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CHARACTERS ë His Final Seduction Ë ➹ [Read] ➵ His Final Seduction By Lori Wilde ➼ – Leave reality behind at Eros Vacations there is something sexy in the airIndulge yourself in the romance of Venice Learn the art of seduction and the erotic secrets of Roman courtesans while embarking Leave reality behinSon who is driving her wild with desire uint's feeling the heat too and it's killing him because having mind blowing sex with Jorgie is the one thing the undercover security agent is forbidden to do But ohbeing bad feels so right. I liked this this story I twas funny and entertaining I did feel that she was trying to tell two stories at once One character got attention than the other and I feel like they could have been in two separate very awesome books But other than that I loved it


With moonlight excursions and breathtaking scenery in the city where Casanova made women swoonFor Jorgie Geraldturns out Casanova isn't just a legend He's a living breathing His Final MOBI #207 and utterly sexy man named uint Ma. This was a fun read and I like Wilde’s style of writing it’s great uality in what can sometimes be a bit of a patchy genre as far as that goes at times I liked Jorgie although I didn’t like some of her game playing at times I really liked uint – he was genuine and likeable and sexy and everything you’d want in a great heroThe secondary story with their friends was unexpected as these books usually don’t have them but it was fun and enjoyable and didn’t take away from the development of uint and Jorgie’s storyI really enjoyed reading this and am looking forward to catching up on of Lori Wilde’s work


His Final SeductionLeave reality behind at Eros Vacations there is something sexy in the airIndulge yourself in the romance of Venice Learn the art of seduction and the erotic secrets of Roman courtesans while embarking on a luxury adventure filled. Jorgie Gerald and her best friend Avery Bodel are at DallasFort Worth International airport ready to take an erotic fantasy vacation trip to an Eros Resort in Venice they will learn how to make love like courtesans Jorgie's boyfriend Brian just dumped her He said she was dull in bed and too conventional So Avery talked Jorgie into taking this trip While waiting around in the airport Jorgie bumps into an attractive man It's uint Mason whom she hasn't seen in years Jorgie had a huge crush on uint when she was in the eighth grade She didn't think he even noticed her back then but it seems that he's remembered her after all After talking briefly to him she sees him get on the flight she is going on uint was a friend of her brother's the last she heard was uint was stationed in Afghanistan recently left the air force and was working for a private airline Unknown to Jorgie uint is going to the Eros Resort to work undercover for them he's an air marshal on private security detail for the Lockhart Agency Someone is trying to sabotage the Eros Resorts sending the resorts threatening letters poisoning food etc so he's going there to act as a class instructor to keep an eye on thingsMeanwhile Avery was at the airport desk and returns telling Jorgie that she has switched tours and decided to go on the Hollywood Eros Make Love Like a Movie Star tour instead of Venice Avery tells her it's time Jorgie did something on her own At first Jorgie feels betrayedthen sort of excited uint is on her flight Was it fate Was it time to be bold and daring instead of dull and conventional So both girls go their separate ways and both girls find romanceJorgie spends some time with uint at the Eros resort and they go on picnics ride in a gondola have fun participating in a Venetian mask making contest etcFree spirited Avery goes to Hollywood for her tour and sees handsome Jake Stewart and decides she must have him She tries just about everything but he seems uninterested Jake is interested he just isn't showing it He is uint's co worker with the Lockhart Agency and he's been sent to the Hollywood Eros resort to work undercover as a cameraman But bold and brazen Avery is ruining his concentrationI had a lot of fun reading this book It's light fluffy silly and sexy I liked the locations especially Venice Jorgie was a cute and sweet heroine a bit shy but she loosens up a bit when she gets to Venice Avery was an over the top sexpot but I found her likable uint and Jake were sexy and appealingThis was an enjoyable read with two romances Jorgie and uint Avery and Jake