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DOWNLOAD ò Oh Shit Not again í ✹ Oh Shit Not again Epub ✼ Author Mandar Kokate – Librarian's Note Alternate cover edition for ISBN 8190591908 9788190591904 Have you ever experienced what happens when a porn movie is mistakenly played in front of your grandma and the CD player refu Librarian's Note Alternate cover Sed Welcome to hilarious story of five friends named Raj the flirt chap Arti the sweet female lead Andy the creepy leader and Sam the biggest problem of Raj's messed up life These people can answer all the above uestions in this fun tickling novelAre you ready to experience the roller coaster ride of events If yes then sit back and enjo. I wish there was some system of negative rating as well just for stuff like this bookI didn't waste much time on it and didn't want to spend any time at all writing about it but I just wanted to warn off anyone lured to this so called bookIt is utter rubbish and I couldn't bring myself to read beyond the second page becausea The writing is worse than abysmal You get way better from schoolchildren's compositionsSob I was genuinely afraid that I'd end up forgetting whatever little I know of the English languageThe crap fest begins with the title itself and I would imagine from the little I subjected myself to goes on and on until the book mercifully endsWhat self respecting publisher would even want to touch this one even with asbestos gloves on Answer None The publishers of this National Best Seller advertise at the very front of the volume that those who want to have their work published can just email them and Voila become a best selling author themselves PatheticI don't know what justification the publisher has to call it a best seller It sure seems like a great big lie a publicity stunt to make people actually just pick up the book from the shelf Or maybe the author himself just bought enough copies to have the fame The guy seriously makes Chetan Bhagat look like the Messiah of Indian writing in EnglishYou don't need to use complex words and literary constructs to be a good author You need a story and enough conviction and command over the language to tell it But you do need to have atleast the standard of English that a 5th standard English medium student wouldDo not I repeat DO NOT read this book even out of curiosity to see why people are saying it's so bad The authors wants desperately to ape and become the next Chetan Bhagat; but even that is too high a standard for his capabilitySo when you see this on the shelves in the book store hold your nose say oh shit and pass on Life is too short to waste even a few minutes on this one

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Librarian's Note Alternate cover edition for ISBNHave you ever experienced what happens when a porn movie is mistakenly played in front of your grandma and the CD player refuses to stopHave you ever experienced what happens when mixture of vodka and soft drink is served to hundreds of people gathered for a party Have you ever experience. The cover of this book said it's a National Best Seller and the abstract written at the back of the book tempted me to buy this when I was just going through the racks of books at the Crossword It also held the caution in the first page saying'Beware before you read you may die laughing'But sorry to say this was a complete disappointment I have completed the book in one day not because I enjoyed or it gripped me it was only because I didn't wanted to invest another day reading this stuffThe author Mandar Kokate seems to have written this as if a deadline of couple of days was given of him to complete the book The story revolves around 5 friends and the narrator being a character called Raj Really don't know what was expected from him because in the entire book all he could think about was sex a typical sex starved guy who could not control his manhoodThe story was far than fiction I will say the entire story was hypothetical It didn't had any real life similarityThings like moving on to a new locality then a porn movie being mistakenly played in front of a grandma falling in love again falling for other married woman then again falling for his cousin then seducing and kissing each one of them then a dramatic murder a divorce an attempted killing mixing vodka and sex pills in the soft drinks in a party and finally suicide All this things happening in a matter of 10 daysIs anybody so STUPID to believe all thisMandar shows how desperately he is trying to become an author My suggestion will be write some realistic stuff and please please please do not try to imitate anybody because there will be only one Chetan Bhagat only one Ravi Subramaniyam etc etcMy Verdict 1 StarPlease avoid reading this book

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Oh Shit Not againD what happens when a boy is kicked in the groin by a girl when he attempts to kiss her Have you ever experienced what happens when Oh Shit eBook #213 a college going student has an affair with a married woman whose husband carts a gun Have you ever experienced what happens when you are conspired into a murder that you had merely witnes. I felt i have wasted my money in buying such lousy book It talks about porn nothing else Oh shit not again in my life will i go for such new authors The name suggests the kind of content it has Worst