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StarbornIty's subterranean chambers amongst fanatics and rebels But first Kyndra will be brutally tested in a bid to unlock her own magicIf she survives the ordeal she'll discover a force greater than she could ever have imagined But could it create as well as destroy And can she control it to right an ancient wro. ARC copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis is an enjoyable fantasy somewhere between a pure adventure and an epic The world building was well done and evocative managing to conjure images of something like middle earth mixed with medieval England with a few almost steam punk elements and an interesting magic system It does travel the well worn treads of a young person of ordinary descent suddenly finding out that they have a birthright which shapes their world view anew however it tackles this in a fresh engaging way not merely resorting to tired tropes The plot may contain few surprises for dedicated fantasy fans but it is nevertheless an entertaining journeyI found the characterization a bit spotty none of them really stood out for me although I liked a few of them well enough A few characters might have benefited from greater exposition whilst others could have done with less as they didn't really add anything Kyndra was a puzzle in this regard; one moment she has agency and the next she doesn't and things just happen to her while she passively thinks about them I did like her but I can't say I really connected with her There was no great strength or great flaw nothing to really get a grip on The pace could have done with variation It wasn't too slow or too fast but it was pretty much the same throughout Which is fine if you want to follow an epic adventure slightly removed from the action but I like to be a bit closer to the characters I'm reading I was pulled back to read the book not out of a need to know what happened next but out of a desire to visit that world again If you can have 'ideas fantasy' then this is probably a good example at one stage almost all the supporting characters and conseuently the choices they represent are uniformly horrible However this does call into uestion the responsibilities of power the habit of clinging to outmoded beliefs and systems and the effects of segregation even the psychology behind the latterIt may not have had me on the edge of my seat but I would definitely look out for book two uiet slower fantasy is good if it is done well and this is

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D She fears for her life until two strangers save her by wielding powers not seen for an age powers fuelled by the sun and the moonTogether they flee to the hidden citadel of Naris And here Kyndra experiences disturbing visions of the past showing war and one man's terrifying response She'll learn in the c. DNF 54% The best way to describe this book is that it is a hot mess It goes from a possible dystopian fantasy to a possible uest based fantasy to what it actually is epic fantasy Now maybe you're thinking ohhh that sounds elaborate and I love elaborate So do I Except that when you build a new elaborate world you absolutely MUST build characters alongside it that your readers are dying to read about At no time did I ever feel like I was drawn into this world or was excited about reading of it In fact it was the opposite I dreaded picking it up There are three major mistakes made in Starborn1 Very poor characterizations I did not hate our lead girl but I certainly didn't like her The two travelling companions that she goes with could have been super mysterious and interesting but instead they had stilted dialogue and just no chemistry with each other or our lead gal 2 Plot You must make me want to keep reading This generally reuires plot There needs to be something drawing us into the story that is moving it forwards Instead in Starborn things happen that are random make no sense and seem to happen because it's convenient A huge pet peeve of mine is when there is no flow to the story and things seem to happen because the author needed them to happen instead of them fitting into the story and plot 3 Writing While the last couple chapters I read actually had some good writing and dialogue going on; during the first 45% of Starborn it feels like Lucy Hounsom is finding her writing style and therefore it's all over the place a hot mess I'm shocked that TOR didn't work on this and allowed it to be published as is Now I know what you're thinking but Mel if you stopped reading just as the writing was improving how do you the rest of the book isn't great The thing is I just don't care Our lead gal is inconsistent and does things not because they fit her as a character but because they need to happen Random people show up with no real purpose or semblance of reason The world building is just strange ancient superstition magic tribal living then airships large cities etc; it's like Hounson couldn't decide what kind of world she was building so she threw everything into it I could go on but let's face it I'm just repeating myself Maybe if this book had started at the 40% with a short prologue or flashbacks to tell the first 40% of the story in a uick fashion I would have felt differently But I just wasn't willing to force myself to pick this book up and pretend to care any longer than the 54% I read To read this and of my reviews visit my blog at Epic Reading Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review

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characters ´ Starborn ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Starborn Author Lucy Hounsom – Death and destruction will bar her wayKyndra's fate holds betrayal and salvation but the journey starts in her small village On the day she comes of age she accidentally disrupts an ancDeath and destruction will bar her wayKyndra's fate holds betrayal and salvation but the journey starts in her small village On the day she comes of age she accidentally disrupts an ancient ceremony ending centuries of tradition So when an unnatural storm targets her superstitious community Kyndra is blame. 35 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum is the wonderful debut of author Lucy Hounsom kicking off The Worldmaker Trilogy in style I found it elegantly written and imaginative and there’s also a familiar yet down to earth vibe that will make it accessible to a wide audience whether you’re an avid reader of fantasy or new to the genre and whether you’re a teenager or adultIn Kyndra Vale’s village of Brenwyn there is an ancient rite of passage When a young person comes of age he or she would partake in a meeting with a relic keeper to find out their true name and the path they are destined for However on the day of Kyndra’s ceremony she receives a strange vision And when it is her turn to view the relic it suddenly breaks putting an end to a centuries old tradition Worse immediately following the incident Brenwyn is set upon by a Breaking an unnatural storm that destroys the villageFrightened and superstitious the community is uick to blame Kyndra but before they can act upon their anger she is whisked away by two mysterious strangers who had come into town the day before They are Nediah and Brégenne a pair of bonded Wielders who can harness the power of the sun and moon to do amazing things and for reasons unknown to Kyndra they seem to have their eye on her But while agreeing to be taken to the Wielder’s faraway citadel of Naris may have saved her life Kyndra also becomes their prisoner As her visions become worse the Wielders suspect Kyndra may have some magic of her own and she is kept from leaving until she can pass a brutal trial to determine the nature of her abilitiesIt was easy to become drawn into this world Hounsom has created As Kyndra travels to Naris with Nediah and Brégenne snippets of history and magical lore can be gleaned through their conversations Learning about the Wielders’ powers was fascinating and the magic was perhaps my favorite part of the book Based around the energies of the sun and moon those who can use the former are known as Solars while those that harness the latter are called Lunars Often they travel in pairs while working in the field so that they can watch each other’s backs For example Nediah is a Solar who can protect Brégenne a Lunar during the day while her powers are latent while at night she can do the same for him This way a Wielder team is never left helplessHounsom also doesn’t resort to overwhelming the reader with a flood of information I felt that a lot of the world’s background had to be deduced which might be a stumbling block for some especially in the last uarter of the book where most of the big reveals and connections are made in a very short period of time The pacing is a bit uneven for this reason with the plot being slower to build in the beginning but coming in fast and hard towards the end There’s a lot going on with multiple characters being driven by different motivations and it can get confusing if you let your guard down Still the many plot threads kept me guessing especially when it came to the uestion of whom Kyndra could trustIn the end the pleasure and satisfaction are in the details Past some of the common tropes in the story there are a good number of innovative twists on familiar themes such as the world building and mechanics behind the magic system Characters are likeable even the supporting ones like Nediah and Brégenne and speaking of the two of them can I say what a breath of fresh air it was to see a romance sub plot that actually did not involve the main protagonist There’s a good amount of crossover appeal here that will make this a potentially attractive book to both Young Adult and Adult readers and despite some minor issues with the flow this book was intense enough to be very satisfyingI can definitely see fantasy fans enjoying this novel especially if the description of the magic appeals you At the same time I also would not hesitate to recommend it as a light introduction to the genre All told Starborn is an entertaining read and perfect for when the mood for a lighter kind of fantasy strikes you