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Extraordinary Canadians Stephen Leacock Summary Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook æ ✻ Extraordinary Canadians Stephen Leacock Epub ✾ Author Margaret MacMillan – Helpyouantib.co.uk Canada's foremost historian examines the life of a great humoristStephen Leacock's satiric masterpiece Sunshine SketcheAmines Extraordinary Canadians eBook #10003 Leacock's life as a poor but ambitious student who rose to become an economist celebrated academic and most importantly the beloved humorist who taught Canadians to laugh at themselve. A well written biography of this Canadian author humourist and intellectual public speaker

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Of the twentieth century Historian Margaret Macmillan whose books Women of the Raj and Paris cast fresh light on the colonial legacy has great affection for Leacock's gentle wit and sharp eyed insight The renowned historian ex. This is an insightful and affectionate portrait of Stephen Leacock as part of the series “Extraordinary Canadians” edited by John Ralston SaulMost Canadians remember Leacock as the humourist who wrote “Literary Lapses” published in 1910 and “Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town” published in 1912 and still in print The second book about life in Mariposa a small fictional town in Ontario made him an international star But Leacock was not just a humourist he was also a teacher a lecturer and public intellectual engaged with the many important issues of his day He pondered and lectured on a variety of subjects government fluctuating economies war political philosophy and the age old uestion of what really constitutes a just society This book provides us with an understanding of Leacock’s many accomplishments as well as all the interesting details of his personal life Leacock was born in Britain the son of a young couple who married without their parent’s consent Agnes Stephen’s mother was only 21 and his father Peter was only 17 Both came from wealthy middle class families but their reckless decision to marry Agnes was pregnant was not appreciated and they were sent off to become farmers first to South Africa and then later to Kansas in the US Both these attempts at a vocation they were neither prepared nor educated for failed miserably Later they left England once again venturing to Ontario Canada to try farming once There the family which eventually included eleven children lived in great isolation farming in the Lake Simcoe Valley Peter Stephen’s father got heavily into drink and eventually just disappeared and was not seen againLeacock’s mother tried valiantly to ensure her children had a good education and funds provided to her by her family allowed for a tutor and later enrollment at Upper Canada College Stephen later attended the University of Toronto and studied modern languages but when his funding failed he took a ualifying year to become a teacher and taught part time while completing his degree He then left teaching for graduate school at the University of Chicago earning his PhD in political science and economics In 1990 he met Beatrix Hamilton a vivacious sporty woman who soon became his wife He started teaching part time at McGill in 1901 and became full professor and chair of the economics and political science department in 1908 Throughout his lifetime Leacock juggled a career as an academic a public intellectual a serious writer and a humourist He made good money publishing his stories and his books and was widely sought as a public speaker where he entertained his audience as well as delivering content on his subject matterHe was an unusual character to say the least He spent a lot on clothes but always appeared disheveled If he couldn’t find what he wanted he grabbed what was available whether it was a tie to hold up his trousers or a pin to attach his house key to his watch chain He is famous for his ratty old raccoon coat which he wore for years and which had few if any buttons He hated using the telephone refused to learn to drive and loved to entertain formally even in the country where guests were reuired to dress for dinner He was also kind and generous known for helping those in need whether they were his students his family or his friends Despite his sloppy personal habits he was highly disciplined in his work publishing over 60 books on a variety of subjects including biographies on Mark Twain and Charles Dickens Although he was prolific his lack of care in writing sometimes shows He never edited or rewrote his work and sometimes boasted he could put out a short story in an hour or two Many said he was capable of writing a great novel but as MacMillan states it is probably better that he never did He was always impatient and rushed to wrap things up and perhaps he was better fitted to writing short humourous pieces than the sustained and difficult work that a complicated plot in a novel reuires MacMillan talks openly about some of Leacock’s ualities which in this day and time may rankle including his dislike for the education and emancipation of woman Yet even in these things he was inconsistent For women he knew and cared for he acted differently supporting his sister to become one of the first women physicians in Canada and providing for his niece to obtain her bachelor’s and masters degrees The birth of his son fifteen years after his marriage with Beatrix was both a gift and a cross to bear as his on Stephen had physical illnesses and later a problem with alcoholIn his later years he struggled against loneliness depression and sleepless nights He missed his wife Beatrix dearly after she died of breast cancer in 1925 He did have an intense and loving relationship with Fitz Shaw a married woman with whom he travelled and entertained after Beatrix’s death but he never remarriedThis short volume is a great reminder of all that Leacock gave the land he so loved He was Canadian through and through He died of cancer in 1944This impressive series of books I have now read six never disappoints Kudos to John Ralston Saul the editor in terms of the choices he has made pairing authors and the heroes they write about as well as the tight clear edit of the content

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Extraordinary Canadians Stephen LeacockCanada's foremost historian examines the life of a great humoristStephen Leacock's satiric masterpiece Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town captures the Empire forevermentality that marked Anglo Canadian life in the early decades. I have read and admire a number of Margaret Macmillan's historical works including Women of the Raj Paris 1919 and The War That Ended Peace and I enjoyed Stephen Leacock's Sunshine Sketches of a Small Town so I loved reading a blend of MacMillan's scholarship and Leacock's humour Macmillan not only captures the essence of Leacock's personality with its blend of intellect humour and melancholy but also gives a good overview of his times and Canada's gradual emergence from the British Empire The narrative includes uotations from Leacock's famous and lesser known works showing the range of his opinions and work as a public intellectual in a country that was not yet used to having them Highly recommended