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Free read Clockwork Pirate õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç ❴KINDLE❵ ❂ Clockwork Pirate Author Lyn Gala – Alex hid his unnatural attraction to men for many years That changes when the pirate Beche takes Alex after capturing his ship At first Alex believes his fate is death and the onlChe expects no of this latest captive but soon Beche begins to realize that Alex is a naïve and beautiful man who values family and struggles with his own place in society That poses an even larger problem because Beche does not want to send Alex back to a world that will mistreat him but he has no place for a lord on a ship full of pirat. WellI don't know what to sayI was literary blown away by this bookIt's hard to point out what I liked the most and why you should read itBelieve methis book has so many layers that I'm truly confused where to startBut lets start from secondary characters who are extremely well developedbut not to the point that you feel like MCs page time suffers because of it and you will love them all Alex's sistersof whom one is genius inventor and lesbian and the other one is cunning and fierce as any man Then there are Beche's fellow piratesFabrice and Manueland Beche himselfyou will feel brotherly love between these men and you will sympathize with them and what they've been through and you will understand why they chose to be pirates and you will love them for it Storyline of this book followed the pattern that I love the most build anticipation for half of the book when it reaches its peak and after that point everything cools off so when you reach the end everything is nicely wrapped and there are no loose ends So in the first halfexpect to see how Alex struggles with his life on the pirate ship and how relationship between him and Beach slowly develops And then hard choices must be madebut our MCs manage to overcome all obstacles thrown in their way with help of the amazing people aforementionedSadlyI must saythis book was weaker when it comes to romance considering its lengthand unfortunatelyeven weaker on some man on man actionbut if you read the book WHICH I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you will see that's justifiedAlex experienced pretty ugly things because of his affection toward menso it's understandable he's afraidconfused and awkward when it comes to physical interactionThe only thing I didn't like was the fact that Lilian Beach's dead wife was mentioned too much He compared Alex to her too much and on too many levels you'll understandand it was really irritating at one point And that is the very reason why I almost always avoid those kind of storiesno matter how intrigued I am by the story Call me hopeless romanticbut I love when MCs are each other's first great love But not even that managed to deter me from reading THIS BOOK WAS JUST THAT GOODsoREAD IT

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Alex hid his unnatural attraction to men for many years That changes when the pirate Beche takes Alex after capturing his ship At first Alex believes his fate is death and the only uestion a matter of how he might die However the longer he is on the ship the he realizes that Beche hates the world because it is unfair in ways Alex never und. Playing by their rules and winningProfit on the high seas is still a challenge even in the time of airships Pirates marauding for a share of the wealth being moved along the Golden Triangle Merchants maximizing their take and investors protecting their positions Alex attempts to protect his family's much needed income by journeying with the cargo Captured Alexander Margrave of Mergau's world catastrophically changes when he's taken for ransom Alex's naiveté is swept away as he grows both personally and his awareness of the world at play As the spare he was never trained to be margrave or march lord and his perceived weaknesses has him shunted to the corners The lives of all involved are permanently altered Beche and Alex are nightday yingyang and firewater Neither is prepared for the other though Beche's upbringing and beliefs are far tolerant I liked that this didn't rush Plot driven the romance was sweet and an underlying thread but never drove the story Beche's discussion of love and its various manifestations was uite lovely Still Pirates high seas and danger Swashbuckling with a dose of reality Life was not easy Soft got crushed And whipping was a common form of feedback in many situations British naval men weren't called lobsterbacks because of their uniforms but because of their scarring The discussion of African slavery is never easy and the blunt portrayal of conscripted convict servitude as the new slavery in a post Proclamation time eases the guilt and underscores the truth about the South's economy as fundamentally unsustainable the desperate cruel grasping to maintain the plantation system which originated with indentured servitude See the Bacon Rebellion to understand how early America adopted its preference for appalling racial based slavery The supporting cast of secondary characters are fabulous Fun feisty vignettes unto themselves Philla eldest and bred to lead until her male siblings came to chance interesting twist on primogeniture Aster Alex's contriver sister who is a master tinker and the interesting nod to Tesla hell yeah that's sexy Manuel Fabrice and Beche are all victims of the plantation system Different voices about the same problem and the burden they carry from it Things are not always as they seem and certainly never as simple As the characters overcome their prejudices and first impressions they begin to understand the other's motivations There is an ongoing discussion of gender and some racial politics and how the arbitrary rules are dysfunctional and fail to recognize the inherent motivations of people that have nothing to with the wrapping and everything to do with their being Anyway I'll spare everyone my views on how monotheistic religions set up inflexible binaries that do nothing but damage propagate intolerance and unravel under logic This is a cleverly wrought discussion of a difficult subject And Hallelujah Interracial romance that completely ignores stereotypes and tropes My first impression and rating of this story was 4 stars but as I thought about it and wrote this review I can't in good conscience give it less than 5 stars because it is that valuable to me Intelligent entertainment without didacticism Overall a pathos argument about complexity and fluidity in which the desperate need to catalog and box things leads to failure inefficiency and tortureFavorite uote “He will need you later and he will need to look into your eyes without seeing a reflection of his sins cast back at him A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown reviewReviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews

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Clockwork PirateErstood As Alex begins to respect this strong independent man Alex’s dormant desires begin to reassert themselvesBeche hates the titled classes and their government enforcers They might have outlawed slavery on paper but they never came to the islands to free him or his family Since his skin is black society has little respect for him Be. 35 starsuite a satisfying tale of a margrave being captured by a swashbuckling African pirate I admit I felt it was rather dragging at places though Plus Beche's discussion about the manwoman's soul and body was a little too much strange for my taste However the characters were alive within these pages from Alex Beche to the secondary characters of the ship crews as well as Alex's sisters The relationship built up from the time when Alex was first captured to the very end was fulfillingIn addition I had to give props to Lyn Gala for creating COMPETENT and RESOURCEFUL women here I have enough of women being portrayed as bitchy or villain y in MM romance or the big obstacle for the men to get their true love