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FREE PDF Ù BOOK En helt vanlig familj á HELPYOUANTIB Ó [Ebook] ➣ En helt vanlig familj By M.T. Edvardsson – MT Edvardsson’s A Nearly Normal Family is a gripping legal thriller that forces the reader to consider How far would you go to protect the ones you love In this twisted narrativeMT Edvardsson’s A Nearly Normal Family is a gripping legal thriller that forces the reader to consider How far would you go to protect the ones you love In this twisted narrative En helt Epubof love and murder a horrific crime makes a seemingly normal family uestion everything they thought they knew ab “We were a perfectly ordinary family and then everything changed”A Nearly Normal Family is a tautly written psychological thriller about an 18 year old girl accused of murder Her seemingly perfect parents will do whatever it takes to protect her even if it means destroying their family 18 year old Stella is accused of murdering her lover Her father Adam a pastor and her mother Ulrika a high power attorney are determined to free their daughter Doing so forces them to come to terms with who they really are exposing their flaws and crumbling their carefully crafted facade of a perfect familyThe narrative is broken up into three parts and each part is told by a different perspective The perfect father the rebellious daughter and the strong powerful mother Each shift in perspective is jarring just when you think you understand these characters the way others view them opens up new understandings of their skewed sense of realitySome readers have complained that Adam’s story part one moves too slowly but for me it was one of my favorite parts of this novel I found his character fascinating especially seeing how his warped self perception leads him to unravel A Nearly Normal Family is a slow burn character study It is not an action packed read While the mystery was interesting the intriguing characters and shifting perceptions of reality kept me glued to the pages What I loved most about this book was how it played with the truth especially the idea of truth exposing the many different sides of one's understanding of realityI won a copy of this book from a Goodreads giveaway

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Mother a criminal defense attorney find their moral compasses tested as they defend their daughter while struggling to understand why she is a suspect Told in an unusual three part structure A Nearly Normal Family asks the uestions How well do you know your own children How far would you go to protect th MT Edvardsson writes a compelling psychological thriller in the dark and disturbing Scandi Noir tradition which gives the reader insights into Swedish law Set in the small Swedish city of Lund a highly respectable and upstanding local family Adam a Church of Sweden pastor his wife Ulrika an ambitious go getting criminal defense lawyer are horrified and shocked when their strong willed volatile teenage daughter Stella is arrested on suspicion of the brutal murder of a wealthy shady older businessman Chris Stella and her best friend Amina had met Chris a few weeks previously The narrative is delivered from the perspective of Adam Ulrika and Stella where the focus is less on crime and on a character driven study of dysfunctional family dynamics of a 'nearly normal' familyIn a complex and multilayered story we find out about Adam Ulrika and Stella how Adam's expectations of Stella and Ulrika's intense focus on her career has resulted in a poor relationship with their daughter We learn of Stella's rape by church camp counselor when she was 15 and Adam's dark obsession in Stella's personal life The narrative goes back and forth in time to give us a picture of the family through time In the present convinced of Stella's innocence Adam decides to look deeply into the murder as his life begins to increasingly spin off the rails The trial is a riveting affair in this suspenseful tale with some surprising twists This is a psychological thriller of morality and ethics family that asks how far will parents go to protect their daughter There are the reuisite unreliable and unlikeable narrators secrets and a web of lies and deceit that surround a normal Swedish family Edvardsson highlights how people are defined by life's trials and tribulations and uestions the concept of a 'normal' family This is an absorbing read my favourite part was the trial This novel is for fans of Scandi Noir and crime fiction Many thanks to Pan Macmillan for an ARC

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En helt vanlig familjOut their life and one anotherEighteen year old Stella Sandell stands accused of the brutal murder of a man almost fifteen years her senior She is an ordinary teenager from an upstanding local family What reason could she have to know a shady businessman let alone to kill himStella’s father a pastor and A slow burn that's hot 45 rounded upI usually don’t like slow burns but this crime drama had a fire that warmed me right up Did the nearly normal daughter commit this heinous crime Did the nearly normal parents act normallyHere is what the husband said about their lives “On Monday nights my wife went to yoga and on Thursdays I played tennis We had a mortgage which we dutifully made payments on; we sorted our trash and used our blinkers and kept to the speed limit and always returned library books on time”Even though they sound sort of anal or goody two shoes with the speed limit and library book returns business they really are normal as all get out Until their daughter is accused of murder We get the dad’s story then the daughter’s then the mom’s The different perspectives on the same situation kept adding depth to the characters and excitement to the plot It’s all told in first person which I like because it makes the characters seem so real like they’re personally letting me in on their secretsI wasn’t wowed by the first section which was the dad’s He was a sympathetic character and I felt his pain which is the most important thing actually But he was a little too predictable and a tad boring His conflicts and his behavior were just well nearly normal—even the thing he did that was supposed to be a big deal I’m being vague on purpose here He seemed sort of whiny and he repeated stuff He reminded me of the dad in a book I loved called Defending Jacob—maybe a little too much in that I’d heard it all before One thing that did work was this he made me so so curious to find out what his daughter was like Was she nearly normal Or was she a psychopath What were her secrets I mean all teenagers keep secrets but were hers especially bad or even evilI was so jazzed when he shut up because next I got to hear directly from his daughter who was in jail Cool transition by the author Let’s hear what she has to say What was she really like Was she capable of killing someone I got busy comparing what she said to what her dad had reported about her trying to figure out whether his worries were justified trying to size her up It was hard not to get attached to her even though I didn’t know if she was guilty or whether she was someone I should be attached to I loved this section completely I liked how she didn’t tell the whole story—I had to wait until the end to find out what really happened And it was a clever surpriseThe mom’s story took up the last section of the book and that’s where we got riveting courtroom scenes I’m not always crazy about courtroom dramas but here the scenes were perfection Good lawyers good uestions good answers and no confusion no new players whom I had to get to know at the last minute I was pretty much on the edge of my seat by this time I liked the mom’s story She was angsty but it didn’t get old Hearing from her was a treat after hearing about her second hand from her husband and daughter She was much complex than I had thoughtThis is a crime drama with depth and soul The characters are all introspective and don’t cut themselves any slack I love it when characters think so much about what they’re doing and how it affects everyone else; it elevates the mystery makes it ten times better than a flat whodunit The author did a great job showing us the complex family dynamics—the dysfunction and the love the secrets and lies the doubts It perfectly captures the pain and guilt of being a parent and drills home how you just don’t ever know what your teenagers are doing They do have a secret life—you just have to hope it’s not an evil or dangerous oneEditor twitches Once info was presented twice several pages apart Editor editor where are you And there was an incident at jail that was just dropped I desperately wanted to hear what happened afterwardThe author is Swedish; I thought the translation was good It was fun to see how the justice system works in Sweden It wasn’t totally different from what we have in the US but different enough to make me stop and ponder Need to check out whether this author has other books that have been translatedFinal verdict A really good read A fantastic character study and a cool and satisfying courtroom scene Great for people who want a meaty whodunit or who want a good family drama Funny this is the second literary crime drama I’ve read this year—Miracle Creek is the other Both had teenage girls in the mix and both had courtrooms I loved both books but right this second I think I liked A Nearly Normal Family a little bit better It’s close though Read both is what I say; neither will disappointThanks to NetGalley for the advance copy