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READ & DOWNLOAD Ñ Vibrator Î [Read] ➯ Vibrator By Mari Akasaka – Late one night Rei Hayakawa a troubled young freelance journalist is idling around the alcohol shelves of her local 24 hour convenience store when she catches sight of a man across the waySuddenly she Late one night Rei Hayakawa a troubled young freelance jE wintry landscape of Japan aboard this stranger's longhaul truck But can the physical relationship that develops between them offer Rei what she needs and can she ever free herself from the dangerously self destructive tendencies that afflict herPa. Fast paced very vivid and addressing a few somewhat repulsive themes head on Vibrator is meant to rattle the reader's sensibilities and it does it well The story goes into visceral detail about bulimia eating disorders in general over drinking reckless sexual behavior and so on At the same time the story and descriptions do not seem to be crafted solely for shock value There is also a growing fostering of empathy for mental illness and the struggles of a very self destructive woman all delivered with a humane and occasionally funny voice

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Rt dirty realism part fairy tale Vibrator is a disturbing and highly original novel about the strange situations that life can put you in Exploring themes of liberation and entrapment it drives unflinchingly at the lonely heart of the lost generatio. My review from first thing to say this is much of what it looks like It's not some sordid fifty shades of grey thing going on here well maybe a wee bit but that's not what it is about The name of the book doesn't even refer to the friendly lady appliance but rather to the vibrations of a truck cab that is kept running day and night in which much of the story is setThe focus of the book is dark as it explores topics such as Alcoholism Bulimia Consumerism Depression women’s magazines consumer culture high school prostitution gangs and drugs It is set in the head of the journalist Rei Hayakawa and her often intense narrative which is a fight between all the voices in her head sets the pace for the book which is often frantic and disturbing Her intense self loathing makes it hard to spend 130 pages in her head She feels unable to connect with the outside world and appears to be drowning in her depressionLate one night she wanders the aisle of her local convenience store picking up the night’s supply of alcohol white wine and gin Yet when she turns the corner and sees Okabe a 26 year old trucker and ex thug in overalls and yellow boots she follows him out to his long haul truck thus starting their eventual journey up and down a snowy JapanThe voices in Rei's head don't seem to allow her to operate with any form of coherent thought and often leave her struggling to move let alone rational thought“when I attempted to make my feet move my fingers might start twitching or somethingthe commands and the actions were getting muddled”These voices are constantly at war with Rei and as a result anything that she thinks gets over played in her mind over thought and as a result analyzed by her to the nth degree This makes the few times where there is actual dialogue spoke by the two characters a refreshing and sometimes necessary break from Rei's over active brainThe book is about two random people connecting and this is shown throughout the book in the metaphor of the CB radio something that is constantly receiving messages from random people regardless of distance apart but based on the strength of their signalRei and Okabe are two such signals joined together There's no reason for them to be together but they have formed this bond in this time and place people who have caught each others signals and vibrations for a sort timeWhat starts as a critiue of Modern Consumerism ends as much personal saga or as much as you can get of one through the medium of Rei's addled thoughtsA very good but dark book Well worth a read and yes there is even a wee bit of hanky panky75 out of 10


VibratorLate one night Rei Hayakawa a troubled young freelance journalist is idling around the alcohol shelves of her local hour convenience store when she catches sight of a man across the waySuddenly she finds herself embarking on a road journey across th. This could have been called 'Vibrations' instead of 'Vibrator' The back of the book really did not explain the plot accurately at all making it out to be some raunchy love story Instead Vibrator is very much about a woman's struggles with serious mental health problems bulimia and hearing voices in her head The first part of the book is uite hard to get into as the characters inner voices are very intense and there is a lot about self induced vomiting that some people might find too much; though it is a very good depiction of bulimia and the thoughts that go with it though