Shorter Prose Ponzil the Pistolero and His Comedy of Combustion A Different World from Olive Listed’s Max Lane Read & Download Ò 4

review Shorter Prose Ponzil the Pistolero and His Comedy of Combustion A Different World from Olive Listed’s Max Lane

Shorter Prose Ponzil the Pistolero and His Comedy of Combustion A Different World from Olive Listed’s Max Lane Read & Download Ò 4 ↠ [PDF / Epub] ✐ Shorter Prose Ponzil the Pistolero and His Comedy of Combustion A Different World from OliveA poet each Shorter Prose PDF story continues to expandShorter Prose is classified under fiction memoir and includes three short stories I Ponzil the Pistolero and his Comedy of Combustion I. M Sarki’s short book Shorter Prose describes itself as “Fiction Memoir” which is a fine non oxymoron A memoir sensu stricto is something written by or on behalf of someone who has accomplished something other than writing But Sarki aside from reading and reviewing on goodreads writing the occasional book of poetry is not the world historical type figure who might earn a memoir Good But instead he writes; fiction “Fiction Memoir” is no new genre if we might recollect that all writing is autobiographical in a boring sense and that all memoirs even memoirs of those world historical figures who have earned them are already fictive in the interesting narrative sense But the confessedly fictive memoir erases the relevance of any claim to the ‘how things really were’ suggested by “memoir” Hawkes’s Adventures in the Alaskan Skin Trade Barth’s Once Upon a Time Eggar’s Heartbreaking Work Etc and now Shorter Prose They earn their status not as memoir but as fiction Sorry but who cares to read your life if you’ve not written your life well And Sarki has written his life well This is how well I would like him to write my memoir my memories my recollected experiences I’d sooner forget but can’t Reading the first piece the longest piece the most reflective piece “Ponzil the Pistolero and his Comedy of Combustion” left my mind wandering to my own unwritten memoir but it would not have been an AP or Kroger’s but a Piggley Wiggley in Americus Georgia where I cashed my Pig Check every week 25 per and then 40 per for doing the Lord’s work and so I could buy my groceries and the manager once cashed a check from my supportive parents because ‘It’s good to help out these folks who are doing the Lord’s work’ The final piece Max Lane left my mind wandering to my own unwritten memories of dirt farming grandparents and mourning that none in my family ever had talent enough with the pen as Sarki does to properly commemorate and memorialize that dusty twentieth century experience of working an unwelcoming and fallow land The second piece “A Different World from Olive Listed’s” I must confess I didn’t read because my mind wandered to my own playground and school and my own confrontation with a bully I was already guilty of having provoked about my own ineptness in dealing with strange kids my age whose lives I was too young to imagine myself into The deceptive simplicity of Sarki’s writing leading one to think “I could write like this I should write like this; I feel like were I to write a ‘Fiction Memoir’ it would sound like this because this is what my memory feels like” cannot be to underestimate the ease through which one falls through the words and the sentences into memory real and invented It is neither audacious nor stupid a big word and a small word to find a voice written upon a page which might well be one’s own if one had only found it first But Sarki did and I’ve no doubt that should he not be capable of writing a memoir on my behalf he has yet many such pieces remaining in the nib of his prose pen and whether he’s a poet or not is irrelevant since his prose is prose which one might onl

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I A Different World from Olive Listed’s III Max Lane Prose Ponzil the MOBI #239 The book is a pocket size x inches and is available in both hardcover and softcover versions as well as Kindl. This little gem of a kindle edition is available now at

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Shorter Prose Ponzil the Pistolero and His Comedy of Combustion A Different World from Olive Listed’s Max LaneFrom the introduction M Ponzil the Kindle #213 Sarki the poet has expanded to prose and produced Shorter Prose a collection of three stories short shorter and very short but being the work of. M Sarki is a GR friend with whom I share a love of Walser and Sebald among others He's also a talented poet and writer who sent me a copy of his latest work in return for an honest review It's a pleasure to report that I am certain I would be captivated by Shorter Prose even if I didn't know Sarki at all There's something special about poets' approach to writing prose and Sarki's Shorter Prose is no exception I especially found that attention to sounds and rhythms a delight in words in the first and longest piece in this collection Ponzil the Pistelero and His Comedy of Combustion In this prose piece the narrator describes his childhood and adolescences in East Tawas MI a small town in which the Lutheran church cast a long shadow on his life where he would be haunted by his being called stupid by the produce man at the AP where he came up against his father's disappointment in his not being a good Lutheran not being smart not fitting in better The structure of this piece is beautifully crafted with repetition of certain themes and people and stories from the narrator's past all swirling together and carrying the reader on a sea of words and a perspective that could not be confined by the expectations of his neighbors in East Tawas Faded family photographs scans of childhood drawings and ads from newspapers provide a visual accompaniment but I was carried away by Sarki's writing insisting that white tissue paper is filmsy not flimsy; reminding us of the magic of a plastic brontosaurus; considering the appropriateness of using the word avoirdupois Later in this opening piece he says In my case words become my playthings for which I as his reader am thankful Highly recommended for lovers of language appreciators of genre breaking approaches to memoir and fiction and prose and poetry and adventuresome readers willing to experience the frustration and limits of living in a small town and the resilience of an imagination that refuses to see the world as everyone else does