characters Strong character development and back stories are capably provided for all main and secondary characters and as usual the resolution for many of their storylines remain unpredictable and tension provoking until the satisfying endAll The Beauty Of The Sun can be read without reference to others in Husband’s series but I urge readers to make every attempt to read The Boy I Love before attempting this All my expectations for a riveting character driven read were fulfilled by the author yet again

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All the Beauty of the Sun free read ê 0 Ï ❰Reading❯ ➸ All the Beauty of the Sun Author Marion Husband – Two young men meet for one of them this is love at first sight for the other only lust and guilt In 1925 Paul Harris returns to England from self imposed exile in Tangiers for an exhibition of Hanges Paul's idea of himself With Edmund Paul begins to believe that he may have another life to live free of the guilt and regrets of the past But the past is not so easy to escape and when Patrick follows Paul to London a decision must be made that will affect all their liv. Dark dark dark Ms Husband has many sad characters whom I either dislike or feel sorry for As defective as they are however she certainly makes them real Ms Husband has an amazing writing techniue that releases information in bits and pieces; little glimmers of light that give you an ‘ah ha’ moment So many times it may seem confusing but that confusion is only temporary since everything is always cleared up eventually And she always has a shocker to throw in here and there in the story to keep the readers on their toes I could not find my way clear to liking the character of Paul who has a very disturbed personality based on his background however I very much enjoyed the story Definitely recommended but be sure to read “The Boy I love’ first