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Er multi cooker The recipes run the gamut from appetizers and sides to soups to main dishes to sweet treats and even a few drinks along with some handy keto basics As a bonus Maria also includes slow cooking instructions which can be done either in the Instant Pot or in a separate slow cooker for each recipe for those days when set it and forget it convenience takes precedence over the need for speed Recipes includePumpkin Coffee Cake Easy Baked Eggs Buffalo Meatballs Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Italian Chicken Complicated but Good RecipesAs with all of Maria Emmerich’s recipes the cook has to have a lot of ingredients available including some that are hard to find The end result may taste fantastic though

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Keto Instant PotChili Curry Beef Stew Philly Cheesesteak Pork Lettuce Cups Amazing Asian Pulled Pork Chicken and Bacon Lasagna Roll ups Garlicky Tuna Casserole Lemon Ricotta Torte Chocolate Almond Fudge Homemade Root Beer and much  You’ll also find tips for success along with Maria’s recommendations for Instant Pot extras to consider purchasing to make keto cooking easier So what are you waiting for? Add this handy kitchen appliance to your low carb cooking arsenal and put it to good use for tasty and healthy keto meal Gorgeous pics and easy to follow recipes

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PDF ¿ BOOK Keto Instant Pot  HELPYOUANTIB ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➸ Keto Instant Pot Author Maria Emmerich – Helpyouantib.co.uk The Instant Pot is one of the hottest cooking tools around these days With its ability to pressure cook foods in mere minutes all in one pot it is a huge time saver for busy home cooks The Instant Pot is one of the hottest cooking tools around these days With its ability to pressure cook foods in mere minutes all in one pot it is a huge time saver for busy home cooks You can even bake a cheesecake in it A ketogenic diet that eliminates processed foods sometimes reuire a little effort in the kitchen so any time saved is a plus In this book international bestselling author Maria Emmerich presents than 160 delicious low carb high fat keto recipes designed to be cooked in an Instant Pot or oth As an avid Instant Pot user and ketoer of two years I really wanted this to be good I went through every recipe in this book and tried a few that stood out Given the price I almost wanted to gloss over the glaring issues with this and justify my spending so much for it Unfortunately I can'tFirst of all this book badly needed an editor Missing page titles recipes referenced that have placeholder page numbers and inaccurate macros are pretty inexcusable The roasted garlic macros alone are so wildly off that it's almost insulting and that's for something that's easy to check The inaccuracies in this make relying on the author difficult And why should anyone trust their health and food to someone who can't hire someone to edit their 35 dollar picture book? Before I even got to any of that I had to read the introduction She mentioned her PCOS but after that it was going into the details of her husband's multiple job losses how they subseuently lived which spoiler alert wasn't that bad and then his myriad of health problems She went into the details of his medical issues She talked about his personal and emotional insecurities Then she dedicided to juxtapose that by talking about how successful she personally is now It's gross It's embarrassing I felt deeply uncomfortable for him watching something vulnerable about another human being being exposed by the person who is supposed to be on their side Why was this even talked about in a cookbook?The most valuable part of this book is after the introduction and before the recipes where she talks about how to use the Instant Pot Unfortunately it isn't enough to make the book purchase worth it; you can get all this information online pretty easilyThe recipes are on the whole pretty useless If you're looking for healthy food that's easy uncomplicated and tasty you will not find it in this book The very first recipe calls for so much artificial sweetener that it's truly nauseating The keto rice is literally scrambled eggs And take it from me unless there's a lot of liuid in the recipe don't use it I now know with disgusting clarity exactly what scorched mayonnaise smells like because I trusted this author against my better judgment Further many recipes don't have accurate cook times so always check your meat with a thermometer to ensure it was properly cooked A lot of recipes felt like they were meant for the stove and oven But Instant Pot is a buzz word so they put the suare peg of a recipe into a round hole that is pressure cooking And what do you get? Recipes that have you moving multiple stages of a dish in and out of one giant pot not designed for that purpose sometimes not even using the pressure cook option much at all They become unnecessarily complicated and messy They take away the purpose of this device making cooking easier Should I even get into the ginger ale that has over a third of a cup of chemical sweetener per serving? Or any other odd and bizarre things that happened in these pages? It was exhausting to read and it's getting tiring to keep writing and thinking about itSo keto andor Instant Pot newbies here's my adviceFind a good site that tells you basic cook times for foods in your pressure cooker Cook the meat in there and while it's doing that throw some veggies on the stove or in the oven Variations of that make dinner and leftovers simple Once you've got a feel for your cooker you can try ambitious recipes But realistically? I wouldn't try them from this bookYour mileage may vary But this veteran is going to take a hard pass on this and any other future books by this author