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FREE READ ç Seduction ¸ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Seduction By M.J. Rose ➲ – From the author of The Book of Lost Fragrances comes a haunting novel about a grieving woman who discovers the lost journal of novelist Victor Hugo awakening a mystery that spans centuriesIn 1843 nove From the author of The Book of Lost Fragrances cFrom the author of The Book of Lost Fragrances comes a haunting novel about a grieving woman who discovers the lost journal of novelist Victor Hugo awakening a mystery that spans centuriesIn novelist Victor Hugo’s beloved nineteen year old daughter drowned Ten years later Hugo began participating in hundreds of séances to reestablish contact with her In th. Seduction by M J Rose is certainly a novel of suspense The story is set in the past and the present and is a story of reincarnation and mythology This is out of my normal comfort zone and after seeing the beautiful cover of this book I was intrigued I am happy to say I continued to be intrigued as I turned the pages of this Novel I believe this is a seuel to The book of Lost Fragrances which I have not read but I didnt feel at a disadvantage having not read it and was able to establish a connection to this story uite uicklyIn 1843 novelist Victor Hugo's beloved nineteen year old daughter drowned Ten years later still grieving Hugo initiated hundreds of séances from his home on the Isle of Jersey in order to re establish contact with her In the process he claimed to have communed with Plato Galileo Shakespeare Dante Jesus—and even the Devil himself Hugo's transcriptions of these conversations have all been published The story is set around these facts but with other story lines fictional characters and present day events the book makes a terrific suspense novelSeduction is a beautifully haunting and atmospheric tale of love loss pain and secrets There is at the heart of this book a gothic taleghost story and at times it kind of gave me the “Heebie jeebies” but in a good wayThis is a highly descriptive and a very well written novel and I certainly was pulled back in 19th Century as I got a great sense of time and place from this novelI especially enjoyed the Victor Hugo connection in this story and found myself goggling The Isle of Jersey and Victor Hugo to find out what is real and what is fiction but having finished the novel MJ Rose includes a chapter detailing what is fact and what is fiction which I really appreciatedThis was an ARC from Atria Books and Net Galley and I really enjoyed this suspenseful tale

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E process he claimed to have communed with the likes of Plato Galileo Shakespeare Dante Jesus and even the Devil himself Hugo’s transcriptions of these conversations have all been published Or so it was believedRecovering from her own losses mythologist Jac L’Etoile arrives on the Isle of Jersey where Hugo conducted the séances hoping to uncover a secret. Giveaway on my blogJac L’Etoile has returned to the States from France leaving behind the love of her life Griffin North and facing an uncertain future in terms of lost motivation and a lack of direction In Connecticut her old therapist and mentor Malachai shows her the secret and ancient rock formations on his family's estate that appear to be Celtic; the revelation helps jolt Jac out of her fugue but so does the letter she discovers Malachai has been hiding from her a letter from her friend Theo Gaspard whom she knew at the Blixer Rath clinic in Switzerland Jac was at Blixer when she was fourteen sent by her grandmother to see if Malachai and the other therapists could hep her with her hallucinations Theo was two years older and while they never fit in with the other teenagers at the clinic they became close friends But Malachai sees Theo as a danger to Jac and warns her against himTheo lives on the Isle of Jersey in the English Channel an island full of caves and ancient Celtic sites In his letter he asks Jac to join him in searching for evidence of the Druids and Jac is all too eager to oblige There are mysteries within mysteries in Jac's life she and Theo have an unusual connection which neither of them really understand and Theo has an ulterior motive in calling Jac whom he hasn't seen since he abruptly left Blixer Rath well over a decade ago to JerseyAt Wells in Wood the very old rambling stone building the Gaspards have lived in for generations Theo discovered a letter from the celebrated French author poet and statesman Victor Hugo to his ancestor Fantine Gaspard in which Hugo mentions a journal hidden in a cave only the two of them know of that will tell a story no one has heard before A story about the Shadow of the Sepulcher also known as LuciferSince the loss of his wife Theo has perhaps an unhealthy obsession with finding Hugo's journal and learning and amongst all these Celtic ruins and ancient ritual sites Jac is easily drawn into the mystery The layers of mystery only deepen and the truth becomes complicated as the past threatens to overtake the present and obliterate the lives of Fantine's descendantsI wasn't at all aware when I agreed to review this that Seduction was part of a series Having read it I can tell you that it doesn't make all that much difference The previous book The Book of Lost Fragrances is also about Jac and this book does mention some details from her summer in Paris the setting of the other book but it made no real difference that I hadn't read it or any of the other books in the series all of which feature different characters as far as I can make outReincarnation is a theme and an integral part of the plot but there are so many layers to this novel that it's hard to say what is the main theme Victor Hugo plays a role and a convincing one at that as he recounts in 1855 certain episodes from his time living in exile in Jersey where he held over a hundred séances at first to ease his grief after his eldest Didine drowns but it becomes a kind of unhealthy obsession that worries at him especially after they make contact with Lucifer the Shadow of the Sepulcher who offers him a deal restore his reputation in poetry and he will bring Didine back to Victor But as Hugo learns the Shadow's methods are abhorrent he lures young girls away from their beds at night and brings them to the brink of death at which point Hugo finds them and the Shadow tries to get him to let the girls die so Didine's soul can take their place In the present Jac's story of her time at Blixer Rath her unusual friendship with Theo and what it means that she hallucinates things from Theo's life and his previous lives not that