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Book Ò An Excess Male É Maggie Shen King Set in a near future China the One Child Policy has resulted in million men unable to find wives This book is one such leftover man’s uest for love and family under a State An Excess PDF or that seeks to glorify its past mistakes and impose order through authoritatian measures reinvigorated Communist ideals and social engineeringWei guo holds fast to the 45 starsA compelling and emotional read I loved the close examination of what constitutes family love and happiness for the four main characters and how wonderfully interconnected they were with each otherThe totalitarian regime combined with the regressive sociopolitical views forced by the government on the population made for a sufficiently frightening and depressing backdropDefinitely recommended particularly if you like rich character driven stories

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An Excess Male Epub Æ 416 pages Download Ï Helpyouantib ↠ [Reading] ➹ An Excess Male ➯ Maggie Shen King – Set in a near future China the One Child Policy has resulted in 40 million men unable to find wives This book is one such leftover man’s uest for love and family under Belief that as long as he continues to improve himself his small business and in turn his country his chance at love will come He finally saves up the dowry reuired to enter matchmaking talks at the lowest rung as a third husband the maximum allowed by law Only a single family one harboring an illegal spouse shows interest yet with May ling and her two hu What starts off as a great concept becomes a rather over written slow novel where nothing really happens Don't go in expecting a smart sci fi dystopian concept novel Its really just a literary drama in disguise The scifi concept is just a very fine mist The characters are rather uninteresting and the plot overly slow Not sure if this is based on any potential facts but it does feel realistic in the authors writing style

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An Excess MaleSbands Wei guo feels seen heard and connected to like never before But everyone and everything walls streetlights garbage cans are listening and men excess or not are dispensable to the State Wei guo must reach a new understanding of patriotism and test the limits of his love and his resolve in order to save himself and this family he has come to hold dear China's One Child Policy will result in around 24 million men than women of marriageable age by 2020 That's fact not science fiction and takes into account that the One Child Policy has been wound up This novel extrapolates a future where the One Child Policy continued and caused lasting social adaptations but even so most of the underlying issues explored in this book are now inevitable if somewhat exaggerated hereThe Excess Male at the heart of this book is Lee Wei guo a 44 year old moderately successful personal trainer who has acuired the means to court a wife However even after saving his entire life the best he can hope for is as a third husband of an already established family He's looking to marry into the Guo family with the senior husbands being Hann and Xiong xin both in their 50s and the wife is 22 year old May ling They also have a young child But nothing is straight forward The Guo family have secrets and their own reasons for wanting a third husband for May ling reasons that put the entire family in dangerous opposition to government policy But government policy in this future China is regressive and prescriptive pushing even the straight laced and honorable Wei guo into dangerThis is an important book looking at a very real future that China faces soon if not now but through a dystopic lens A very believable one unfortunately The treatment that same sex attracted males receive in this book and by this version of the Chinese government is horrible as is the direct intervention by the government into people's marriages The implementation of family planning policy in that country also makes the setting unfortunately plausible; with the Chinese government having form in the areaBut all of that is just background to a beautifully human story of four people developing deep relationships with each other only one of which is actually sexual It focuses a lot of time and energy on the inter relationships between the spouses many of which show simultaneously the deep understanding of each other while still showing just how annoyed or frustrated they can be with themselves There's also great positive depictions of older gay men as well as someone with Asperger's or somewhere on the ASD anyway neither of which leaves out the negativesAs I said this is an important book for anyone interested in China and its social issues if not dystopian science fiction in general