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review Beast In View Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [BOOKS] ⚣ Beast In View Author Margaret Millar – A psychological thriller by a mistress of suspense at the top of her form and 1956 winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award What starts with a crank call from an old school chum sets the lonely aloof finan A psychologiA second rate residential Hollywood hotel she finds herself stranded in the perilous terrain of extortion pornography vengeance and ultimately murder. Don't let the uaint 1950s setting and dated social attitudes mislead you This is a first rate psychological suspense mystery Devastating climax helps to make it MM's masterpiece Won the Edgar in 1956

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A psychological thriller by a mistress of suspense at the top of her form and winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award What starts with a crank call from. 910 it was a chase and she was the beast in viewA spinster living alone in a rundown hotel gets an unsolicited phone call A stranger claims to have a mirror ball that spells trouble ahead for Helen Clarvoe The hunt is on exploring the dark tunnels of a deranged mind but who is the true beast The hunter or the prey “You know who this is”“No”“A friend”“I have a great many friends” Miss Clarvoe liedIn the mirror above the telephone stand she saw her mouth repeating the lie enjoying it and she saw her head nod in uick affirmation – this lie is true yes this is a very true lie Only her eyes refused to be convinced Embarrassed they blinked and glanced away I am thoroughly captivated by classic crime stories by those writers who could deliver a big punch in a tight package Back in those days publishers and probably readers insisted on dime novels that could be easily printed and fast consumed so authors were a lot careful with their dialogues their similes and their characters than in contemporary market where some think 1000 pages are better than 150 More buck for the dollar so to speak I’ve been guilty myself of this when choosing some fantasy epics for immersion instead of literary styleThis is my first novel by Margaret Millar and I find her ability to sketch a character even a walk inwalk out concierge role in a single paragraph that captures the true essence of their personality by her talent to deliver psychological insight in a throwaway one line of dialogue I don’t plan to write a synopsis the less you know about the actual chase the better I think you will appreciate the construction of the caseNote After thirty years in the business people meant no to him than individual bees do to a beekeeper Their differences were lost in a welter of statistics eradicated by sheer weight of numbers They came and went; ate drank were happy sad thin fat; stole towels and left behind toothbrushes books girdles jewelry; burned holes in furniture slipped in bathtubs jumped out of windows They were all alike swarming around the hive and Mr Horner wore a protective net of indifference over his head and shoulders Note “You’ll always be cheated Mrs Clarvoe if you put your value on the wrong things” Note Margaret Millar was the wife of Kenneth Millar better known to genre fans as Ross Macdonald and their styles are so similar that I wonder if they helped each other out with revisions and rewrites polishing their dialogues and their metaphors until they sparkled Miss Clarvoe hung up She knew how to deal with June and others like her One hung up One severed connections What Miss Clarvoe did not realize was that she had severed too many connections in her life she had hung up too often too easily on too many people Now at thirty she was alone Coming back to the start of the novel to that scary telephone call that forced Helen Clarvoe to acknowledge her own self delusion and to issue a call for help to the world outside her hotel room I wondered what the crime was and who will assume the role of private detective Millar finds the unusual angle here too when she picks Paul Blackshear a laid back financial consultant with a keen eye for detail Mr Blackshear surprises even himself when he agrees to investigate the telephone call received by the daughter of his former wealthy client At fifty he was retiring gracefully by degrees partly because he could afford to but mostly because boredom had set in like a too early winter Things had begun to repeat themselves; new situations reminded him of past situations and people he met for the first time were exactly like people he’d known for years Nothing was new any Curiosity is a powerful motivator in a man who believes he has seen all aspects of human folly in his long career but Paul Blackshear brings much into this game of cat and mouse that will soon become deadly serious His empathy is balanced by his integrity that refuses to sugarcoat the issues with banalities or polite consolations in stark contrast with the secretive and paranoid Helen Clarvoe or later in encounters with several witnesses and relatives This is what he has to say about his unexpected first client as a detective She existed by for and unto herself shut off from the world by a wall of money and the iron bars of her egotism Soon Mr Blackshear has a suspect a former school friend of Helen named Evelyn Merrick but not a motive even as the threatening phone calls escalate to the people he investigates maliciously dripping poison in the ears of the most vulnerable “It’s a little than mischief I’m afraid”“Well she may be insane but she seems to know a lot about human frailties” As I try to steer clear of spoiler pitfalls I am relying on samples from the text hoping to wet the appetite of readers who enjoyed similar novel or movies Patricia Highsmith and Alfred Hitchcock are two well known names that come to mind in the vein of the Goodreads staple of ‘if you liked this you might like ’ As a fun trivia I checked if the novel has been filmed and apparently there is a TV episode of it in “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour” from 1964 He followed her down the dimly lit hall to the den A fire was spluttering in the raised fieldstone fire pit and the room was like a kiln In spite of the heat Verna Clarvoe looked pale and cold a starved sparrow preserved in ice In the past he had seen her in character playing the role she thought was expected of her the pretty and frivolous wife of a man who could afford her She was still onstage but she’d forgotten her lines and the props and backdrop had been removed and the audience had long since departed “A plate breaks and you throw it away A person breaks and all you can do is pick up the pieces and try to put them together the best way you can” Finally I plan to read from the author but I’m not sure which book to pick

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Beast In ViewAn old school chum sets the lonely aloof financially comfortable Miss Helen Clarvoe on a path as predictable only as madness Lured from her rooms in. This tautly written Edgar winning mystery novel published at or near the zenith of Millar's career features a young women terrorizing others through the power of words and no I'm not talking about the author How good was Millar Her husband Kenneth Millar changed his pen name in 1949 to Ross Macdonald in order to avoid any confusion with his wife