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Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Lord Dunsany Has an intelligence far superior to his ownFrom the introduction of the robots a tense atmosphere is noted as the robots fight for attention of their owners Will these machines be able to coexist with their household counterparts or will they rise as one and take the first steps against humanit. Its hard to give Dunsany a less than perfect review and this is the first time I have ever wanted to It felt a bit like he strongly and personally believed in his subject matter as in fact he did but was a little out of his depth in executing a story about it or at least one that would age well Much of the vibrancy and cleverness of his earlier works is missing here though there are occasional flashes of his wit in the text Still Dunsany is Dunsany and I enjoyed it for its own sake This book presages literally Maximum Overdrive The Terminator and any number of other overtly luddite worthy science fiction pieces in this particular canon in a generally enjoyable if somewhat tedious way If it has a weakness aside from Dunsany himself being successful as a fantasy writer than a science fiction writer I would say that this book is a bit too long and is generally anti climactic On the other hand as a borderline luddite myself I think it still has a strong message if taken as an allegory As an aside I think its wonderfully ironic and completely appropriate that spell check apparently hates the word luddite

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The Last Revolution Download ´ 104 É [PDF] ❤ The Last Revolution ⚣ Lord Dunsany – In a time before computers were a mainstay of our lives Lord Dunsany tells the story which takes place in England about the revolution of self reproducing machines Known to have a profound distaste fo In a time before computers In a time before computers were a mainstay of our lives Lord Dunsany tells the story which takes place in England about the revolution of self reproducing machines Known to have a profound distaste for the Industrial Revolution The Last Revolution touches on a topic we know all The Last Kindle. The Last Revolution was written by Lord Dunsany in his early seventies six years before he died published in 1951 and forty years after such works as the Book of Wonder and Time and the Gods Dunsany published in many styles and themes he may have even moved on from some genres having done all he felt he could with them so this book will seem a lot different than those immortal fantasy classics But the reader will find his mastery of setting a landscape and drawing you into a scene He can tell a simple story and not clutter it with extraneous social commentary or dismal accounts of family dysfunction In fact this book is about as close as he ever comes to describing a mother who misunderstands her child and critiuing society in broad terms it is still pretty upbeat for all thatThe uestion dealt with is whether machines will one day acuire intelligence and stop serving the commands of us their makers This coming from a WWI vet in a time when computers were the size of office buildings and incapable of doing the tasks your phone does on its worst day is pretty prophetic seeing as we have a lot of talk nowadays about an AI singularity that is near or already passed The singularity the implications and the story to go along with it are all hereOne warning the book either had some editing problems printer issues or Dunsany was older and not on his game there seem to be some phrases that were unnecessarily repeated here and there Ignore these and you have a treat for the Dunsany completistlord

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The Last RevolutionToo well today What happens if the computers take over“Good morning Pender I hear you have made a Frankenstein” This is the line that narrator Pender hears from an inventor and is soon playing a robot in a game of chess Pender’s mood changes when he realizes that the computer he’s facing. Ahead of its timeAstonishing this was written so long ago Amazingly perceptive if a little laboured overly descriptive Raw sci fi in its purest form