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Los de abajoA concebida con la sinceridad y la valentía de un hombre ue nunca cedió a la tentación de adornar artificiosamente o de falsear los acontecimientos y escrita con un lenguaje directo ue aúna la belleza a la sencillez. We’ve been there so many times and we are where we are today because we all smugly know that all of our Rising Up will be followed up immediately with a Rising Down It’s too complicated too complex too ambiguous Unless someone makes it clear to us but then we assure ourselves it can’t be so simple Change a light bulb Stop eating meat Save the planet Or down with racism Down with sexism Down with ablism Down with whatever anti LGBT is called Social Justice NowBut you turn out looking just like The Enemy you sought to unseat Yes of course And so a novel of a moment of history a tectonic moment like all revolutionary moments ; an opening in history for hope The hope is dashed we predict so well in hindsight And those despicable creatures ; they no longer fight for The Cause but for money Why did they even bother They’re no better than the landthieving bosses The French Communists published an edition of Los de abajo The French Monarchists hailed it as blow for the Reactionary Cause That seems to be the place a novel ua novel ought to find itself Imagine an African novel hailed by both Fanon and William F Buckley as primping their respective causes And though there is hope to be found There was The Year of Dreaming Dangerously Defeated And yet unredeemed But its ripples have brought Sanders to the fore We hoped on Obama and our hopes were bargained away in a flash Is that reason for a knowbetterist non Sandersism No

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review ñ Los de abajo 100 µ ✯ [PDF] ❤ Los de abajo By Mariano Azuela ✼ – Durante la Revolución Mexicana Mariano Azuela fue médico de la facción la ue comandaba Francisco Villa de ahí ue algunas de sus más notables obras literarias estén inspiradas por auellos hechos Durante la Revolución Mexicana MariaDurante la Revolución Mexicana Mariano Azuela fue médico de la facción la ue comandaba Francisco Villa de ahí ue algunas de sus más notables obras literarias estén inspiradas por auellos hechos de Los de PDF or ar. A novella set in Mexico during the Revolution of the early 20th century I didn’t know anything about the author before reading the book but seemingly he had been a military doctor with the rebel army of “Pancho” Villa and during rest periods he made notes about incidents he had witnessed I assume some of these were incorporated into the novelThe two main characters are Demetrio Macías initially the leader of a group of about 20 bandits who later becomes a general in one of the revolutionary armies; and Luis Cervantes a young doctor who has deserted from the Federal army Macías is an Indian peasant the author calls him an “Aztec” Cervantes pretends to be a convert to the revolutionary cause although in reality he deserted the government army for personal reasons Demetrio is completely uneducated but ferocious in battle and skilled in tacticsOne of the main themes of the book is that Demetrio’s band do not become revolutionaries out of political conviction Mostly they became outlaws almost by accident – by getting drunk and fighting with a policeman or arguing with a landowner and so on Becoming a revolutionary allows each man to take back his pride Early on the author describes the band riding to a new mission“The men threw out their chests as if to breathe the widening horizon the immensity of the sky the blue from the mountains and the fresh air redolent with the various odors of the sierra They spurred their horses to a gallop as if in that mad race they laid claims of possession to the earth What man among them now remembered the stern chief of police the growling policeman or the conceited caciue What man remembered his pitiful hut where he slaved away always under the eyes of the owner or the ruthless and sullen foreman always forced to rise before dawn and to take up his shovel basket or goad wearing himself out to earn a mere pitcher of atole and a handful of beans”On the other hand the banditsrevolutionaries have the traditional hatred of the peasant for educated “city men” Whenever the group captures a town they take great delight in robbing beating humiliating and murdering the inhabitants They loot everything they can and destroy everything they can’t If they have a philosophy it’s simply one of revenge against the rich the educated and the town dwellers They seek to live simply by plunderIt's a compelling novel but I should warn the reader that it’s full of descriptions of cruelty and sadism The author gives us a vision of a sort of Hobbesian anarchy where the only laws are those of the gun and the fist and where the most violent people in society are free to do whatever they want It’s a nightmarish vision but I don’t doubt its accuracy After all Azuela was there

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Mas Entre todas ellas Los de abajo redactada en en El Paso Texas sintetiza admirablemente lo ue el ilustre escritor pensaba de la Revolución y cómo vio él mismo su furia destructora Se trata de una historia descarnad. First of all this is NOT a history book If you're interested in learning about the Mexican Revolution pick up a history bookSecond of all you didn't get the point It's not about the life of rural Mexico or how people lived or how they lost their ideals It's about joining la bola the mass of people fighting for no particular reason The campesinos didn't really join the fight because they believed they were getting land and freedom they joined because they believed in their leaders joining the fight for the love of their jefe or simply to join la bolaI'm sure many of you will disagree with me and I'm sure there were exceptions to what I'm saying but I'm only commenting on what Mariano Azuela was trying to get across; don't forget Azuela fought in the war