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Free read Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ô M. Jules Aedin Men Arieh Sef'ea cannot imagine a worse fate than to be sold as a love slave to a Keshen so. Okay the official blurb for this book is a bit of a groaner; sounds like a rather seedy romance But this novel and it is a full length novel not yet another of the shorter novellas that are so popular is so much than that The story is completely different in style and tone than Windows in Time which I had previously mentioned enjoying and which is what led me to this book in the first place Despite the very different tone in the end I would say that this is perhaps an even better story than the aforementioned time slip mystery Every Good Thing is in fact a fantasy not a historical But the magical elements are muted and in many ways it reads like a historical as it's set in a world very similar to what one would find at the heart of the Roman Empire at its peak Arieh's culture and religion have than a few elements in common with the Judaism of 2000 years ago but in addition to this there are also echoes of a few New Testament stories Some examples would be the story of the centurion and the slave and Zacchaeus in the tree Okay perhaps not uite so much the Zacchaeus story just a few elements of itI suppose this could almost have been written as a straightforward historical by removing the magical elements but I'm glad it wasn't; I'm not uite sure the story could have played out as it did and still have been perfectly in period I personally always enjoy reading fantasy novels which go into a little detail regarding the religious structure of the imagined world and this was no different; I liked the way the varying systems were presentedWhen describing the relationship between the two men the book doesn't reach the depth or detail of a fantasy like The Archer's Heart but then that book is a personal favourite of mine and there's not much that is uite eual to it in my opinion Overall however I was uite pleased with this story as I said I couldn't put it down and I was rather captivated by it The tale ends most satisfactorily but there are a few small loose threads that aren't uite entirely tied up and I can't help but hope that the author has another story in the works regarding these two fellows I would love to read about themThe cover perhaps isn't particularly professional by today's e book standards but I do like it It's a bit different than the usual type of design though I can't say that the model looks exactly like how I pictured the main character he's far too pale

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Free download Every Good Thing ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Every Good Thing By M. Jules Aedin ➦ – Raised in a strict religion that forbids association with foreigners as well as love between men Arieh Sef'ea cannot imagine a worse fate than to be sold a Ldier Both men must learn that bodies may be purchased Every Good PDF but hearts must be won. Very good story about a man sold into slavery to a soldier of the empire that conuered his people His people's beliefs are very strict against wasted sperm through masturbation homosexual sex everything that's not missionary position malefemale and so it is a challenge for him to adjust I really liked Enitan the soldier who wanted than a slave or willing body he bought Arieh beautiful name btw as a pais which is of a highly ranked in the household lover or husbandAt first the sections that were through secondary characters' eyes bothered me and I wanted through the MCs' eyes but then I saw how those POV's were necessary to really understand all of the workings behind the main love story It also let me see what was coming from a mile away and left me uestioning at the end when a couple of plot threads weren't tied up Suua's story Junia and Sariyah Sariyah's brother's fate I hope we at least get a seuel vignette with Suua finding his one and onlyBut what I liked most was that it was not an instant let's just forget all logic insta lovelust situation where they go at it like rabbits from the beginning It took time to build their relationship and become lovers and I really appreciated that Stamp of approval

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Every Good ThingRaised in a strict religion that forbids association with foreigners as well as love between. This is a fantasy novel but I think there are some references to the way of life of or less 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ probably was wandering around and doing his miracles Two different people the Riineans and the Keshens are living together but not in harmony The Keshens are soldiers and they conuered the Riineans and now the conuered people have to pay high taxes to the conuerors taxes that sometime they are not able to reach Slavery in this case is legal choice and a family sometime is forced to give up one of their sons as payment That is the destiny of Arieh the older son of a farmer who is chosen thanks to his good looks to be sold as a pleasure slaves Actually Arieh doesn’t fully realize is destiny the Riineans are a very strict people and sex is not a way of pleasure but a procreation duty; plus homosexuality is seen as one of the biggest sin death the normal conseuence Even if the author chooses a fantasy setting I think she tried to respect some historical accuracy Arieh’s age is not clearly stated it’s only said that he is a boy and that he reached the age to be declared “independent” from his family; he is soon to become an apprentice All those details can give you the idea that he is an adult young yes but still an adult But if you think to the time and to the usually lifespan of a man of that period I think that Arieh is probably still a teenager probably in the middle of his teen years There are different hints of that both physical than emotional Arieh is still uite “dependant” on an emotional level he has still a strong bond with his mother a figure that he readily substituted with Junia the main female figure in the novel It’s not that Arieh suddenly doesn’t love his mother; I think that he loves her so much that he absolutely needs to have still a similar figure in his life Then there is the physical aspect Arieh is still smooth like someone who hasn’t yet reach puberty and even is bone structure is gangly like a young colt that has still not grown his height So if someone wonders on Arieh’s lack of rebellion on his uite fast acceptance of his destiny and his “weak” reaction to Enitan’s first sexual approaches you have to consider all of above Arieh for me is not still a man and his behaviour is of a boy than a man Truth be told Enitan is not even a so dangerous man True he is a soldier but I think he has not a “strong” core meaning that I see him like a kind and gentle man than a dangerous soldier He is probably the right man to help Arieh in his path towards the life of a pais a male lover since he doesn’t approach Arieh with strength but with a gentle hand Enitan waits cuddles comforts and in the end picks up the results of his patience The love story between Arieh and Enitan is not made of strong passions but of warm feelings and I believe that this approach well go with both men’s characters There are also other two interesting stories going on in the background not fully developed but with an interesting point of view one is the story of a Riinean magician Ashar and his apprentice Suua; they are both interesting characters and just in the end we learn something about Suua that made me look back with different eyes to their story But the interesting story is probably the one between Junia and Sariyah Junia is a female slave in the home of Enitan a woman who Enitan practically made into his housekeeper and mistress without any sexual bonds between them; Sariyah is a dancer a single mother who enters Enitan’s house a night for a feast and practically never goes out There is something between Junia and Sariyah something subtle that probably no one of them yet realize but that the reader can clearly see Reading the blurb I was expecting for the book to be harsh and instead in the end there is an odd uietness all along the story a feeling that goes well with the uite “Arabian” atmosphere that is like the peaceful sound of flowing water in a fountain than the noisy rushing of water down a fall