she believes in reincarnation weaves in and out of the narrative gradually adding blocks of knowledge to the foundation of mystery that this novel rests on There is another side to the story too a Celtic family in 56 BCE facing a horrific situation the three players in the drama playing out their tragic roles down through the ages until finally it reaches the Gaspards and Jac with her uniue ability to see Theo's past life learns the truth behind the strife between Theo and his younger brother Ash and Theo's wife NaomiThere are so many layers to this gothic horror mystery suspense novel it's a wonder that it works at all If I untangle them slightly there are two plot lines Victor Hugo's encounters with the Devil and the bargain he offers and the search for the lost journal; and Jac's ongoing problems with hallucinations her resistance to Malachai's belief in reincarnation her visions from 56 BCE and Theo's past life Somehow Rose weaves these together to make one solid story but I'm not entirely convinced they fit together all that well I was engaged by Victor Hugo's story which was full of spooky atmosphere and chilling details and brings that wonderful sense of Victorian Gothic Horror to the story which is nicely linked to the present through the rather oppressive and monstrous Gaspard mansion which is perched on the edge of the cliff and even the Victorian house hidden away in the woods that Ash lives in Jersey itself is a vivid setting full of dark woods you can get lost in precipitous cliffs mist and even wolves All the apt for the spookiness of Jac's visions and the slightly menacing atmosphere between Theo and Ash the Gaspard brothers There's also their great aunts Minerva and Eva who have their own secrets This is certainly a book about airing the past and healing old woundsAs interesting as the story was and the multiple layers or dimensions to it did appeal to me I struggled a bit reading this Rose's prose is perfectly competent but her style her voice isn't one that really worked for me It's hard to say why it's just one of those things We all have our own uniue brain patterns the rhythms of our mind and our own voice even if we're not writers and sometimes we find authors whose own voice or style their way with words how they construct sentences aligns well with our own or balances it or engages or stimulates or what have you And other times an author's voice jars or annoys or bores us Rose's voice just didn't uite engage mine so that I too often found my mind wandering It's not an easy thing to explain especially when I can't say that there's any particular reason why I didn't click better with this novel It has so many elements that should have completely engaged me but that didn't Perhaps part of the problem was that there was so much going on here and for a while I simply didn't know what story I was reading or where it was headed It's not going to be that way for everyone obviously so I don't want it to detract from anyone's interest in reading this But this being my personal review it's important to note itSeduction has many strengths not least of which is the depth of Rose's research into Victor Hugo the Celts the art of creating perfume and any number of other things It's rather exhausting to think of it Rose has created a deeply atmospheric multi layered novel of mystery suspense and gothic horror weaving the lives of centuries into one complex tale There is a scene at the end that I found to be horrific and tragic and that still makes me want to cry just thinking about it but that just made the revelations all that much stronger and caring about a novel's characters makes the reading experience linger for a long time I may have struggled to connect with the characters and the story in some ways but it isn't a story I'll forget in a hurry; as for the characters so will it echo and resonate over the years with meMy thanks to the publisher for a copy of this book via France Book Tours


SeductionAbout the island’s Celtic roots But the man who’s invited her there a troubled soul named Theo Gaspard has hopes she’ll help him discover something uite different Hugo’s lost conversations with someone called the Shadow of the SepulcherWhat follows is an intricately plotted and atmospheric tale of suspense with a spellbinding ghost story at its heart. MJ Rose’s Seduction moves between the haunted world of Victor Hugo in 1855 on the Isle of Jersey after the death of his daughter and the eually problematic life of Rose’s modern heroine Jac L’Etoile a mythologist and innately talented perfumer with a tragic past The book opens with news of the drowning of Hugo’s daughter Didine and subseuent attempts to contact her through séances Hugo the great French rationalist and defender of secular justice becomes obsessed with the dead even to the point of awakening a dangerous spirit On the modern side of this literary euation Jac yields to her own menacing temptations Jac’s extraordinary olfactory sense seems to draw her into the past as her “recall” of events is triggered by particular smells Her mentor Malachai Samuels a Jungian psychiatrist and believer in reincarnation tries unsuccessfully to hold her to safe projects but instead she finds hidden in Malachai’s papers an invitation to her from Theo Gaspard a man she hasn’t seen since she was fourteen to come to the Isle of Jersey and explore Celtic ruins As teenagers they connected at the Swiss clinic where Malachai treated both troubled kids but they were separated for reasons Jac never understood after a mysterious accident Now Jac trying to recover from a broken heart can’t help but wonder what Theo really wants and has to offer She always felt an enticing sizzle between them Malachai is right to have been concerned as it turns out The journals from Hugo’s séances and the Celtic remains on Jersey tangle Jac and Theo in a dangerous web that may be the spirit world may be Jungian universal images or perhaps past lives coming through in a deadly way Rose uses all these possibilities to invite the reader to enter into this ominous and atmospheric world Rose brought us the appealing Jac L’Etoile in The Book of Lost Fragrances and I’m glad to follow her into a new adventure blending the past and the present in a mystical way I did not realize there had been a spiritualist stage for Victor Hugo author of Les Miserables a humanistic book determined to right social injustices toward the poor Rose moved me with her portrayal of his grief and the frightening wild irrationalities it drove him to Her blending of the mystical and the historical pulls the reader deeply into the emotional crises of Jac and Hugo This is a difficult book to put down