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Stone Harbor Bound Read & Download Ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB â ❮Download❯ ➼ Stone Harbor Bound Author Madeleine Mysko – In this lyrical new novel Madeleine Mysko author of Bringing Vincent Home sets a compelling story about grief and healing on the Jersey Shore Following Leading her to uestion the meaning of family and how love can endure conflict illness and addiction The mystery is that for so long she has been bound for and bound to Bridget's beloved Stone Harbo. Madeleine is such a beautiful writer This is a simple story of intertwined lives Just a snapshot but touching on so many tough issues like alcoholism family histories old vs new homosexuality and depression I can picture each character even hear their voices I would've read and am still wondering how everything turns out A treat to read

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In this lyrical new novel Madeleine Mysko author of Bringing Vincent Home sets a compelling story about grief and healing on the Jersey Shore Following the death of Stone Harbor PDFEPUB or her partn. Novel by a local author Good beach reading

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Stone Harbor BoundEr Bridget Camille Pickett heads for Stone Harbor All she has to do now is make a decision about the small bungalow she inherited Instead she is drawn into the troubles of two young people she meets. I finished Madeleine Mysko's new book Stone Harbor Bound I really enjoyed itI identified with Bridget the forgiving Catholic Bridget certainly bears her crosses in the story yet she remains optimistic positive about the future because she has faith that God forgives her every momentIn fact I thought the title could have been ForgivenessThat seemed to be the theme certainly MM hammers it out in those words the communion of saints the forgiveness of sins multiple times in the novelThe Communion of Saints as MM explains through a character is the belief in the mystical presence of the angels and saints at every celebration of the eucharist or mass Those who have died and entered heaven are by definition saints So when I attend mass my dad uncles aunts and everyone else that I pray went to heaven are at mass in a spiritual sense just as Bridget knew her deceased relatives were with herThis communion brings us back to the theme of her book Stone Harbor for Bridget and later for Camille was heaven Early in the book on of them mentions that the word harbor derives from haven which shares roots with heaven The word stone has reverberations for Christians Peter is the 'rock'; Christ is the 'cornerstone' There is the large stone that covers the tomb that must be rolled away as in the hymn roll away the stoneOwen's encounter with Erin and Camille recalls the parable of the Good Samaritan and Jesus's answer as to who is my neighbor Erin's story also joins families together Owen and Judy also seem to reflect the parable of the prodigal sonAll the frightening events of adult life come together in Stone Harbor Death addiction illness being the stranger in a strange land as Camille and Judy initially are in their joining their respective lovers' families all are found in the microcosm that is stone harbor Eventually all come to reconcile commune forgive and find acceptance in Stone Harbor