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Read The House on the Gulf ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ò [BOOKS] ⚦ The House on the Gulf ✫ Margaret Peterson Haddix – If only Bran would stop acting weirdProbably he had a perfectly reasonable explanation for everything I just couldn't imagine what it would beWhen Britt's older bD to get to the bottom of things Britt starts investigating and makes a startling discovery the Maruises aren't who Bran has led her and their mom to believe So whose house are House on the PDFEPUB #194 they staying in and why has Bran brought them there With unexpected twists and turns award winner Margaret Peterson Haddix has again crafted a thriller that will grip readers until its stunning conclusi. Margaret Peterson Haddix's The House on the Gulf presents an interesting premise from the perspective of a girl who thinks her brother has something to hide Britt is an average almost thirteen girl living with her older brother and her mother who attends college Britt's brother Bran lands a job house sitting for a family that's out of town It sounds like a good deal and almost too good to be true for the family who isn't used to having such accommodations But as Bran's behavior becomes erratic Britt's convinced that not everything is as it seems As she starts coming across curious pieces of evidence and discussions within the neighborhood her doubts about her brother take full shape and ultimately culminate into a scheme that she couldn't see comingI usually love a good young adult mystery involving the protagonist bargaining with suspicion especially involving family members But I have to say for the build up this book didn't tie its ends very well even aiming for those between the ages of 8 12 Don't get me wrong Haddix's prose and pacing in each chapter is very well done I found myself going through each chapter observing and learning as Britt puts pieces together about their situation up until the big reveal However despite an interesting twist it doesn't match the too neatly tied ending It's a lot of setup for what turns out to be a not so thrilling scenario For its respective age group I think there are likely some who'll love it and others who might find it uneventful I would say that it's a book that's worth reading once but doesn't have the kind of thrilling payoff that it sells itself on in its premise However I can say that Haddix knows how to weave a story well and alternatively if there are readers who want to see some of her stronger works for this age group the Shadow Children series is well worth looking into This is a decent read but not the best I've read from herOverall score 25

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Their mom to uit her job and take classes full time Having never lived in a real The House Epubhouse before Britt is thrilled There's only one problem Britt starts to suspect her family isn't supposed to be there She's been noticing that Bran is acting weird and defensive he hides the Maruises' mail won't let anyone touch the thermostat and discourages Britt from meeting any of the neighbors Determine. Not as good as Margaret Peterson Haddix's other books I could figure out everything before it happened Sort of a silly premise

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The House on the GulfOn the eBook #180 If only Bran would stop acting weirdProbably he had a perfectly reasonable explanation for everything I just couldn't imagine what it would beWhen Britt's older brother Bran lands a summer job house sitting for the Maruises an elderly couple it seems like a great opportunity Britt and Bran have moved to Florida so their mother can finish college and the house sitting income will allow. Brittany wants to find out why her brother is acting so suspicious but she doesn’t want him to know so she goes behind his back to figure out what he’s up to In the book House on the Gulf by Margaret Peterson Haddix Brittany and her older brother Bran recently moved to Florida for their mom’s college Bran got them a house sitting job where they can live over the summer Recently Brittany has been noticing that Bran has been acting very suspicious“Bran What are you doing” I shriekedHe dropped the flashlight and it rolled toward me I picked it up “Jeez Britt you scared me to death” Bran said jerking the flashlight out of my hand He shone it right onto my face like I was a suspect of a crime “What are you doing out here”I think this is a very important part in the book because it shows how Bran was trying to hide something but got caught by Brittany You can also see this reaction to when she found him and made him seem very guilty of something This book is exciting to read because there is a complete mystery going on I would definitely recommend this book to anyone