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Epub ´ la nuit des albinos ó Mario Bolduc Ht by some to have supernatural powers many albinos found themselves targetted for murder trafficking and la nuit ePUB #10003 organ theft and Max has reason to think that Valéria was killed because of her legal work defending their rights and safetyMax’s investigation leads him into the history of the terrible “Night of the Albinos” I received an ARC of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review Wow there was a lot going on in this book and a lot to like We start by following what seem to be two completely separate narratives one in Texas and another in Tanzania and I had NO idea how they were going to be connected until than halfway through the book I really enjoyed following all of the very different characters with their different plotlines and motivations throughout Though I will say I wish we got about Albert Karensky and what made him tick And I wish we had a primary character to follow who was actually African This book shed light for me on the terrible plight of albino people specifically children in Africa I had no idea there was such a large black market trade in African albino people and body parts in some parts of the world and I'm glad this book helped to educate me on that This is the first Max O'Brien mystery I've read so I don't have the larger context around him and his con man shenanigans but I wanted background and insight on him I'm guessing there's of that in the first couple books in the series that would have given me context for this novelI enjoyed the fast paced disparate narratives that made up the mystery and all the different characters I'd read another in the series

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Epub ´ la nuit des albinos Download ✓ Mario bolduc Í ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ la nuit des albinos By Mario Bolduc ✍ – Helpyouantib.co.uk Loveable crook Max O’Brien finds himself in Africa solving the murder of a friend Distraught by the murder of lawyer and good friend Valéria Michieka Max O When multiple people were murdered after which Valéria convinced her government to reintroduce harsh punishments for human traffickers Did the lawyer’s unwavering opposition to the trade in albinos cost her her life Max’s search for the truth about his friend’s death is filled with secrets and mysteries each impenetrable than the las Two seemingly separate stories that converge before the conclusion Confusing to some but after reading the first 2 Max O'Brien books I was expecting it This one was a little harder to read content wise I hope that of his books will be translated into English

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la nuit des albinosLoveable crook Max O’Brien finds himself in Africa solving the murder of a friend Distraught by the murder of lawyer and good friend Valéria Michieka Max O’Brien travels to Tanzania to track down those responsible What starts as a fight for justice uickly becomes entangled with the persecution of albinos in the East African state Thoug Edgy crime seriesA strong racey crime noir that takes you from Tanzania to the United States and on to the north west area of Canada From the scourge of abhorrent superstitious practices with albinism and body parts centered in Tanzania to a black market trade in the world beyond thanks to the dark side of the web to the small exclusive world of American executioners in those States where the death penalty is still part of the legal systemThere are two storytellers We approach the story from the perspective of the first Max O'Brien a con man without pretensions We first meet him carrying out a sting in Zanzibar The second story teller is Roselyn Kerensky wife of a retired executionerHow these two stories might intersect puzzled me I kept wondering about the relevance That was decisively put to rest as the action evolvedWhen Max is notified of the deaths of his ex mistress Valéria and her daughter Sophie he is thrown Valéria was an Albino rights worker killed in her home in Tanzania Max's hunt for their killers beginsThere is some resolution for me but not in all areas This leaves uestions although the immediate reasons for Valéria's death are closedThis is the first Max O'Bien novel I've read I loved it and I will be keeping my eyes open for works by Mario Bolduc The Tanzania Conspiracy confirms my opinions about edgy works uébécois produce in the arts Even the cover is exciting This novel by Bolduc won't be my lastA Dundurn ARC via NetGalley