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Cherry Pie mobi Í 170 pages » [KINDLE] ❥ Cherry Pie ➛ Madison Faye – Having a crush on your best friend’s hot dad is perfectly normalAccidentally selling him your v card in an exclusive illicit online auction? Yeah not so normal I’ve had a crush on Marshall Bane Having a crush on your best friend’s hot D built like a Greek god He also happens to be my best friend’s dad When dire financial straits force me to put my v card up for auction at an exclusive club I know it’s a terrible idea But I’m out of options and a million dollars is a million dollars right? Except my mysterious auction winner? Marshall Bane Totally beau Madison comes out with a steamy forbidden love it was a uick pace easy read I wish i enjoyed this book i think what made me sad was Kendall 18 was the one acting Alphaish instead of Marshall 42 she was the one pursuing him when he kept fighting his feelings i get his point its his daughters best friend and she's 18 but i like my men to atleast take control in chasing if Kendall didn't push would he just ignore her until she left? Beside that the story was juicy even if they didn't spend alot of time in that secret club wish they did to keep those loud moans uite lol No cheating no owom drama slight drama secondary charas sexy times not a manwhore and a virgin galRecommend maybeCover ⭐⭐⭐Prologue Slowish insta Ex miltaryOlderyounger coupleMasturbation Anal playsex Pushpull from HHeaEpilogue

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Tiful totally forbidden totally than twice my age totally has had me twisted up tangled up and aching for him for years Marshall Bane This is forbidden It’s inappropriate It’s damn near breaking the law Selling my v card to my best friend’s dad is so wrong But you know what’s worse?Being this excited for him to collect Sweet Cherry Pie Oh Yeah“Cherry Pie” is another five star one handed over the top insta lustlove uickie from the wickedly dirty filthy smutty and wonderfully talented mind of Madison Faye Professionally written extremely fast paced with one holy hot ENORMOUS 40 something DAD remember age is just a number and a sweet like candy 18 year old heroine who auctions off her v card out of desperation AND guess who wins the auction Kendall’s BFF since the age of 5 father Although Marshall tries his best to resist Kendall she tastes like candy and the man obviously has an ENORMOUS sweet tooth among other things “Cherry Pie” is literally and I mean LITERALLYstuffed full and overflowing uh huh with the forbidden the taboo and an ENORMOUS amount of baby batter “Cherry Pie” offers lots of action oh yeah that kind a touch of drama and a very very naughty good timeImmediate satisfaction guaranteed 😉Disclaimer No Kindles were seriously harmed while reading this novel Children 18 and over only Reviewer not responsible if the song She’s My Cherry Pie gets stuck in your head cause I can’t seem to get it out of mine Disclaimer for the Disclaimer The term “seriously harmed” is not intended to include overheating scorch marks minor melting or inconseuential fire that can be put out with an extinguisher Fire retardant gloves highly recommended while reading Reviewer is not responsible for run on sentences misplaced commas to many of these thingy’s and illegal use of overly descriptive languageRATING DETAILS Based on 1 to 5 Gold StarsSTEAM FACTOR 5 Stuffed Full and Overflowing StarsWRITING STYLE 5 Professional StarsPLOT 5 Fast paced StarsENGAGING CHARACTERS 5 Holy Hot Cherry Poppin’ StarsSATISFYING CONCLUSION 5 Gratifying Stars I voluntarily received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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Cherry PieHaving a crush on your best friend’s hot dad is perfectly normalAccidentally selling him your v card in an exclusive illicit online auction? Yeah not so normal I’ve had a crush on Marshall Bane – “Mr B” – since I first knew what a crush was I mean the man checks every single box gorgeous dominant richer than sin an “Cherry Pie” is the story of Kendall and MarshallAnother forbidden May December smut by Ms Faye with the falling for your best friend’s dad tropeWhen our h is forced to sell her virginity in an online auction she never imagines the hot man she has been sexting is the man she has lusted after forever her best friend and neighbor’s fatherSecrets are discovered loads of super hot bang bang happens laden with body fluids some kinky loving breeding discoveries revenge and an almost bred HEA Read it for good uality smut 👌🏽Safe45